Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ahhh That Hot CUBAN Sun!!!

Canadians love going to Cuba - its a relatively short flight (3 hours from the Toronto airport) and the beaches there are simply amazing! I visited Cuba for the first time just a week ago and had an amazing time and experience - the people working at the resort were friendly, the food was good, the beach - oh the beach - how I miss you so!!!  My mom and I decided to take a mother/daughter trip and I'm so glad that we did - we stayed at the Melia Cayo Coco on the island of Cayo Coco in Cuba.  The resort is for adults 18 or older and it was only 15 minutes from the Cayo Coco airport.  Melia has 'sister' resorts (owned by the same company) that does allow children and families - there is the Melia Galermo and Tryp Caco Coco.  I know some people who have stayed at the Tryp resort and 'Loved' it!  I wanted to share a few pics from my trip - Enjoy:

Just lounging by the beach!

The Ocean in Cayo Coco was incredible - the water was warm and crisp, so refreshing and that aqua/turqouise colour just melts all your stresses away!!!

Inside the resort - how cool is this car???

This was the walk-way to the beach - I really liked the fact that you could walk from the resort to the beach!

The pool was awesome as well - there were a ton of taning chairs and cabana's around the pool, so getting a spot was never a problem (the same with the beach - there was always enough chairs, even if you got to the beach late)!

Everyday they offered water aerobics either by the pool or by the beach - it was a lot of fun - they also had dance lessons, volleyball in the pool and nightly shows - They were supposed to have yoga as well, but the instructor was on vacation himself the week we came so I missed out on that - oh well, the beach and swimming in the ocean made up for it!

One of the Cabana's by the pool - We usually spent the whole day at the beach and then headed to the pool around 5pm just before heading back to the room to get ready for dinner!

I have to say that Cuba was fantastic and I would go back in a heart-beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Painting by Numbers

There is a great little book out there called 'Things a Woman should Know about Style' written by Karen Homer.  It is a very inspirational book written for anyone who wants to learn the basics and essentials of how to live with style and grace.

There is a chapter in the book called 'Painting with Numbers' and its a guide to stylish makeup.  In this chapter, Karen states that "A woman only needs two lipsticks: almost nude for day and darkish red for night".  She goes on to suggest that a woman avoid a vivid fire engine red and frosted pink!  I think her point with this is that lipstick should not look clownish, overly-bright or like you belong out working the streets.  However, finding that right shade of red that suits your skintone and looks stunning on you - thats a different story - thats the 'evening' look that I think Karen is refering to.  I like the simplicity and philosophy behind having two shades that become your signatures and are chic and elegant.  I gave this concept a lot of thought and instinctively knew what two shades I would pick as my '2 essentials' - the fact that these two shades just made themselves apparent to me was almost a sign and wake-up call.  We are endlessly searching for that perfect colour and in the end, we end up spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars and purchasing endless lipsticks to find that one or two that make us feel chic and beautiful.  I think Karen's advice holds a lot of merit - imagine having one natural day shade and one stunning evening shade that become your 'sidekicks', your lipsticks partners in crime that help mold and shape that signature style of 'YOU'!  Imagine having the courage to say 'No more - no longer am I going to continue buying lipstick after lipstick in an attempt to feel like this one could end my search forever - this could end up being that perfect lipstick'.  The truth is - the search is over when you say it is!!!  Let the 'searching' end and the 'style' begin!!!  This is what I've decided to do (and that doesn't mean that I won't play around with various shades and purchase another colour ever again - its more of giving the lipstick a chance become part of my style and embracing that simple elegance that I've always admired in other women).  So, what are my two lipstick picks????

1) Bois Des Iles - Chanel (For everyday)

2) Gabrielle lipstick - Chanel (For evening)

I am feeling so re-newed and inspired by this 2 lipstick philosophy.  It almost feels like a 'reclaiming' of my own power and sense of self worth.  Its saying good-bye to the search and past insecurities and hello to simplicity and living with a style thats my own!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Gabrielle No. 19 Lipstick - Happy Birthday Coco Chanel

