Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 'Event' Look

Have you ever had an event to go to during the day but weren't quite sure how to do your makeup?  You know it should be jazzed up just a bit, but you don't necessarily want to do an all out evening smokey eye either.  So whats the solution?  In my opinion, this is when you go for a subtle smokey eye with a little bit more contouring on the cheeks and a pretty and natural lip shade.  Today I went to a Baptism and I needed something that was church appropriate but also elegant for the reception afterwards - here is what I came up with:

For this look I started with a tinted moisturizer, concealer and a light dusting of translucent powder.  I used Bobbi Brow Tawny as a contour shade, Borjouis Rose essential highlight and MAC Blushbaby blush. I wanted the focus to be on the eyes, but in a soft, muted and subtle smokey way - I used Borjouis rose essential as a base shade - then mixed soba and coquette shadows by MAC and applied this to the lid into the crease.  I used sable by MAC in the crease and outter corners.  I used a charcoal liner - phone number by MAC and then smudged NARS bengali into the upper lash line before applying mascara.  When I need my lipstick to last, i usually blot a powder of some sort on top, so today I used boldly bare liner with fanfare lipstick and blotted with melba blush - all by MAC!!!


Anonymous said...

Greetings from far away Finland!

It has been interesting to read your blog for many hours now, following your journey all the way through different color seasons. I think you are coming closer and closer to you best colors.

To my opinion, the most orange-ish (like Make Up For Ever #17 lipstick) TA colors are not good, but not the coolest, lightest pinks either. Soft mauves, brownish reds and also a certain shades of bright red are stunning as a lipstick (for example MAC: Fanfare/Retro, Chanel: Incocgnito/ Baroque, Clinique: Rosette).

What comes to a hair color, I think quite neutral shade suits you best: perhaps little bit lighter, not too dark nor too reddish. In link below the colors of Marishka Hargitay's and Lori Laughlin's:

If you happen to be SA, you can mix the most beautiful colors from both summer and autumn. So it's a win-win!

I don't have any clear suggestions for the right color season, but I don't support True Autumn theory.

Maybe it would help if you make your hair more to your natural color and try drapes without any makeup. I would like to see more soft autumn vs. summer comparisons (again?).

Renata said...

Hi Anonymous - thank you for taking the time to write to me. I'm so happy that you came across my blog and have followed my colour journey with me! In terms of hair colour, I agree, I think that adding some lighter highlights would be a very good idea - my natural hair-colour is a medium golden brown with some natural lighter gold highlights. I will have to try this again the next time I get my hair done! I did really like myself with Lori Laughlin's hair colour, but my eyebrowns are darker and in real life, going this light may not seem very natural - however, highlights in this colour would be perfect!!!
All the lipsticks that you mentioned that you like are SA colours and I really like them too. I will definitely do some drape tests with SA vs Summer shades so that you can see the difference!!! THanks again for writting - its a pleasure to have a reader from Finland!!!