Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Makeup Journey!

I love blogging! Being able to combine blogging with expressing and sharing my makeup journey has been a true blessing and I'm grateful that I have a forum in which to do that! I have posted numerous things about makeup shades, taked about colour analysis, created different colour palettes and collages. I have been on a journey of thinking I'm a deep winter, soft autumn, true autumn, soft summer etc etc - I do not at all have any regrets when it comes to makeup and colour. I have no regrets with colouring my hair a burgundy red shade, cutting my hair short, wearing a bright fucshia lipstick or even sporting a teal eyeshadow. The time and energy I spent creating various colour collages, trying to 'figure it all out', going against what my intuition was saying - nope, no regrets at all, just genuine gratitude for where my journey has taken me. I have to say that I have been wearing the same look for a while now. I love the simplicity and the timeless classic feeling of having a signature look that 'works'. I have embraced the true autumn palette full force (which I was drapped in twice) and am really, enjoying just being happy with something that is authentically ME! I see myself taking this blog into a new direction. Its not going to be about 'my look', my journey into colour - I want it be more about a journey into what beauty and elegance truely are - really embracing the 'simple things' - finding the meaning behind 'authentic' beauty. I'm excited for what is to come with this blog. I want to leave this post with sharing with you my current 'look', the 'authentic me':

Amber lights eyeshadow by MAC combined with a warm brown liner (Mambo by NARS) has become my classic eye makeup look. NARS blush in Madly is just 'amazing' - I love how the colour looks on its own - its the prettiest warm shell pink shade. FOr the lips, nothing is better than the right shade of red - for me its a warm, brownish red shade - I love mixing a deep red like NARS Fire Down Below with Revlon's 'Copper Chrome' (seen in this pic) or with MAC's Chili! I have a wonderful feeling that this new year is going to bring amazing new makeup experiences. I can't wait to continue to share my journey with you!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bronze Shimmer Lipstick MAC

Not quite bronze, not quite amber and not quite gold, all of 'Bronze Shimmer's' 'Not Quites' make it the PERFECT bronze-amber-gold combination - I love how in not being able to describe a shade, it morphs into its own perfect 'unexplained' colour. Regardless of what 'Bronze Shimmer' is or isn't, its ideal for a warm, terracotta or orange-brown based. If you're looking for a unique 'autumn' tone to wear this fall, Bronze Autumn may just be your perfect shade because its stunning when paired or blended with other shades or liners. You can tone it down for everyday with a natural liner like Spice or Chicory (I used chicory in this look) or use it on top of a tomato red shade for an evening 'uber HOT' look! I decided to play around with warm golden brown, copper and amber tones with this look - check it out:
I started with my basic concealer, tinted moisturizer and then applied my current 'favourite' blush - coppertone by MAC. For the eyes, I used brule+retrospeck, blended as a base shade. I also mixed amber lights and espresso and applied this combo on the lid into the crease (all MAC shadows). I used NARS mambo eyeliner and smudged the upper lashline with MAC's espresso before finishing with mascara. MAC chicory lipliner was applied to the lip and topped with Bronze Shimmer Lipstick - Voila, a warm, gold infused autumn look!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Amber 'Glow'

I currently have an obsession with anything amber, particularily makeup shades that give off that golden amber glow. It fits in with my true/warm autumn palette perfectly. For this look I started with my basic face of concealer, tinted moisturizer and Coppertone blush my MAC. I then applied Brule mixed with retrospeck as a base shade on my eyes, used 'uninterrupted' eyeshadow from lid to crease and blended amber lights onto the lid (all MAC)- I lined my eyes with coffee eyeliner and smudged with NARS galapagos shadow! For the lips, I mixed in NARS honolulu honey with MAC Chicory lipliner. I can't even say in words how great it feels to be wearing my true autumn shades again!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Warm, Muted Copper Tones

Embracing the True Autumn palette again has been so inspiring and liberating. I have been reading a lot of style books and articles and trying to come up with makeup looks that encorperate both my colour palette and my dominant style type, which lately has had more of a gamine mixed with avant garde flair. For evening, I am still sporting the red lip, but going for a spicier, warmer red and for day I have fallen in love with copper tones that are warm, yet muted and soft vs shimmery and glittery - I think this is the idea natural/neutral look for true autumn 'gamine' - check it out:

For this look I started with a warm golden concealer/foundation, Coppertone blush my MAC (which has literally become my absolute favourite shade), Sandalwood Beige lipstick by Revlon and for the eyes, I mixed MAC's espresso and soba, lined my eyes with NARS mambo eyeliner and smudged the upper lashline with NARS Bengali eyeshadow - I finished off the look with mascara!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Accessorize with Colour - Mustard/Marigold!!!

I love accessorizing with the brighter and warm yellows of the true autumn palette. WHat better way to add a splash of colour to an olive or warm chocolate base, then adding a mustard toned scarf - now imagine adding a pair of mustard toned gloves too? THat's autumn perfection!!! Now is the time to invest in autumn toned accessories, so wild - think scarves, belts, gloves, purses!!! CHeck out the makeup look I created to wear with the mustard/marigold tones of the TA palette!!!

I started this look with my favourite base - NARS GInger concealer with St. Moritz tinted moisturizer. I used NARS Madly blush because I wanted a natural warm shade that wouldn't overpower the rest of the makeup!. For the eyes, I used era as a base, mixed retrospeck and saddle and applied from the lid to the crease (all MAC) and lined my eyes with NARS Mambo liner, smuding the upper lash line with NARS Galapagos before finishing with mascara. I then applied MAC Chicory lipliner and swiped on Spice is Nice lipstick!!!

Emerald Turqouise

Emerald Turqouise is a warm green-blue that looks STUNNING against True Autumns other warm shades such as terracotta, gold, olive etc. I decided to pair a emerald turqouise sweater I just picked up at Old Navy with a warm olive green eye and terracotta lip - the combination is gorgeous - its really fun pairing different shades from the Autumn palette and seeing what stunning combinations you can come up with. Emerald Turqouise + Olive green is a keeper!!!

FOr this makeup look I started with NARS ginger concealer and St. Moritz tinted moisturizer. I skipped the bronzer, but used a bronze toned shade as a blush - Sweet as Cocoa by MAC. FOr the eyes, I acheived the olive toned shades by using YSL #10 eyeshadow quad (I used the lighter and deeper olive shades only). I use Sephora olive eyeliner and applied mascara to finish. I then lined my lips with Mahogany lipliner and used Strength lipstick - both by MAC

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

True Autumn........wins yet again!!!

True Autumn..........its a season I love, its a season I always seem to come back to and its a season that just works. I've been draped twice as a true autumn and recently walked into a cosmetics store where the makeup artist kept giving me colours like burnt sienna toned lipsticks and copper-brown blush - when I asked her why she was choosing these colours, she said "well, you're a typical autumn". I think for a while I was so hopeful for Soft Autumn to work because I loved the soft, delicate look of the season, but then I ventured into a whole different direction, partly because I had an on-line consultation where I was told I was a deep winter soft! ummm....NO, I'm not! I get that now - I also 'GET' that its time to stop fighting the answer thats been right in front of me this whole time - TRUE AUTUMN. Its interesting that after all my colour experiements, true autumn keeps re-appearing - after two drapings and having David Zyla himself confirm that I'm a 'bronze autumn', you'd think that would be enough to say "hello, why would you consider any other season???" - my answer, I have NO clue - Its time to finally step into true autumn!!! THe proof is in the pudding:

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Soft Autumn VS Clear Spring

THe two palettes that people request the most that I try is either Soft Autumn or Clear Spring. In my last post, I created a warm salmon pink based makeup look and used neutral shades that can be worn by both the SA and CS palettes. I decided to do a collage using the same pic surounded by both palettes (once again I used the swatches from the dress photos from the link). Would love to hear your votes: Soft Autumn:
Clear Spring:

Warm Salmon Pink

There is just something so pretty about a Salmon-Pink lip colour! I love the warm and neutrality of this colour - its not quite pink and its not quite coral - its the 'happy' medium!!! For this makeup look I used my usual concealer/tinted moisturizer. I then blended two blush shades - MAC Sweet as cocoa with Chanel Candy. For the eyes, I used coquette eyeshadow from the lid to crease, then applied a basic brown eyeliner and smudged MAC knight divine into the lashline and finished the eyemakeup look with some black mascara. THen for the lips, I blended MAC Fanfare lipstick with Laura Mercier Rose. Voila!!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Colour Palette Experiement

I found a new blog that has amazing dress-colour examples for all the seasons - its - I find that this is a great blog to read for anyone who is interested in colour theory and colour analysis. Since soft autumn has crept in again as a great palette for me to work with, I decided to do yet 'another' little colour experiment. I honestly don't get tired of making/creating these - they are a lot of fun and you learn a lot along the way. In fact, if you don't know what your seasonal colour type is, I highly recommend to do as many self-experiments as possible - drape yourself in different colours, see how you 'feel' in certain colours, try on some wigs or do a virtual makeover experiment to see which hair colours suit you - this is all about self exploration and self discovery - have fun, let loose - learn and discover as much as you can about colour - you will learn and discover YOU in the process!!!

Classic 'Autumn Day' Look

Today its a beautiful day outside! The sun is shining, its warm, the fall air is ever so breezy and the leaves on the trees are just starting to change colour - today is one of those days thats perfect for picking apples, choosing a pumpkin, enjoying a hot chai tea latte and letting GO of all the worries in life. I wanted to create a makeup look that reflects the essence of this 'beginning of autumn' season!

I started with just a touch of concealer and tined moisturizer. I then applied a more bronze toned blush - Sweet as Cocoa by MAC. For the eyes, I actually blended a few shadow shades to create a silver-khaki effect - I used era+coquette by MAC and also blended in Sephora's queen for a day shadow. I used a warm brown liner (Mambo by NARS)and smudged 'queen for a day' into the upper lash line before applying black mascara to finish off the eye-look. For the lips, I blended in a deeper mahogany shade 'Fire Down Below' by NARS with Fanfare by MAC, a salmon pink shade! I think that blending soft shades with a bit of warmth is what the beginning of autumn is all about!!!

Soft Season Eye Comparison

I have recently come across a great blog called 'Expressing Your Truth' - please take the time to google it and check it out, its great! There is also a lot of great info on seasonal makeup types. I found some interesting photos of seasonal 'eyeshades' and patterns on the site and decided to do a little experiment. Interestingly enough, my colour and patterns fit perfectly into the 'SOFT' categories. Colour wise, it seems to fit better into Soft Summer, but patten wise, its 100% Soft Autumn. Since I lean neural-warm without question, it really makes me want to re-visit Soft Autumn. Its a season that just keeps re-appearing for me over and over. I can't explain why the brights also look so great and why I drawn to the deep season lipstick shades, but saying that the most 'NATURAL' makeup look on me has always fit into Soft Autumn. Here is the eye comparison 'experiement'. My natural eyecolour is in the centre. The soft Summer is to the left and the Soft Autumn is on the right:

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Your 'Natural' Lipstick Shade

I have mentioned a few times before the concept of using the shades that are naturally present in your skin, hair, eyes etc to determine the best makeup shades and palette for you. One of the BEST ways to discover your ideal lipstick and blush shades is to pinch the end of your fingertip - that natural 'flush' will reveal your best shade. If you're interested in more about this concept, check out David Zyla online - he's a celebrity fashion stylist who wrote a book about this entire concept of finding your best colours. On to my personal experiement - I took a photo of my pinched finger tip and then magnitized that shade - here is what I got:
It got me thinking about how to describe this colour and I kept coming back to a warm peachy or salmon rose shade. I then started thinking about a lipstick colour that I keep coming back to over and over and over again - Mocha Lipstick by MAC. This got me thinking about doing a another little experiement - check it out:

WOW - isn't that amazing? I feel like my instincts were always right - there is a reason that you are drawn to certain shades or keep coming back to certain shades. Mocha lipstick by MAC is actually an EXACT match to the shade that presents itself when my pinch the end of my finger tip - this is my natural 'flush' shade. That isn't to say that I won't wear other variations of this shade or swipe on a red version of this, but I love that I have a 'signature' go-to everyday shade that will NEVER fail because its in complete harmony with my natural colouring. I think everyone should do this experiement - its not only fun, but will make makeup shopping so much fun!!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The 'Gamine'

I have to say that I am embracing the Gamine look full force. Paris has absolutely inspired this look for me and there is a REASON that the Gamine look is eternally classic and stylish. Let me give you a little bit of an idea of why the Gamine look is so chic. First of all, Gamine literally is the French version of the 'tomboy' - Its that boyish, charming appeal that a woman possesses. Its also the look of a confident, put together woman who still has that child-like appeal - she is usually petite, looks young for her age, likes to simply be herself. She doesn't 'try' to be sexy, the bombshell type - she doesn't suit looks that force her to be anything that she is. The hallmark of the Gamine look for me is the hair and makeup. The Gamine short haircut will always be chic - Audrey Hepburn comes to mind - Her role in Sabrina and Roman Holiday when she chops off her hair and really 'finds herself' - this is what Gamine is all about!!! Today you have Audrey Toutou, Emma Watson, Michelle Williams andAnne Hathaway that have sported the Gamine hair style. And lets not to forget the classic and ultimate in Gamine hair - Jean Seberg - check it out:

I have recently cut my hair again and have to say that I am enjoying sporting the Gamine look - I went for the classic Gamine 'Le No makeup Look' in this photo, but a classic Red Lip is still very ultra faminine and perfect for that polished/sophisticated gamine look! In this photo, Its a sheer swipe of MAC Soba eyeshadow, Candy blush by Chanel, a few coats of YSL black mascara and MAC Mocha lipstick - Tres Chic:


Monday, August 19, 2013

NARS Jungle Red

I have been on a red lipstick kick lately!!! Red is definitely becoming my signature shade - in a way it always was, but I think I am fully embracing it 'full force' just like all the other things that are occuring in my life. It almost seems like the passion and confidence of red are like energetic-magnetic forces that are in my life - I'm on a RED 'high on life' alert!!! ha ha ha One red that I have recently been sporting is NARS Jungle Red - Jungle Red is described in many books and articles as a classic true red, but on me, it morphs warmer, and almost settles into a soft, corally shade, esp if I wear it as a stain or if I blot it off a little. I actually love that effect, but it really harmonizes well with the Chanel Frivole blush that has a nice warm, apricot flush stain to it! I've been really staying true to that Parisian minimal makeup effect. Skincare has definitely taken on a new role in my life and I love that my skin is so soft, clean and healthy these days! For this look that I created today, I'm wearing my NARS concealer and tinted moisturizer, Frivole blush by CHanel, MAC's Brule shadow as a base, Era and Soba mixed together and applied to the lid and just into the crease, Mambo eyeliner by NARS, smudged with MAC's Embark shadow on the upper lashline. I then used Laura Mercier mascara in black, which I got as a gift with my recent Sephora purchase! And of course, the show-stopper, NARS Jungle Red Lipstick - LOVE this colour!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Personal Power and Beauty

I can't even start to express in words how absolutely excited and blissful I feel since I started 'vlogging'. I haven't yet done any vlogs on makeup in particular - partly because I use my camera-phone and its hard to create looks with one hand holding the phone and the other applying makeup!!! However, I have been talking about creating the life that you want, owning your own power and authenticity and giving yourself the self-love and self-worth that you deserve. When I think about how this applies to beauty and makeup in general, I realize that when you enter into this place of personal power, you become the essence of your authentic 'beautiful' self. Since I've decided to create a blog, I've had no other intention but to share my journey with others, create looks, journey into the seasonal colour palettes, create collages and simply be 'ME'!!! I love, honour and am grateful for all my blog-reader and those who support my process and my journey! I even love and honour those who don't and judge me for being insecure (lol which I still think is kinda funny!!!) - because I am at the place in my life where I genuinely LOVE, honour and am grateful for the gift which is ME! I hope you enjoy this second vlog - CREATE your magificent life and let your BEAUTIFUL light shine!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shine Your Light