Chanel's Gabrielle Lipstick has definitely caught my attention!!!  Have you ever heard that expression 'Everything happens for a reason!"?  Well, there is a 'very good' reason why I just had to go out today and purchase 'Gabrielle' Lipstick by Chanel.  I was at the mall earlier with my mom when I saw one of the makeup artists at Chanel wearing the most beautiful red lipstick.  I asked her what she was wearing and it was none other than Chanel's 'Gabrielle' - I walked away with a big 'sigh' reminding myself that I just decluttered my lipstick bag and that whole point of that was to stick to just a few shades and make a few of them my signatures.  I then went home to research a little more about the Gabrielle No.19 lipstick shade when I realized that the lipstick is named after Gabrielle and created for her birthday - August 19th.  I couldn't believe it - TODAY is August 19th - how could I not get the one lipstick that I've been adoring on the day and for the reason that it was actually created!!!  I decided that I had to make a choice - if I was going to bring 'Gabrielle' home with me, I would have to make room for this amazing colour by getting rid of another shade!  I'm sticking to my philosophy that a woman just needs a few signature shades.  Luckily red is one of them and luckily, I adore Chanel's makeup and skincare products.  I've decided that there was a REASON that I was lucky enough to get Gabrielle N0.19 lipstick on Chanel's actual birthday- Aug 19th!  I'm going to 'honour' this lipstick and pay tribute to Chanel's style, grace and elegance everytime I wear it - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABRIELLE!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Signature Scent

There are certain elements that are required in order for a woman to be elegant, classy and stylish.  In my opinion, these elements are: a great hair-style, a great skin care routine, subtle yet classic makeup (and a fantastic red lipstick), the right accessories (diamond studs, pearls, a classic scarf, sunglasses, a watch, a few belts and at least one thing with an animal print), clothes that are classic and represent your style (including: a classic white shirt, black pencil skirt, a little back dress, cashmere sweater and turtle neck, black pumps and knee high boots and a fabulous trench-coat) AND, last but not least a 'Signature Scent'.  Put all these things together and you'll be looking at one classy, elegant and sophisticated woman.

When a woman wears a scent or chooses a scent, it should be like everything else - subtle and a complete representation of who she is as a woman.  If you're more of a bohemian, natural woman, choose a scent that brings this image out even more (a beautiful woodsy or floral scent).  If you're a power vixen, go for that spicy, exotic scent.  I think the true test of a great scent is when people stop you on the street and ask you - what perfume are you wearing - it smells amazing!  Why is this a true test???  Perfumes tend to work with the chemical makeup of your body - thats why, just like a lipstick will look completely different on one woman versus another, a perfume will smell different on one woman vs another.  A perfume should also be subtle - people shouldn't smell you a mile away, but rather they should get a delicate 'whiff' of your scent as you walk by.  Learning what type of scent works for you is a process - its something you learn as you go, just like learning what makeup shades work for you and what style suits you - its often trial and error.  Once you find a scent that really work for you - stick with it!!!  Make it your signature.  I think it so classy that you have something that makes you recognizable and different from everyone else.  My mother has been wearing Calvin Klein's Obsession  for years.... Its still her favourite and its still her signature.  People always ask her what she's wearing and its something she's known for! 

I have a few classics that I stick to, but my absolute favourite signature scent is Versace Crystal Noir:

I have been stopped by bouncers at clubs, random men walking down the street, women in various stores and friends/co-workers to ask me 'what perfume are you wearing?"  Men stop me and say "I want to buy that perfume for my wife/girlfriend - what is it?".  I get constant compliments when I wear this scent and I'm not saying this because I want to show off - I'm just making a point that certain scents can really work with your chemistry so well, that the scent will smell 'intoxicating' on you!  For me, that scent just happens to be Crystal Noir by Versace!!!  Every woman should find a scent that wins her compliments!!!

Narciso Rodriguez perfume for her is another amazing scent.  I always feel so pretty when I wear this and its the perfect day/weekend scent.  I get complimented on this as well and I love, love, love the bottle!  I tend to like perfumes that have a little more 'oomph' scent wise, which is why this is the perfect everyday scent for me!

I am currently 'in love' with this perfume - 'Chanel No 19 Poudre'.  The September 2011 issue of Lucky magazine has this to say about the No 19 "Chanel No 19 is the perfume equivalent of a striped boating shirt" (page 94) - its classic, fresh, crisp, clean and so unique!  This is the scent that I would love to spray over my bed-sheets and pillows - it makes me feel very delicate and romantic.

Finally, Very irresistable by Givenchy is one of those classic scents that screams 'femininity'.  I wear this scent when I want to feel sensual and feminine, but don't want a strong spicy scent.  Its actually a scent that I really like to wear in the summer and spring and I love the fact that the scent lingers.

