Saturday, September 28, 2013

Soft Season Eye Comparison

I have recently come across a great blog called 'Expressing Your Truth' - please take the time to google it and check it out, its great! There is also a lot of great info on seasonal makeup types. I found some interesting photos of seasonal 'eyeshades' and patterns on the site and decided to do a little experiment. Interestingly enough, my colour and patterns fit perfectly into the 'SOFT' categories. Colour wise, it seems to fit better into Soft Summer, but patten wise, its 100% Soft Autumn. Since I lean neural-warm without question, it really makes me want to re-visit Soft Autumn. Its a season that just keeps re-appearing for me over and over. I can't explain why the brights also look so great and why I drawn to the deep season lipstick shades, but saying that the most 'NATURAL' makeup look on me has always fit into Soft Autumn. Here is the eye comparison 'experiement'. My natural eyecolour is in the centre. The soft Summer is to the left and the Soft Autumn is on the right:


Anonymous said...

I have a soft autumn eye (dark hazel, gray green with some copper brown around the pupil,gray around the iris), but lean cool neutral. I float between the soft summer and deep winter and can wear some of the soft autumn colors like salmon pink,terracotta and blue greens, but not the warm browns and mustard. Color typing is so personal.

Giselle Pallas said...

That is not about the color, but the pattern. Your iris pattern does not fit in summer or autumn pattern.

Renata said...

Thank You Giselle! What pattern do you feel it falls under??? I'm curious to hear your thoughts!