Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bois Des Iles - Chanel

How would you describe 'Bois Des Iles'?  Well, how would you descibe any Chanel lipstick for that matter??? Complex, unique, original definitely fit the list.  Not to mention, that smooth application of the lipstick itself.  Getting back to Bois Des Iles - its a red-brown with a little bit of a pink undertone, but not enough to categorize it as a pink.  Red and Brown are the dominant undertones and I would say its a neutral shade - not too cool, not too warm.  To me, its the perfect colour and as much as I adore lipsticks, if I had to pick only one colour to wear forever, I think this would be it, but who wants to wear just one colour forever?  I think what I'm really trying to say is that this shade is perfect for me - its perfect for my skintone, my hair colour and I feel uber european chic when I wear it (which many of you know - is the look I'm 'eternally' searching for).  Since this lipcolour is neutral, I decided to keep the rest of my makeup in the neutral family as well, taupey-browns on the eyes, and a touch of rose of the cheeks:

I started this look with my Bobbi Brown corrector/concealer in Bisque and Warm Beige.  I then used my new favourite Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation in the shade 125.  I used aspen summit as a base colour on my eyes and blended Copperplate and Concrete, which I applied from my lid into my crease.  I used smolder eyeliner and blended concrete into my upper lashline before applying mascara.  I then used 'Ambering Rose' blush my MAC and Sienna lipliner by Chanel before applying my 'Bois Des Iles'.  I have to say that I really, really adore this look - it fits my personality and style!!!  I'd love to hear your feedback and comments!

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