These are some of my favourite scents and I like to change them up depending on my mood and style, just like I would with makeup and clothes - but I stick with these tried, tested and true scents and have been wearing some of them since my university days ( 10+ years ago).  If you find that signature scent that makes you feel feminine and inspired to be your best scent - wear it with pride and let it become part of your overall style because nothing is more alluring on a woman than a scent that works with her chemistry and personality!!!  Its all part of that feminine mystique!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scarlet Empress - NARS

There is something so seductive about a wine-red stained lip.  I recently blogged about red lipstick shades in my 'Femme Fatale' post and mentioned Scarlet Empress as a perfect red shade for cooler toned women.  I decided to create a look around it, so you can see how wearable it is - to me, this colour has that dramatic-romantic feel to it - its red, but its not a full blown true red - its more of a romantic, kissable red:

For this look, I started with my basic corrector, concealer, HD Foundation and NARS pressed powder. On my eyes, I'm wearing NARS 'ashes to ashes' from the lid into the crease, Cliniques Black-Brown eyeliner with MAC's concrete shadow smudged into the upper lashline. I blended Ambering Rose onto my cheeks and used Gentle blush as a pop of colour (both MAC). On my lips, I'm wearing bronzelle lipliner with NARS Scarlet Empress lipstick!

If you want to try a red lip but don't want to go too much in the true red direction, but you still want some drama and colour, give Scarlet Empress a try!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Femme Fatale

The dictionary describes the 'Femme Fatale' as "a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations".  I love the image and expression of the idea behind a 'Femme Fatale' - this almost mystical type of woman who holds a seductive yet deadly power in her midst.  When I think about poweful words that describe a woman (Femme Fatale, Diva, Vixen, Siren etc etc), I always, always, always have an image of a woman wearing red lipstick!  I looked up the 'energy' that is evoked with the colour red and found that it inspires "action, courage, assertiveness, and fearlessness" (I got this from my Life in Color Book) and it is almost always connected to sexiness and sensuality.  Why would a Femme Fatale wear anything else?  When people hear the word 'red lipstick', everyone often seems to have a different idea of what that means - some women see the perfect red as a suble and sheer red lipstain, others see a deeper blood-type red shade, while other women think of a true, bright true red shade.  So which is the right colour that one should wear if they want to invoke this allure of a seductive passionate woman???  I think that the answer lies with your skin-tone, women with warmer skintones take on that 'fiery passion' when they wear a 'flame' inspired red (i.e with orange or yellow undertones) - I think MAC's Chili and 'So Chaud' are the perfect reds for a true autumn or spring woman (pictured below):

These lipshades are definitely red, but they have that sexy spicy feel.  I actually think of chilies and a a true paprika colour when I think of these shades.  They are colours that you would see at spice market and would look so amazing paired with a true mustard or golden brown shade (perfect on an autumn or warm spring)! 

Women who have a cooler skintone can really work a red with a blue undertone - my favourites being NARS 'Scarlet Empress' and MAC 'Red':

Don't let Scarlet Empress fool you (pictured above) - It looks deep in the tube, but goes on a stunning merlot-red shade.  Its the perfect mid-toned red-burgundy shade.  When I think of this type of red, I think of a woman who is elegantly sipping some wine and has naturally stained her lips with the wine shade - its not too purple or deep, its the perfect red wine stain!!!

MAC 'Red' is the ultimate true blue red - It is the ultimate shade for a medium to olive toned woman who has a cool undertone.  You can pair this lipstick with MAC's Cherry liner if you want to take it into the true red family - it looks uber sexy!!!

Women with neutral skintones are very lucky because they can borrow from both the warmer and cooler red lip shades (think a beautiful brick red), but they also look amazing with a neutral true red (no real blue or yellow undertones, but rather a pure, true red shade).  I love Make Up For Ever's Moulin Rouge for that perfect true red lipstick:

If you want to inspire sexiness, elegance, power, assertiveness, seduction and basically the true energy of a 'Femme Fatale', don't leave the house without your red-lipstick.  I think Rihanna is such a beautiful and stunning woman and she really rocks this look - actually, seeing this photo of her has inspired me to write about red lipsticks.  When it comes to RED lipstick - you can't just wear it, you need to OWN it.  Rihanna totally and completely OWNS it in this photo - her whole look and style screams sexy and elegant:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Classic Look #2

