Monday, August 8, 2011

Napoli by NARS

I adore 'Napoli' lipstick by NARS - it's,my favourite 'go-to' natural look.  With my skintone, I can't pull off nude shades that are too pastel like - they wash me out completely.  I need something with a little bit of complexity to it - a neutral with pinky-peach undertones.  Napoli is simply one of my favourite 'feel good' shades - it never fails me when I want that natural pick me up.  I first laid eyes on Napoli when I was in Holt Renfrew - they had a guest makeup artist at the NARS counter and I was just checking out the lipsticks.  He asked if I had any questions for him or if he could help me out with anything - I told him I just wanted a great lipstick that works well with my skintone - he got that 'give me a second, let me think' look on his face and then after just a few seconds, he motioned me to sit in the makeup chair - he brought over Napoli and said 'I think this is what you're looking for' - he was right:

I love to wear Napoli with Bronzelle liner - Bronzelle compliments Napoli so well - the two shades morph together to create the perfect natural look on me:

I decided to create a pretty daytime natural look with Bronzelle and Napoli - I stayed with natural shades on my eyes, a taupy shadow and black liner, which is always a classic combination:

Here is the makeup that I used for this look:

Face: Bobbi Brown corrector (Bisque) and concealer (warm beige), HD Foundation in # 125 (Make Up For Ever)
Blush: Dolce Vita - NARS
Lips: Bronelle Lipliner with Napoli Lipstick - NARS
Eyes: Navajo base (bobbi brown), ashes to ashes (lid into crease), Smolder eyeliner (MAC) with Black Plum shadow (Bobbi Brown) smudged into upper lash line, black mascara

If you're looking for that perfect natural lip look and the pastel like nudes don't work for you, give Napoli lipstick with Bronzelle lipliner a try!!! 

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