Sunday, August 7, 2011

Top 3 Lip Liners

These three lipliners are my no-fail, all-time favourite liners.  They are very versatile and neutral enough to be blended with practically every lip colour you could think of.  I don't like to wear lip liners that 'match' the lipstick I'm wearing.  I like to use lip liners to create new and interesting shades, so I often look for a colour that compliments a lipstick shade vs matches it.

Whirl by MAC is one of my all time favourite colours - its very much a neutral pink shade with a hint of brown.  It looks great with any pink toned lipstick or beige/nude shade that has a pink undertone.  I wear this lipliner 'a lot' and I especially like it with my Armani #504 lipstick:

Bronzelle by Lancome is a lipliner that I've worn for 'years and years' - Its a lipliner I keep re-purchasing over and over and over again!  I honestly can't even describe this colour - its not bronze at all in my opinion - its almost like a soft nude with a hint of pink.  This shade is perfect as a base when you want to play around with various deeper lip colours:

Sienna by Chanel is the ultimate lipliner for deeper shades of lipstick, particularily reds and brownish reds - its such a beautiful colour.  There is one Make up artist who works for Chanel at a local shopping mall near my apartment - everytime I see her, she always looks so put together and stunning.  I once saw her with the most striking lip colour and asked her what she was wearing - it turns out that she was wearing Sienna with just a lip balm on top - I bought Sienna without hesitation and without even trying on the liner, I liked it so much and I have to say, its one of my most used lipliners.  I've been wearing it a lot with Bois Des Iles lipstick by Chanel and I can honestly say that if I could only have one lipstick and one lipliner only, it would be this combination.  I highly recommend Sienna is you like to wear anything with a brownish undertone, particularily, a reddish brown:

If you like neutral toned liners or if you're looking for a liner that easily blends with other lip-colours, give these lip liners a try - they are my go-to staples and work with practically every shade I own!!!

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