I recently came across some childhood photos of myself and I realized that my natural lip-colour in each of the photos was a beautiful brownish-red/pinky shade (hard to describe, but the colour I saw reminded me so much of my favourite 'Baroque' lipstick by Chanel).  In my last post, I blogged about a classic 'red lipstick' look, but this post is about that elegant 'everyday' natural look.  I'm finding that my 5 favourite lipsticks can really be narrowed down to 2-3.  I think it would be ideal to be able to stick with 2 shades for everyday and 2 for evening.  For me those shades would be Bois Des Iles and Baroque by Chanel for everyday and Moulin Rouge (Makeup For Ever) and Schiap (NARS) for evening.  Here is my classic 'everyday natural' look that I would love to make my signature for work this year - its a simple look to put together and perfect for any professional meeting or conference:

Here is the makeup that I used to create this classic everyday natural look:

I started with my basic face makeup: Bobbi Brown corrector in Bisque and Loreal true match concealer in N4, HD Foundation (Make Up For Ever) #125, NARS 'Desert' Pressed Powder

Eyes: I used quite a few products from a Bobbi Brown Palette I have - I started with Mahogany on the brown, Navajo as a base, I mixed Cement and Heather Mauve and applied this from the lid to the crease and then used Black Plum in the crease. I lined my eyes with Cliniques Black-Brown eyeliner and smudged Black Plum shadow into the upper lashline and used Smolder eyeliner on the lower lash line.

Blush - Dolce Vita by NARS

Lips: Bronzelle lipliner with Baroque lipstick by Chanel
Since I've decided to clean up my makeup case and really declutter the 'stuff'' and colours that just don't work for me anymore, I feel like I've discovered a more sophisticated approach to makeup.  I'm not really interested in whats trendy or funky - I'm more interested in really finding something that works for me and making it my own.  Its a new feeling for me and it may take some getting used to - but I like it!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Classic Look

I've blogged before about red lipstick and how classic it is on a woman.  Its a look that I admire and re-create often, especially for special events like weddings or even a night out on the town.  To me, red lips are a sign of sophistication and class, especially when the rest of the makeup is kept natural and fresh! I've been thinking a lot lately about creating a 'signature' look for myself and I think I've found it:

Here is the makeup that I used for this look:

Face: Bobbi Brown Bisque corrector and warm beige concealer, HD Founation #125, NARS 'Desert' Pressed Powder, DolceVita blush with MAC's Gentle Blush as pop of colour. 
Eyes: Mahogany (BB) on brows, Navajo (BB) as base. NARS ashes to ashes from lid to crease and MAC's Copperplate in crease. Clinique's Black-Brown eyeliner with concrete (MAC) smudged into upper lash line - MAC"s smolder on lower lash-line, DiorShow mascara in Black
Lips: Bronzelle lipliner (Lancome) with Moulin Rouge lipstick (Make Up For Ever)

I love playing around with various makeup shades, but I admire a woman who is able to stick to a basic look that defines her elegance.  Perhaps its my European blood or my fascination with all things elegant, but something draws me to the classic red lipstick look.  I think that if its paired with a more neutral liner (like the Bronzelle in this photo), it creates a classic look vs an over-dramatic effect.  I'd love to hear about your signature looks - what look inspires you to let your inner elegance shine through?  What looks do you admire?

Top 3 Blushes

If there is one makeup product that I simply adore (other than lipsticks of course) its Blush.  In my opinion, no makeup look is complete without blush - it adds that finishing touch and perfect pop of colour.  Bobbi Brown beleives that you need two blush colours - one natural shade and one 'pop of colour' shade.  I usually do the pop of colour when I'm going out or creating a glam look.  I wanted to share my absolute favourite blushes with you, so here we go:

Dolce Vita blush is my absolute favourite blush 'ever'!  I've been wearing this shade almost every-day for the last month and if I could only wear one shade for the rest of my life, it would be 'Dolce Vita'.  I know thats saying a lot (especially from me, the one who likes to change my look around every second day), but this blush is that perfect 'I just pinched my cheeks' shade for me, which is exactly what a blush is supposed to do!!!

Ambering Rose by MAC comes in at a close second to 'Dolce Vita'!!!  What I love about ambering rose is the uniquness of the shade - its a neutral with hints of rose and brown, but it also has a subtle shimmer to it what brings out a bit of warmth.  You can wear this shade with almost anything - brown based lipshades, rose based colours, even terracotta and coral shades.  This blush is very versatile - I Love it!!!