I am 'beaming' and so excited right now!!! I love how amazing my life is, how grateful I am for every, single experience that I have ever had! I've decided to start 'vlogging' on you-tube! I hope to start creating some 'how to' makeup videos, particularily with the looks that I've been creating since my trip to Paris. However, so far, I have just posted my first vlog and I decided that it should be an introduction about who I am as a person. I decided that I want my life to inspire, to create good intentions and to awaken fully to my authenticity. I want the world to know that when each of us wakes up to the goodness and light that is within, we can all shine together in truth and purity. Interestingly enough, this was inspired by some vengeful and hateful comments that I recently recieved on this blog. How amazing is it that when 'darkness' is thrown my way, I just shine brighter and brighter! Thank you God for all your blessings - its my time to SHINE!!! I hope that you enjoy my first vlog - this is just the beginning of a whole new world - Only great things are on their way for me and this blog - Thank you to everyone who has supported me - I really look forward to vlogging about makeup tips soon - SO 'uber' excited right now!!! Ok, without any further waiting, here is my first vlog:

Parisian Inspired 'Le No Makeup' Look

In a previous post, I mentioned that while in Paris, I noticed two distinct makeup looks - 1) the natural, 'is she even wearing makeup?' look and 2)the natural, subtle eye with red lip! Since I have showcased two ways to do the red lip, a softer version and a brighter 'true red' version, I decided to also do a post on the 'Le No Makeup Look'. What I observed in Paris, is that even with little to no eyeshadow/blush/lipstick etc, you could always tell that the Parisian woman is sporting mascara. Mascara is the key focus to creating the 'le no makeup look' because when applied properly and with double, even triple coats, mascara can 'really' open up the eye and create a sense of alertness and freshness. The key to the 'le no makeup look' is not 'le no makeup', its using makeup in a way to sculpt the face vs add colour. Its about enhancing the natural lines/contours of the face. Its a single sweep of a warm-golden or neutral taupe shadow to enhance the eyecolour, its pinching your cheeks and choosing a colour to enhance the natural rosiness or peach flush of the skin, its choosing a lipshade that is one shade deeper than your own (as if you have just bitten your lips)or even wearing a clear balm/gloss and letting the natural colour of your lips shine through. It was very difficult for me to understand this look because my focus for years has been on colour and creating variations of the smokey eye, playing around with various lipliner and lipstick combinations etc. Once again, it comes down to the 'less is more' philosophy. The notion of beauty and simplicity for the French woman is not how many beautiful lipstick shades she owns to go with her million designer outfits, but that she is able to own one or two signature shades and incorperate it into her classic 10 peice wardrobe. Its the ultimate in CHIC living!!! For my 'le no makeup' look, I started with a clean face, a dab of concealer and bronzer, my favourite blush (Frivole by Chanel), two coats of black mascara (I love loreal voluminous mascara) and a swipe of MAC 'Spice is Nice' lipstick (this shade is my new favourite 'my lips but better' shade) - Here is the look - VOILA:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

