Saturday, August 13, 2011

Top 3 Blushes

If there is one makeup product that I simply adore (other than lipsticks of course) its Blush.  In my opinion, no makeup look is complete without blush - it adds that finishing touch and perfect pop of colour.  Bobbi Brown beleives that you need two blush colours - one natural shade and one 'pop of colour' shade.  I usually do the pop of colour when I'm going out or creating a glam look.  I wanted to share my absolute favourite blushes with you, so here we go:

Dolce Vita blush is my absolute favourite blush 'ever'!  I've been wearing this shade almost every-day for the last month and if I could only wear one shade for the rest of my life, it would be 'Dolce Vita'.  I know thats saying a lot (especially from me, the one who likes to change my look around every second day), but this blush is that perfect 'I just pinched my cheeks' shade for me, which is exactly what a blush is supposed to do!!!

Ambering Rose by MAC comes in at a close second to 'Dolce Vita'!!!  What I love about ambering rose is the uniquness of the shade - its a neutral with hints of rose and brown, but it also has a subtle shimmer to it what brings out a bit of warmth.  You can wear this shade with almost anything - brown based lipshades, rose based colours, even terracotta and coral shades.  This blush is very versatile - I Love it!!!

My favourite pop of colour shade and the colour I wear most often with anything that is more pink based, is Gentle Mineralize blush by MAC (pictured on the right).  Gentle is described as a raspberry with a sheer golden shimmer.  The colour is superb and I love how soft it feels.  I usually wear this shade when I wearing colours like Schiap or Shrinagar by NARS.  I also wear this shade with just a simple pink gloss like YSL #9 gloss - its the perfect combination for a soft, everyday look!

I have gone through many blushes and played around with many different shades and textures of blush, but I have to say that these three shades are my favourites.  They are always in my makeup bag and I utilize them a lot!  If you're having difficulty picking a great blush for yourself, try the 'pinch your cheek' trick - stand in front of a mirror is as natural light as possible and gently pinch your cheek - study the colour that pops out at you - is it a rich rose shade, a subtle pink, more of a peachy-pink or even light copper shade etc etc - whatever colour you see staring back at you, this is your best blush shade (you can do a similar test with lipstick - I like to squeeze my lips together with my finger and look at the natural colour that comes forth - for me, its a rose-brown based shade with some plum tones mixed in, which is exactly the lipcolours that look the most natural on me - once you find the natural shades that already exist in your natural colouring, you can work with these shades and even go 1-2 shades deeper - you'll have your perfect colours in no time)!!!

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