My favourite pop of colour shade and the colour I wear most often with anything that is more pink based, is Gentle Mineralize blush by MAC (pictured on the right).  Gentle is described as a raspberry with a sheer golden shimmer.  The colour is superb and I love how soft it feels.  I usually wear this shade when I wearing colours like Schiap or Shrinagar by NARS.  I also wear this shade with just a simple pink gloss like YSL #9 gloss - its the perfect combination for a soft, everyday look!

I have gone through many blushes and played around with many different shades and textures of blush, but I have to say that these three shades are my favourites.  They are always in my makeup bag and I utilize them a lot!  If you're having difficulty picking a great blush for yourself, try the 'pinch your cheek' trick - stand in front of a mirror is as natural light as possible and gently pinch your cheek - study the colour that pops out at you - is it a rich rose shade, a subtle pink, more of a peachy-pink or even light copper shade etc etc - whatever colour you see staring back at you, this is your best blush shade (you can do a similar test with lipstick - I like to squeeze my lips together with my finger and look at the natural colour that comes forth - for me, its a rose-brown based shade with some plum tones mixed in, which is exactly the lipcolours that look the most natural on me - once you find the natural shades that already exist in your natural colouring, you can work with these shades and even go 1-2 shades deeper - you'll have your perfect colours in no time)!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kiss Me Coral - Revlon

Revlon's 'Kiss Me Coral' is a very unique coral shade.  Its has many 'elements' to it -its definitely bright and not for the faint of heart.  Its got more of a red-orange undertone to it vs a pinky coral.  Its more of a 'true' coral, if you think about the coral you find in the sea - here is a picture so you see what I mean:


If you compare this coral to the shade of 'Kiss me Coral', you will see the similiarity of the shade and intensity of the colour.  Interestly enough, as I was searching for coal pictures, I noticed the variety in different coral shades.  I didn't realize the variation in shades of coral - it peaked my interest!

You can see by this photo how close the coral shade of the lipstick matches the real coral under the sea.  If you're looking for a unique brighter shade of red-orange toned coral, you're really going to like this lipstick!!!

I wanted to soften the colour out a bit and I was wearing a heavier eye last night when I went out, so I paired Kiss Me Coral with Bronzelle lipliner for this look.  I started with my basic face (corrector/concealer by Bobbi Brown, HD Foundation in #125 by Make Up For Ever).  I then used Navajo eyeshadow as a base and Cement on the lid into the crease (both by Bobbi Brown).  I used Blooz eyeliner on the upper lashline only and smolder on the bottom (MAC).  I then used an angled brush to blend 'Night Breed' eyeshadow into the upper lash line and smoke it out a bit.  For blush, I used Dolce Vita by NARS and finished the look with Bronzelle lipliner and Kiss Me Coral lipstick by Revlon!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Frederic Fekkai

I recently attended an event at Holt Renfrew in Toronto with an amazing concept!  If you brought in an empty bottle of shampoo, you got a FREE bottle of Fekkai's shampoo.  Standing in line to get my free shampoo, I filled out a questionnaire which helped to narrow down which shampoo choice is the best for me and my lifestyle.  I ended up getting the Brilliant Glossing shampoo and purchased the conditioner right away:

I washed my hair the next morning and my hair has never felt this silky and healthy before.  I have to say that I'm a Fekkai 'convert'.  Frederic Fekkai has that classic European philosophy on life, beauty, hair etc- He really knows and understands what a woman wants in her life - simple and sophisticated elegance.  I admire Fekkai for building his hair empire around this philosophy because instead of following trends, he cuts hair differently for every woman, making it unique and individual for her.  I decided to read up more about Fekkai and his philosophy and fell in love with his website http://www.fekkai.com/about/philosophy/
Here are just some of Fekkai's tips and his philosophy on beauty:
"When clients ask me what they should do to update their look I usually say, "Less!" To me, the fundamentals of modern, fresh, uncontrived style are quite basic:

•Clean, shiny hair
•Clear skin
•Not too much makeup
•Very little jewelry
And these are the things I recommend you avoid—they age even the most beautiful woman who wears them:
•Too much foundation
•Harsh lipstick
•Obvious lip contour
Heavy eye makeup
•Too much hairspray
•Overdone highlights or over processed hair
•Artificial-looking nails
When getting dressed for an event, pamper your senses and you will uplift your spirit. The clothes you choose should be quietly luxurious. Consider combining different textures: a velvet skirt with suede boots, a pastel silk skirt with a cashmere shawl. Create outfits that make you feel confident, attractive, and charming, without ever distracting from your personality. Consider these guidelines:

•Be elegant, but do not show off.
•Select fabrics with a wonderful texture, you’ll feel contented wearing them.
•Always add a touch of color, even if everything else is black—it always looks right.
•Show a little skin, at the shoulders or legs, but not both.

