Saturday, September 28, 2013

Colour Palette Experiement

I found a new blog that has amazing dress-colour examples for all the seasons - its - I find that this is a great blog to read for anyone who is interested in colour theory and colour analysis. Since soft autumn has crept in again as a great palette for me to work with, I decided to do yet 'another' little colour experiment. I honestly don't get tired of making/creating these - they are a lot of fun and you learn a lot along the way. In fact, if you don't know what your seasonal colour type is, I highly recommend to do as many self-experiments as possible - drape yourself in different colours, see how you 'feel' in certain colours, try on some wigs or do a virtual makeover experiment to see which hair colours suit you - this is all about self exploration and self discovery - have fun, let loose - learn and discover as much as you can about colour - you will learn and discover YOU in the process!!!


Margo said...

Renata, I see full harmony between some colors and colors of your appearance. Some but not all. But I think it is normal when some colors are better than others.

Virginia said...

Have you considered the idea that you are Soft Autumn Deep or Deep Autumn soft because you do seem the deep attribute and so may be you are a soft autumn deep. That might explain why you can wear some clear colors and are drawn to deep lipsticks. Because you may a few lingering winter qualities about you. It is just an idea.

Renata said...

Thanks Virginia - I won't rule it out as a possiblility, but right now I am absolutely LOVING the true autumn shades again - However, I love getting feedback and testing out different palettes, so the Soft autumn deep is something to consider. However, the true autumn is just awesome for me - I'm even getting more compliments at work and with my friends, which is a huge sign for me!!!