Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top 5 Lipsticks

So I keep on returning to the topic of lipstick decluttering - I've realized that I have a real addiction to buying lipsticks and its not helping me (or my pocket book for that matter).  I've decided that instead of limiting myself to 2 lipsticks (which would be impossible for me) - I'm going to stick to my tried, tested and true colours - these are the shades that I adore and although I play around with various colours, for some reason I keep on returning to these shades when I go to my makeup bag.  Some of the colours are great for my cool winter look, but others are more neutral (a red or pink with a hint of brown) and I'm okay with that, because like I mentioned in my testimonial to Lora Alexander's recent analysis of me as a 'cool winter' - its not about limiting yourself - these are shades I feel comfortable in!  So here we go again (let's see how long this lasts - lol):

1) One shade that I actually recently came across and purchased is a beautiful neutral pink-red-brown shade (very difficult to describe) by Chanel called 'Bois Des Iles'  - I find Chanel's lipshades very complex and unique - it was hard to choose between Bois Des Iles and my other favourite Chanel shades (Amusing and Baroque) - I'm still keeping these as my stand-by's and in my makeup bag, but for some reason, Bois Des Iles really works for me (I have to blog about this shade soon):

2) I got my first Armani lipstick about 8 months ago - its the #504 lip shade and part of the pink family.  I always reach for this colour when I want that natural, sophisticated my lips by better look.  I usually wear it with Whirl lipliner and I always feel very 'chic' in this colour.  Although it looks more neutral in the tube, its a true cool based pink on the lips and works perfectly when I wear colours from my cool winter palette.  This is definitely a keeper - I hope they never discontinue this shade:

3) Napoli  by NARS is probably the lipstick that I keep coming back to time and time again - I don't wear it often, but for some reason I'm always gravitating towards this colour.  On the NARS website its desribed as a cool beige with pink undertones, but its actually more of a neutral beige with peachy-pink undertones on me.  In my opinion, its such a fantastic and versatile colour - I can only describe it as 'Pretty' in a tube!!!:

4) My other favourite NARS shade that I'm totally obsessed with is a shade called 'Beautiful Liar' - its described as a sheer spicy coral.  The thing I 'LOVE' about this shade is that its such a unique shade - its not that bright, orange based coral that most people are used to - its more of a neutral coral shade that looks fantastic with various lipliners and blushes.  It was hard to pick my favourite coral shade and it was a toss up between this and 'Coral Goddess' by Lancome (a lighter, almost peachy coral shade), but like I said, this shade just draws me in like a moth to a flame - lol:

5) Finally, no collection is complete without a red lipstick and to me, its not red, unless its RED - its got to be that perfect true red shade and to me, nothing says that more than the Moulin Rouge lipstick by Make Up For Ever - this colour is amazing and it lasts 'forever' on the lips - I love, love, love this red lipstick:

So this is it - here are my top 5 favourite lipsticks.  I have to say that I have quite a few lipsticks in my collection (too many to count actually) and I really want to be able to channel that minimal, sophisticated, Chic, european style where a woman has just a few signature shades.  I love to play around with colour and I probably always will, but in the end, these are my favourite go-to shades!!!

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