Sunday, August 14, 2011

Classic Look #2

I recently came across some childhood photos of myself and I realized that my natural lip-colour in each of the photos was a beautiful brownish-red/pinky shade (hard to describe, but the colour I saw reminded me so much of my favourite 'Baroque' lipstick by Chanel).  In my last post, I blogged about a classic 'red lipstick' look, but this post is about that elegant 'everyday' natural look.  I'm finding that my 5 favourite lipsticks can really be narrowed down to 2-3.  I think it would be ideal to be able to stick with 2 shades for everyday and 2 for evening.  For me those shades would be Bois Des Iles and Baroque by Chanel for everyday and Moulin Rouge (Makeup For Ever) and Schiap (NARS) for evening.  Here is my classic 'everyday natural' look that I would love to make my signature for work this year - its a simple look to put together and perfect for any professional meeting or conference:

Here is the makeup that I used to create this classic everyday natural look:

I started with my basic face makeup: Bobbi Brown corrector in Bisque and Loreal true match concealer in N4, HD Foundation (Make Up For Ever) #125, NARS 'Desert' Pressed Powder

Eyes: I used quite a few products from a Bobbi Brown Palette I have - I started with Mahogany on the brown, Navajo as a base, I mixed Cement and Heather Mauve and applied this from the lid to the crease and then used Black Plum in the crease. I lined my eyes with Cliniques Black-Brown eyeliner and smudged Black Plum shadow into the upper lashline and used Smolder eyeliner on the lower lash line.

Blush - Dolce Vita by NARS

Lips: Bronzelle lipliner with Baroque lipstick by Chanel
Since I've decided to clean up my makeup case and really declutter the 'stuff'' and colours that just don't work for me anymore, I feel like I've discovered a more sophisticated approach to makeup.  I'm not really interested in whats trendy or funky - I'm more interested in really finding something that works for me and making it my own.  Its a new feeling for me and it may take some getting used to - but I like it!!!


Gina said...

I like it too. I have really pared down my cosmetics. I'm still addicted to skin care, but I justify that good skin requires less coverage.

Renata said...

Gina - I agree with you, skin care is very important. I think its important to splurge on healthy, clean skin and hair care. You can have the most beautiful makeup colours in the world, but if you have bad skin and hair, it won't matter - makeup is just one part of the equation when it comes to beauty! Now you've given me a few ideas and things to blog about! Thanks!!! Stay tuned!!!