Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scarlet Empress - NARS

There is something so seductive about a wine-red stained lip.  I recently blogged about red lipstick shades in my 'Femme Fatale' post and mentioned Scarlet Empress as a perfect red shade for cooler toned women.  I decided to create a look around it, so you can see how wearable it is - to me, this colour has that dramatic-romantic feel to it - its red, but its not a full blown true red - its more of a romantic, kissable red:

For this look, I started with my basic corrector, concealer, HD Foundation and NARS pressed powder. On my eyes, I'm wearing NARS 'ashes to ashes' from the lid into the crease, Cliniques Black-Brown eyeliner with MAC's concrete shadow smudged into the upper lashline. I blended Ambering Rose onto my cheeks and used Gentle blush as a pop of colour (both MAC). On my lips, I'm wearing bronzelle lipliner with NARS Scarlet Empress lipstick!

If you want to try a red lip but don't want to go too much in the true red direction, but you still want some drama and colour, give Scarlet Empress a try!!!


Sneza said...

Like that red.

Do you wear mascara? Do you stick to basic black?

Renata said...

Thanks Sneza - yes, right now I'm loving 'Dior-Show' mascara in black (a cult classic) but my all time favourite mascara is Loreal Voluminous mascara in Carbon black!

Sneza said...

You're a Winter, so black is really the only choice for you, right?

There are so many different colors in mascara now, all different browns and grays, e.g., and I wonder if they make a noticeable difference (I'm a Summer).

Renata said...

Black is the only shade that really makes my lashes stand out and my eyes pop - I've tried navy before and I didn't really like it. Summers, on the other hand, would look awesome in a navy mascara shade - as well as a dark taupish colour. I once tried a teal toned mascara and I looked like I was stuck in the 80's - lol - I won't be doing that again!

Sneza said...



Renata said...

It was one of my makeup experiment faux-pas!!! LOL