Thursday, August 18, 2011

Signature Scent

There are certain elements that are required in order for a woman to be elegant, classy and stylish.  In my opinion, these elements are: a great hair-style, a great skin care routine, subtle yet classic makeup (and a fantastic red lipstick), the right accessories (diamond studs, pearls, a classic scarf, sunglasses, a watch, a few belts and at least one thing with an animal print), clothes that are classic and represent your style (including: a classic white shirt, black pencil skirt, a little back dress, cashmere sweater and turtle neck, black pumps and knee high boots and a fabulous trench-coat) AND, last but not least a 'Signature Scent'.  Put all these things together and you'll be looking at one classy, elegant and sophisticated woman.

When a woman wears a scent or chooses a scent, it should be like everything else - subtle and a complete representation of who she is as a woman.  If you're more of a bohemian, natural woman, choose a scent that brings this image out even more (a beautiful woodsy or floral scent).  If you're a power vixen, go for that spicy, exotic scent.  I think the true test of a great scent is when people stop you on the street and ask you - what perfume are you wearing - it smells amazing!  Why is this a true test???  Perfumes tend to work with the chemical makeup of your body - thats why, just like a lipstick will look completely different on one woman versus another, a perfume will smell different on one woman vs another.  A perfume should also be subtle - people shouldn't smell you a mile away, but rather they should get a delicate 'whiff' of your scent as you walk by.  Learning what type of scent works for you is a process - its something you learn as you go, just like learning what makeup shades work for you and what style suits you - its often trial and error.  Once you find a scent that really work for you - stick with it!!!  Make it your signature.  I think it so classy that you have something that makes you recognizable and different from everyone else.  My mother has been wearing Calvin Klein's Obsession  for years.... Its still her favourite and its still her signature.  People always ask her what she's wearing and its something she's known for! 

I have a few classics that I stick to, but my absolute favourite signature scent is Versace Crystal Noir:

I have been stopped by bouncers at clubs, random men walking down the street, women in various stores and friends/co-workers to ask me 'what perfume are you wearing?"  Men stop me and say "I want to buy that perfume for my wife/girlfriend - what is it?".  I get constant compliments when I wear this scent and I'm not saying this because I want to show off - I'm just making a point that certain scents can really work with your chemistry so well, that the scent will smell 'intoxicating' on you!  For me, that scent just happens to be Crystal Noir by Versace!!!  Every woman should find a scent that wins her compliments!!!

Narciso Rodriguez perfume for her is another amazing scent.  I always feel so pretty when I wear this and its the perfect day/weekend scent.  I get complimented on this as well and I love, love, love the bottle!  I tend to like perfumes that have a little more 'oomph' scent wise, which is why this is the perfect everyday scent for me!

I am currently 'in love' with this perfume - 'Chanel No 19 Poudre'.  The September 2011 issue of Lucky magazine has this to say about the No 19 "Chanel No 19 is the perfume equivalent of a striped boating shirt" (page 94) - its classic, fresh, crisp, clean and so unique!  This is the scent that I would love to spray over my bed-sheets and pillows - it makes me feel very delicate and romantic.

Finally, Very irresistable by Givenchy is one of those classic scents that screams 'femininity'.  I wear this scent when I want to feel sensual and feminine, but don't want a strong spicy scent.  Its actually a scent that I really like to wear in the summer and spring and I love the fact that the scent lingers.

These are some of my favourite scents and I like to change them up depending on my mood and style, just like I would with makeup and clothes - but I stick with these tried, tested and true scents and have been wearing some of them since my university days ( 10+ years ago).  If you find that signature scent that makes you feel feminine and inspired to be your best scent - wear it with pride and let it become part of your overall style because nothing is more alluring on a woman than a scent that works with her chemistry and personality!!!  Its all part of that feminine mystique!!!

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