YSL Le Rouge #1 Lipstick

I have a very, very difficult time understanding why more women don't sport the red lipstick look. I think its very distasteful when women equate the red lip with 'hookers' or looking cheap - clearly, this type of thinking lacks sophistication and class! THe red lip to me is about confidence, passion, chic style, Parisian 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' and its about expression. So many women have sported the red lip through history, some have made it classic, some have given it sex-symbol status, and others still have made it their 'own', blending in a deeper or black shade to deepen the red to various shades of wine, burgundy and deep claret. There is a lot of debate about red because there are so many 'red' shades - a true red, a blue red, a yellow toned red, an orange red, a pinkish red, a rose red, a wine red etc etc etc etc etc. There are also 'famous' reds that celebrities have sported and makeup artists have used for 'years' - MAC Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Lady Danger, Chanel Lover, Gabrielle, NARS Red Lizzard, Jungle Red and YSL reds like Le Orange, Le Rouge! There is no need to shy away from red! WOmen who mock red and make comments that red is for hookers, are obviously insecure about their own feminity (SAD really) - if you don't like red, don't wear it, but its not necessary to put others down because they wish to express their own individuality and confidence (actually more and more, I think its all about jealousy - I love red - deal with it!!!) My creativity has led me to beleive that RED should really stand for R = 'Really', E = 'Exquisite', D = 'Diva' - Every woman has the potential to be a 'Really Exquisite Diva' - After YEARS of playing around with various red shades, I have to say that for me, I have two signatures - MAC Ruby Woo and YSL #1 Le Rouge. I discovered YSL le rouge in Paris and it has transformed my thinking about Red and here is why - its definitely a more yellow toned red, which makes it unique for women who lean towards warmed toned skin, its very creamy, almost gloss like when you swipe it on the lips, which is fantastic for blending it with various liners (its actually the lipstick I'm wearing in my previous post about Parisian Chic meets soft elegance - but I blended it with a natural toned lipliner). YSL Le Rouge is the ideal lipstick because it just feels so darn amazing against the lips - you can't help but smile when you wear this shade!!! Lights, Camera, Action - Introducing YSL #1 Le Rouge:

Monday, August 12, 2013

Parisian Chic Meets Soft Elegance

I have been thinking a lot lately about how to create a balance between the makeup tips I picked up in Paris with the expert advice in the book 'How to Look Expensive'. I am definitely seeing a lot of common threads, which leads me to validate my new 'philosophy' on living the concept of authenticity and 'less is more'. In Paris, the look was always very simple and there was definitely two looks in particular that were prominant - the 'uber' simple look, where you are actually thinking to yourself "is she even wearing makeup?" - very clean, fresh skin, a ever so slight touch of blush, simple coat of mascara and 'possibly' some lip balm or clear gloss. The second look is the one which I am definitely drawn to, the neutral, subtle eye-makeup look with a classic red lip. WHile reading 'How to Look Expensive', there was a part of me that instantly wanted to connect the Parisian makeup looks with the tips from the book - but I also wanted to take it one step further, I wanted to 'master' a look that is both Parisian, 'Expensive' looking and also 'Authentically ME'!!! WHat's great about the book, is that the makeup advice is based on looking for colour harmony and using colours that are naturally present in your skintone, eye-colour, natural lip shade etc etc. I think that I have created the perfect look - the perfect look 'pour moi'. I think that every woman should take the time to really 'study' herself - know herself - what her personality is like, her style type, what she is drawn to, what she is passionate about, what colours suit her etc etc - knowing who you are and merging this with your life experiences, style and makeup look is so vital to being and looking your 'Authentic' and 'BEST' self possible. After this, its about being CONFIDENT with who your authentic self is - not trying to be someone else, emulate someone else's style - its about saying, this is me - I 'OWN' this look. I never want to stop learning about myself, my life, the magnificence of this world. What Paris has taught me is that its not only noble to live wanting to know yourself, but its also necessary! This look is for ME - this look is a celebration of who I am - I love the person that I am, the person I have become and the person I am yet to evolve into - Self-Love is the root of true beauty................

