Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kiss Me Coral - Revlon

Revlon's 'Kiss Me Coral' is a very unique coral shade.  Its has many 'elements' to it -its definitely bright and not for the faint of heart.  Its got more of a red-orange undertone to it vs a pinky coral.  Its more of a 'true' coral, if you think about the coral you find in the sea - here is a picture so you see what I mean:


If you compare this coral to the shade of 'Kiss me Coral', you will see the similiarity of the shade and intensity of the colour.  Interestly enough, as I was searching for coal pictures, I noticed the variety in different coral shades.  I didn't realize the variation in shades of coral - it peaked my interest!

You can see by this photo how close the coral shade of the lipstick matches the real coral under the sea.  If you're looking for a unique brighter shade of red-orange toned coral, you're really going to like this lipstick!!!

I wanted to soften the colour out a bit and I was wearing a heavier eye last night when I went out, so I paired Kiss Me Coral with Bronzelle lipliner for this look.  I started with my basic face (corrector/concealer by Bobbi Brown, HD Foundation in #125 by Make Up For Ever).  I then used Navajo eyeshadow as a base and Cement on the lid into the crease (both by Bobbi Brown).  I used Blooz eyeliner on the upper lashline only and smolder on the bottom (MAC).  I then used an angled brush to blend 'Night Breed' eyeshadow into the upper lash line and smoke it out a bit.  For blush, I used Dolce Vita by NARS and finished the look with Bronzelle lipliner and Kiss Me Coral lipstick by Revlon!!!


Portuguese Prepster said...

The shade looks strong in the tube but very natural on you! May need to try this!

Renata said...

Hey, I did blend it with a more neutral lipliner, so its not as bright - but its a colour you can really play around with, depending on the liner you choose - you can make it a more coral-brown, coral-red, soft-coral, coral-pink etc etc just by changing up the liner - the most important thing is to have fun with it!!!