Friday, July 6, 2012

Brunette Soft Autumns

If you're interested in colour analysis at all and are finding it really difficult to place yourself in a season, you may be a neutral season, particularily one of the softs.  As many of you know I've been drapped twice as a true autumn and love the palette, but there is still something about the Soft Autumn palette that calls my name.  There are a few True Autumn colours that just 'too' warm for me in my opinion, esp some of the mustard yellows/greens and some of the more true orange shades, although I can work a burnt orange/terracotta very well (a soft autumn cross over).  I recently swatched my natural lip shade against my colour swatches and the soft autumn swatch was the perfect fit.  I've heared many times that soft autumns are very hard to determine and this is particularily true when you see visuals/examples of soft autumn celebrities/models etc.  Most of these celebs/models are not brunettes and I find that brunettes that are 'softs' are the most misplaced season - the depth and richness of the brunette leads people to think 'true' autumn or winter or one of the deep seasons.  However, brunette soft autumns are stunning, unique and very elegant looking in their right colours.  Here is a little collage tribute to the brunette soft autumn:

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Anonymous said...

I'm a SA but burnt orange/terracotta look awful. Mustard yellows/greens are very my colors. You have just opposite effect. It's interesting