Sunday, August 11, 2013

How To Look Expensive

I recently came across a really impressive and amazing little book called 'How To Look Expensive' by ANdrea Pomerantz Lusting! The book offers beauty expert tips, amazing advice on products and a 'how-to' guide to perfect your skincare, haircare and makeup routines. Basically, this book is a 'how-to' guide to look your 'Best' and most natural self. I decided to really study the tips in this book and created an everyday, natural look based on the 'beauty' advice from the various experts. I have to say that since returning from Paris, my skincare routine has changed dramatically, I'm actually MORE focused on my skincare routine than my makeup routine - When your skin glows, you actually need LESS makeup and you actually WANT to apply less makeup because your skin just feels so wonderful!!! 'Less is More' is a new motto that I am applying to my entire life - I have simplified so many things in my life and take pleasure in the simple things. Life is so much more enjoyable when you focus on the things that are truely important!!! Before I start writing about my new philosophy and get lost in my thoughts, here is my 'How to Look Expensive' natural day look:
I started this look actually by doing an entire cosmetics de-cluttering project! The advice in the makeup section of this book talks about using colours that enhance vs hide your natural beauty. Similar to colour analysis, the key is to look for colour harmony - colours that are naturally reflected in your skin, flecks of your eyes, natural lip shade etc etc - My eyes have natural brownish-amber flecks in them, so I decided to do a very natural eye makeup look in the camel and brown colour family - I used Brule and Soba eyeshadows by MAC, NARS mambo eyeliner and smudged MAC 'Embark' shadow into the liner (embark is a golden red based brown, which I feel picks up on natural highlights in my hair). I used a natural, 'pop of colour' shade on my cheeks - Chanel Frivole, which has become my all time favourite blush! On the lips, I decided to try a natural/nude shade, so I used Lancome 'Bronzelle' lipliner (which makeup artists swear by according to the book) and then blended in NARS Barbarella lipstick. I decided to use this look and take it from 'day to night' simply by switching the lipcolour - I still used Bronzelle liner as a base and applied Chanel 'Gabrielle' lipstick - another makeup artist go-to shade! I find that the bronzelle not just acts as a great liner, but also softens the red shade just enough to make it natural looking vs clownish:

If you have the opportunity to check out 'How to Look Expensive', its a wonderful investment - its not about applying layers of makeup or buying the most 'expensive' products, as the author states, its more Paris, France vs Paris Hilton - its about 'less is more', its about creating a signature look based on what truly suits you vs following makeup trends - its really about being 'YOU'!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

'Parisienne' Makeup Look

Here is a makeup look that I ceated using the colours that were chosen for me when I visited the House of Chanel in Paris. As I mentioned in my previous post, I met a really kind and 'tres chic' woman named Caroline Ghisolfi who helped me pick out shades that complemented my skintone and that also were 'elegant'. The colours were: Prelude eyeshadow quad with Gris eyeliner, Frivole blush, Rouge Profond lipliner with the classic #19 Gabrielle lipstick!!! Oh La la - Tres Chic!!! I had a lot of 'a ha' moments about beauty while I was in Paris. This year I've really come to discover that beauty actually has more to do with inner beauty. You see my new philosophy is that beauty works in a system of 'layers' and it all starts at the same core - your soul/spirit! When your spirit shines forth from witin, you are your most beautiful - everything you do after you have ignited your spirit is simply a reflection of the beauty that you possess within. Makeup is actually one of the last layers - its what you apply to your face, but its your inner beauty that is reflected through your eyes that really makes you shine. I went to Paris looking to gain a new style, and I left Paris as a new person, not because of the clothes I got or new things that I purchased etc - I left Paris a new person because I discovered the secret to 'allure' - its not a thing, its not a lipstick colour, its not a scent - its embracing YOU - its letting go of all the things that no longer matter - its about giving your time and energy 'only' to people who deserve it - its about knowing your WORTH - once you discover this layer of beauty, your inner worth, you shine bright and when your spirit shines bright, your beauty will last forever, it will shine on until the end of time................How Magnifique is that???

Monday, July 29, 2013

Paris and The House of Chanel - Part 1 of Many.......

PARIS - I'm officially in love and the object of my affection is the person that I have become thanks to experiencing 'Paris'. Paris has been a huge catalyst for me to completely reinvent myself. There were many highlights for me - seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, hanging out at the Latin Quarter eating gelato nearly every night, the Eiffel Tower (seeing it lit up on a boat cruise is 'magnifique', seeing all the wonderful museums/art galleries, churches (the Notre Dame is just exquisite)!!! One of the most amazing experiences of my life to date was going to the House of Chanel - I had to save the best for last - I was 'transfixed' and in total awe that I was standing in the place where Gabrielle Coco Chanel lived her work and passion - I could honestly still feel her energy there! Being in Paris, I made it a point to study what the Parisian women were wearing, their makeup look, their 'allure' - I kept a journal and have writen down many musings about these topics. I plan to do a series of posts dedicated to my NEW philosophy of beauty, makeup, the allure of Chanel. Coco Chanel is so inspiring to me right now because she IS the essence of feminine power - the ideal 'self-made' woman. Sensing the energy in the House of Chanel, I really feel inspired to pursue every desire of my heart. I feel that 'this is the time' for me to transform - to really embrace my individuality in a way that is not defined by anything or anyone outside of myself - not a man, not a friend, not a foe - its really about embracing that part of me that has been wanting to be freed for a very long time. The time really is now!
I met an absolutely wonderful woman at the house of Chanel - she helped me choose my new makeup look, which I plan to do a post on very soon - she had that true allure about her - she was poised, confident, but also very kind and her eyes spoke of a real compassion - her name is Caroline Ghisolfi and if you ever have an opportunity to visit the house of Chanel in Paris, definitely check in and see if she is available to help you:

I have so much to say about Paris - I could write forever, but for now I'm going to leave this post as is - all I can say is that Paris has changed me to such an extent that I cannot and will not ever be the same person - I am forever changed, forever transformed, forever excited to embrace my inner feminity and self - my journey is just beginning and its going to be FANTASTIC - I don't know the how/when/where and why, but I am going to pursue the dream that is currently in my heart - its manifesting already right before me and I thank Paris for the 'wake-up call' to my destiny!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Soft Autumn Makeup Request - Welcome Back SA!!!

I created this look because I wanted to give Soft Autumn another chance and I got 'many, many' responses from people saying they feel this really is my best palette. However, I have had a lot of discussions with people about the notion of a 'custom blend' palette. Many people are finding that they have one 'base' season, but can easily borrow from other sister seasons. For example, I have a friend who is 100% True Autumn, but can easily borrow from Deep Autumn and Bright Spring. I think its worth getting a 'custom blend' consultation to see where I would flow! I have to admit that with as much Deep Winter envy as I have (and I do still feel I can wear a lot of those colours successfully) - I must say that this look is 100% harmonious and perfect for me - so welcome back Soft Autumn!!!
Here is what I used for this look: For the eyes, I started with Brule as a base, applied soba + Coquette from lid to crease (all MAC) - I then used NARS Mambo eyeliner and smudged the upper lashline with MAC's Embark Blush - MAC's Sweet as Cocoa with Pinch Me as a pop of colour Lips - Chicory Lipliner with Spice is Nice by MAC I am really, really loving the SPice is Nice lipstick by MAC!!!
I would love to hear your feedback on this look!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

A 'Softer' Smokey Eye with a Brick Lip Shade

I decided to create this look based on a facebook request that I received from one of my friends. She wanted to see me try a softer, more subtle smokey eye with a neutral blush shade and a brick toned lipstick. I think that in terms of colour analysis, the shades are true to the Soft Autumn palette. I also got a lot of feedback from my recent 'palette mystery' posts both on this blog and on FB and it seems that Soft Autumn keeps coming up as people's favourite palette on me. I have to say that after creating this look, there is something to be said about not ruling out SA and giving this palette another chance. Check out this look - i'd really appreciate any feedback you have and I always enjoy taking requests for different looks:
For the subtle smokey eye, I started with arena as a base shade, then mixed coquette and soba and applied from the lid to the crease - I then used ricepaper on the lid, blooz eyeliner and smudged the upper lashline with embark eyeshadow (all MAC) - I finished with black mascara. I used NARS Madly blush on the cheeks and for the lips, I combined MAC's Mahogany lipliner with Spice is Nice Lipstick!!! I actually really adore the Spice is Nice lipstick - Its my new favourite shade - a perfect wearable everyday brownish-red/mahogany!!!

Palette Mystery Con't - SA, SS, TA and DW comparison

Since getting feedback about the 'Palette Mystery' Collage and my choice of Deep Winter as the best option, I decided to not rule out the softs or even true autumn, so I did another set of collages that speak to this - Soft Autumn:
Soft Summer:
True Autumn:
Deep Winter:
I have to admit that there is a real toss-up between the SA and DW - they seem so be so different in terms of palettes, but both seem to fit somehow - what do you think??? Do I lean 'soft' or 'deep'???