Saturday, August 20, 2011

Painting by Numbers

There is a great little book out there called 'Things a Woman should Know about Style' written by Karen Homer.  It is a very inspirational book written for anyone who wants to learn the basics and essentials of how to live with style and grace.

There is a chapter in the book called 'Painting with Numbers' and its a guide to stylish makeup.  In this chapter, Karen states that "A woman only needs two lipsticks: almost nude for day and darkish red for night".  She goes on to suggest that a woman avoid a vivid fire engine red and frosted pink!  I think her point with this is that lipstick should not look clownish, overly-bright or like you belong out working the streets.  However, finding that right shade of red that suits your skintone and looks stunning on you - thats a different story - thats the 'evening' look that I think Karen is refering to.  I like the simplicity and philosophy behind having two shades that become your signatures and are chic and elegant.  I gave this concept a lot of thought and instinctively knew what two shades I would pick as my '2 essentials' - the fact that these two shades just made themselves apparent to me was almost a sign and wake-up call.  We are endlessly searching for that perfect colour and in the end, we end up spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars and purchasing endless lipsticks to find that one or two that make us feel chic and beautiful.  I think Karen's advice holds a lot of merit - imagine having one natural day shade and one stunning evening shade that become your 'sidekicks', your lipsticks partners in crime that help mold and shape that signature style of 'YOU'!  Imagine having the courage to say 'No more - no longer am I going to continue buying lipstick after lipstick in an attempt to feel like this one could end my search forever - this could end up being that perfect lipstick'.  The truth is - the search is over when you say it is!!!  Let the 'searching' end and the 'style' begin!!!  This is what I've decided to do (and that doesn't mean that I won't play around with various shades and purchase another colour ever again - its more of giving the lipstick a chance become part of my style and embracing that simple elegance that I've always admired in other women).  So, what are my two lipstick picks????

1) Bois Des Iles - Chanel (For everyday)

2) Gabrielle lipstick - Chanel (For evening)

I am feeling so re-newed and inspired by this 2 lipstick philosophy.  It almost feels like a 'reclaiming' of my own power and sense of self worth.  Its saying good-bye to the search and past insecurities and hello to simplicity and living with a style thats my own!!!


cupidonlov said...

fabulous advise...going to have to get that book!

Gina said...

Have you read All You Need to Be Impossibly French? The book was alternatively titled Two Lipsticks and a Lover in the UK. But basically, the author is told (by a French woman) that all you need to be French are two lipsticks (one for day, one for night) and a lover. Who knew?

The lipsticks look great on you. You have such great facial features.

Renata said...

Thanks Gina - Actually, I own that book and love it - I was even reading it yesterday, I also have 'Entre Nous - A woman's guide to finding her inner french girl' - it encourages the same beauty philosophy - there is something to be said about the expression 'Simplicity is elegance' - you just gave me a new blog post idea!!!