Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mr and Mrs Smith

I was recently at a friends place watching the movie 'Mr and Mrs Smith' and was completely inspired by Angelina Jolie's look in this movie - everything from her hair, her clothes and her makeup!  Throughout the movie Angelina's makeup is mainly soft, neutral colours in the warm spectrum (think soft autumn leaning towards some spring shades) - in a few scenes, she sports a more coral lip, which suits her so well - I also like the scenes where she keeps her lips in the peachy-neutral shades. 

I loved this restaurant scene - Angelina looks very elegant and classy - I love the black 'Marilyn' type dress and her hair and makeup is so sophisticated.  Even though her makeup still looks natural, this to me is the perfect evening look - not overdone and not under-done.  Don't get me wrong, I think if Angelina wore red lips with a more defined liner in this scene, she would still look sexy and elegant (definitely more on the 'glam' side), but this makeup is just right for a polished, evening look - I love it!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Makeup Ideas

It seems like a while since I've last blogged - I've had a lot of interesting things happen in my personal life lately that have kept me busy - lol. Anyhow, I haven't forgotten about this site and I miss blogging about the things that make me happy! Now that the summer months are approaching, I've been keeping my eye out for a simple but fresh makeup look. The deeper pinks, plums, burgundies and reds are way too harsh for the upcoming humid and hot summer days. Its not so much about the colour, as it is about the consistency of the products, who wants to wear a dry, matte lipstick on a dry, hot day??? For a lot of people, this is the season on sheer lipstains and glosses - you want something that feels hydrating and moisturizing vs sticky and dry. Here are some looks and colours I really like for summer:

This model really suits the light peachy-pink shades. This is the perfect everyday summer look in my opinion - its not over-done and its not under-done. One of my pet-peeves about the summer makeup look is that people tend to go for an 'under-done' look and often look just that 'underdone'. Summer makeup is slightly more minimal, but the real trick is to change the consistency and colours vs minimizing your entire routine. For example, you may switch from foundation to a tinted moisturizer, but you still need that coverage to make your look work!!!

I really like when women continue to do a subtle smokey eye in the summer - in my opinion, it captures the romantic appeal of summer. Its important to still feel feminine and alive and a subtle smokey eye does this perfectly!!! The trick with making the smokey eye look amazing in the summer is to pair it with a very natural, neutral colour on the lip. In winter, I love rocking the smokey eye with a bolder lip, but for summer, its about making the smokey eye more subtle and going natural on the lip. Try a shade like Blonde Venus or Napoli by NARS with Buff gloss on top (by Bobbi Brown)

For a fun summer evening look, I say 'go bold' - try a brighter lip and eyeshadow - how often do you get to wear those sea green shades and coral or fuchsia lips??? Summer is about letting loose and having fun, so it shouldn't be any different with your summer makeup!!! Go with how you feel and "Work It"!!!!!!!!!!!

I love when the seasons change because it allows you to play around with different looks and makeup shades within or outside of your colour palette - this summer, don't be afraid to try a smokey eye or a bold lip or eye shade - enjoy the warm summer breeze, the pool side parties and the long cozy romantic nights - I know I will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!