Thursday, July 5, 2012

Boho-Chic Style

Boho-Chic is something I love to experiement with, especially as the weather gets warmer.  THere are so many great dresses, skirts, shorts that have that bohemian/hippy/ethnic feel to them.  I especially like bohemian inspired jewelery and scarfs.  There is nothing more comfortable and chic than taking an off the shoulder blouse and casually wearing a boho-scarf, strings on long beads, ethinic-inspired earings and a pair of cowboy boots a-la Sienna Miller.  Sienna Miller, along with Nichole Richie, the Olson Twins, Blake Lively and many others really work the boho-chic look so well - if you're looking for a little boho inspiration, check out these ideas:

Nicole Richie makes boho-chic look so effortless and fun - she really knows how to put a boho look together - everything from the hair, to her jewelery to her accessories!

I have to admit that my favourite Boho-Chic Icon is Sienna Miller.  SHe really brought this style to the fore-front and she makes the style look not only effortless, but truely 'chic' - she looks sexy and unique with a bohemian flair, is a way that not everyone can!  She has taken bohemian and made it her own,which is what I think the real trick to achieving boho-chic is.  Its not about trying to look like a hippy or buying all bohemian clothing and wearing it from head to toe - its about adopting a style that is unique to you - its about being fearless when you experiement with the boho style and making it yours vs trying to copy a look - this is what makes boho chic so fun and original!!!

I love this outfit that Sienna Miller has on - especially the belt and top with those jeans - sometimes all it takes is a few boho inspired accessories and you've taken a look from blah to unique - I find that many stores now carry boho-chic inspired accessories, as they are so fun to create looks with,  I know that Fossel makes amazing belts, jewelery and purses that are very boho-style-inspired!

Bohemian style purses are so amazing.  I've found that some of the best boho-style purses are found at yoga shows or vintage markets.  Yoga shows in particular have an amazing variety of purses with cool inscriptions, quotes, OM symbols etc - I also love ethnic inspired purses and love to go into stores where they sell authentic Indian or South Asian clothing - I have found amazing scarves and jewelery at these stores - also its cool to go into various decorating stores and adding some boho flair to your house/appartment as well - anything unique is true to boho style!!!

As I mentioned before, summer is the perfect time to add that boho-chic flair - check out HandM - they often carry boho-chic elements and don't be scared to play around with a look - try layering something that you wouldn't have previously thought of, or wearing a cool cowboy boot with an ethnic print dress - add a pair of aviators and you are boho-ready!!!

Last but not least, how can I talk about boho-chic style without talking about the makeup look that goes with it!  The boho chic look, just like with the clothes, is truely unique.  Once again, Nicole Richie is a great inspiration to use for this look.  Its about creating a natural look with a hint of drama, usually with a soft, smokey eyemakeup look, a pop of colour on the cheeks and a natural, kissable lip.  I find the look is all about having that sexy, mesmorizing eye, with a pretty nude lip - boho chic makeup for me is very 'sexy' - its not overly natural and its not overly dramatic - its somewhere in between, with an air of mystery and sensuality!!!

I hope that you liked this post about boho chic - I am going to work on creating a boho-chic makeup look so stay tuned!!!

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Anonymous said...

I like your analysis of this style -- you're very observant. I never thought about the boho make-up before, but you're absolutely right! Interesting!