Saturday, March 21, 2015

Celebrity Makeup Twin and A-HA moment!!!

In the makeup world, its not uncommon to find or look for a makeup twin! What's a 'makeup twin'? Well, in a nutshell, its a celebrity that closely resembles your natural skintone/hair colour, eyecolour etc - someone that you can look up to when it comes to making makeup colour purchases and creating various makeup looks. I think that besides having a makeup twin, very often women also look for a Style twin or 'Icon' to look up to. Ideally, style is about creating a look that is unique to you - but we all like to look up to someone or go for an ultimate chic look that never goes out of style. Having a makeup/style go-to person is not about being someone you're not. In fact, it about looking up to a muse that already possesses what you know you like. This is something that I think we could all use to channel the best parts of ourselves. Its not about copying - its about inspiration!!! Time and Time again, people have pointed me towards 'Katie Holmes' as having similar look to mine. Strangely enough, most recently in an attempt to try the Bright Winter colour palette - many people have suggested, why not try the Summer palette again (I kept getting requests to try Soft Summer in particular). I love to experiment so I gladly started to test some Summer looks at home - I already know I'm not a pure cool season and I'm definitely not a light season. I then decided to try the Soft Summer again, but this time I tried 'Soft Summer Deep' - one thing that I've learned in this recent discovery is that many women who think they are autumns and even drapped as autumns are really 'Soft Summer Deep' colour types - When I started to read more and more about the season, I realized that my makeup muse Katie Holmes is a Soft Summer Deep. My jaw actually dropped because I really feel that my quest may be coming to an end, thanks to the inspiration of my Celebrity Makeup Twin and the help of many of the women on the Bright Winter Facebook Page who took the time to help me realize there was something aging about the Autumn on me and something not quite right about the bright seasons. This is not another 'Here she goes again' post - this is just another step in my colour journey that I'm excited to share!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bright Winter Palette - Lady Danger by MAC :)

'I'm so 'LOVING' this bright winter palette - going to stick with this for a while :) #macsmolder #macsmut #narsangelika #macmagenta #macladydanger'
I'm feeling that Spring is in the air and quite frankly, I'm looking forward to the sun shining down. WHat better way to welcome Spring than with a Bright and Clear makeup look. I'm wearing Lady Danger by MAC layered over Magenta lipliner (also MAC). Angelika blush by NARS was used to give this look a cooler toned glow and I decided to play up the contrast with Smolder eyeliner smudged with SMut shadow (MAC). In terms of colour palette, this would fall into 'Bright WInter'. Inspiration came from studying Elizabeth Taylor's makeup look from her younger years as an actress. I love the clear contrasting colours she wore! I found a makeup look I created for my cousins wedding and I found that it fit perfectly with the 'Elizabeth Taylor' look. I can't remember exactly what makeup I was wearing, but I think this look rocks for this upcoming SPring - check it out:

'Bright Spring or Bright Winter? I'm determined to experiment with the bright glam look! To my colour analysis peeps, is Elizabeth Taylor BSpr or BW???'
I'm enjoying creating these Bright Winter makeup looks. As much as I love my True Autumn palette, I love colour too much to just stick with one colour type. I've decided that I need to embrace that about myself vs fight it. I love being free to explore colour this way! I look forward to creating more 1950's siren makeup looks soon!!! :)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Everything is Crystal CLEAR...........

I've had a very interesting past couple of days. I've been watching a lot of movies from the era of bombshells and vixens - those staring Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey and Katherine Hepburn, Ms. Monroe. I couldn't take my eyes off the 'Clear' palette that I kept seeing over and over. It seems like the Bright Winter and Spring palettes were the most popular choices in the 50's - those Retro-Reds are 'amazing' to say the least. And YES, it got me experimenting with the Clear palette's. I'm particularily excited about the bright winter palette! I decided to do a little retro-search of my own and find some pics from the time I played around with this season the most! I know that there are some people who read this blog and have voted for Bright Winter in the past - I hope that you enjoy the resurection of these looks! I'm also so very grateful for the people who have been writing encouraging me to continue my makeup experiments. Thanks so much to all of you who truly understand my love of creating these looks and getting to the essence of what it means to 'express' inner beauty using the medium of makeup! Here are my top favourite 'CLEAR AND BRIGHT' Looks:

It was actually quite fun going back and looking at all my older looks. I absolutely adore wearing red lipstick, so playing around with the bright winter palette for a little while is going to be fun. My Ruby Woo is coming out of the woodwork again :) Cheers to the golden age of movies where women wore red lipstick with confidence and passion!!! Elizabeth Taylor, this ones for you!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Have you ever noticed that when you do a google search about seasons, you'll find one celebrity pic on various seasonal analysis sites. For example, on one site, Jennifer Lopez is seen as a Soft Autumn, yet on another site, she's True Autumn or Soft Summer? What about Julian Moore and Marcia Cross? Sometimes they are used as classic True Autumn types and other times, they are in the 'Spring' Category? What gives??? Well, I just came across a few interesting photos of myself on various sites. One one site, someone said I was a soft autumn, on another my photo was used as a typical 'clear spring'??? On my own blog, I've been everything under the sun LOL - so what can one conclude about this? I personally think that colour analysis, just like beauty is in the EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. In fact, I feel like I finally have PROOF - We've all been exposed to the Gold and White VS Black and Blue dress photo that's been all over the internet. How is it that we can look at the same photo and each see something so different? In my experience, I can post so many makeup looks and everyone is going to see something different. I can also see celebrities sporting different makeup looks - some I will like, others I wont. Another person may like something I don't or see something I don't. Does that make either or us right or wrong? Everything depends on how we look at things and in all honestly, there is no right or wrong - there is only our 'interpretation' of it!

If I've learned anything about colour, the way we see it, the way we judge others based on colour, I've learned some important lessons: 1) Wear what YOU love 2) Wear what YOU know looks great, regardless of outside opinions 3) TRUST your own colour judgement 4) Never stop experiementing, playing around and learning about colour 5) Remember - its YOUR colour journey - be the Hero of your own story - OWN your experience!!!