I think I'll be studying Fekkai's philosophy for the next little white - it makes so much sense and its all about that classic European sophistication I love so much!!!

Napoli by NARS

I adore 'Napoli' lipstick by NARS - it's,my favourite 'go-to' natural look.  With my skintone, I can't pull off nude shades that are too pastel like - they wash me out completely.  I need something with a little bit of complexity to it - a neutral with pinky-peach undertones.  Napoli is simply one of my favourite 'feel good' shades - it never fails me when I want that natural pick me up.  I first laid eyes on Napoli when I was in Holt Renfrew - they had a guest makeup artist at the NARS counter and I was just checking out the lipsticks.  He asked if I had any questions for him or if he could help me out with anything - I told him I just wanted a great lipstick that works well with my skintone - he got that 'give me a second, let me think' look on his face and then after just a few seconds, he motioned me to sit in the makeup chair - he brought over Napoli and said 'I think this is what you're looking for' - he was right:

I love to wear Napoli with Bronzelle liner - Bronzelle compliments Napoli so well - the two shades morph together to create the perfect natural look on me:

I decided to create a pretty daytime natural look with Bronzelle and Napoli - I stayed with natural shades on my eyes, a taupy shadow and black liner, which is always a classic combination:

Here is the makeup that I used for this look:

Face: Bobbi Brown corrector (Bisque) and concealer (warm beige), HD Foundation in # 125 (Make Up For Ever)
Blush: Dolce Vita - NARS
Lips: Bronelle Lipliner with Napoli Lipstick - NARS
Eyes: Navajo base (bobbi brown), ashes to ashes (lid into crease), Smolder eyeliner (MAC) with Black Plum shadow (Bobbi Brown) smudged into upper lash line, black mascara

If you're looking for that perfect natural lip look and the pastel like nudes don't work for you, give Napoli lipstick with Bronzelle lipliner a try!!! 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Top 3 Lip Liners

These three lipliners are my no-fail, all-time favourite liners.  They are very versatile and neutral enough to be blended with practically every lip colour you could think of.  I don't like to wear lip liners that 'match' the lipstick I'm wearing.  I like to use lip liners to create new and interesting shades, so I often look for a colour that compliments a lipstick shade vs matches it.

Whirl by MAC is one of my all time favourite colours - its very much a neutral pink shade with a hint of brown.  It looks great with any pink toned lipstick or beige/nude shade that has a pink undertone.  I wear this lipliner 'a lot' and I especially like it with my Armani #504 lipstick:

Bronzelle by Lancome is a lipliner that I've worn for 'years and years' - Its a lipliner I keep re-purchasing over and over and over again!  I honestly can't even describe this colour - its not bronze at all in my opinion - its almost like a soft nude with a hint of pink.  This shade is perfect as a base when you want to play around with various deeper lip colours:

Sienna by Chanel is the ultimate lipliner for deeper shades of lipstick, particularily reds and brownish reds - its such a beautiful colour.  There is one Make up artist who works for Chanel at a local shopping mall near my apartment - everytime I see her, she always looks so put together and stunning.  I once saw her with the most striking lip colour and asked her what she was wearing - it turns out that she was wearing Sienna with just a lip balm on top - I bought Sienna without hesitation and without even trying on the liner, I liked it so much and I have to say, its one of my most used lipliners.  I've been wearing it a lot with Bois Des Iles lipstick by Chanel and I can honestly say that if I could only have one lipstick and one lipliner only, it would be this combination.  I highly recommend Sienna is you like to wear anything with a brownish undertone, particularily, a reddish brown:

If you like neutral toned liners or if you're looking for a liner that easily blends with other lip-colours, give these lip liners a try - they are my go-to staples and work with practically every shade I own!!!