Saturday, July 30, 2011


'Life in Color' is a fantastic book by Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo.  They provide great advice for how to find your best colours and then they take it one step further - they teach you how to work with your colours!  In their book you will find a style quiz to help you figure out what your style type is, so you can later apply it to your palette and have a custom, signature look that works for you.  I remember taking the quiz when I first got the book, but then forgot about it, not giving the style aspect of it much thought.  Since re-discovering my best palette, I've been doing 'a lot' of thinking about creating a personalized look for myself with my palette so that I buy peices that will compliment my makeup look and clothes and not work against them.  So I took the quiz, with very interesting results.  I seem to be a true mix between Chic and Avant-Garde.  At first, I thought the results of the quiz were a bit off, but then the more I read about what it means to be a combination of Chic and Avant-Garde, the more it made perfect sense to me.  You see, Chic is all about the monochromatic, sensual look with 'European sensibility', as the book describes it.  Style icons for the Chic look are Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Katie Holmes, Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve just to name a few.  The Avant-Garde look is described as including a little bit of art into fashion.  Its about making a creative statement, sparking conversation, owning peices that are original and a little but un-usual.  The style icons for the Avant-Garde women include: Marlene Dietrich, Cate Blanchett, Diane Keaton, Annie Lennox and Tilda Swinton.  I had to take a step back and look at the whole picture (since the book explains that often women don't fall into one style type - you are usually a mix of a few style types).  When I stood back and really considered what it means to be Chic and what it means to be Avant-Garde, the more I really say 'myself' coming out of the woodwork.  I have always loved that 'European Sensibility' of the Chic look and the icons mentioned have always been my icons.  I just seemed to always like these looks with something just a little bit 'extra' - a unique detail, a bold colour, a top thats a bit off the shoulder, a jacket that has an uber-creative feel to it.  Avant-Garde is about buying 'pieces' vs outfits and then putting them together in a creative way.  I really saw the two styles in one with me.  Its like I have that chic look, but with an artsy, bold edge!  I think this shows through in how I do my makeup.  I like a very chic look, but I'm not afraid of that pop of colour or doing something creative or innovative.  Anyhow - I decided to do a little bit of a tribue to the avant-garde look and I hope to study it in a little more detail, perhaps really play around with my style and let that creative, inner risk-taker out!!!

This is a jacket I would totally pick out for myself - it doesn't have the strait lines or an uber classic look - its a little bit different - and that's 'me' - chic, but a little bit different.  I actually have a few jackets in my closet similar to this.  I seem to be drawn to avant-garde type jackets and sweaters with more chic inspired black dress pants, pencil skirts etc

I abolutely 'love' and 'adore' this look - its incredible and I am so drawn to interesting necklines, off the shoulder looks, belts etc - the best thing is, this light/medium grey works with my palette!  I could completely see myself wearing this!!!

When I see looks like these, I get immediately inspired - I love the belt in the centre photo with the dress and those longer sleeves with the rouched details are amazing (a little bit out of my comfort zone, I would prefer if it I could wear one sleeve off the shoulder, but I would definitely give this look a try).  I also adore everything about the first photo - that jacket is amazing and I love it with a sleek black pant!

I love this red/black combination outfit - this red poncho inspired sweater is so intersting - I would love to have a piece like this is my wardrobe to put over a pair of black pants or a black dress - for me, its about taking something thats chic and classic and taking it up a notch!

I had to end with an evening gown-look.  This dress is stunning - I believe its an Yves Saint Laurent (who interestingly enough is sited in the 'Life in Color' book as an Avant-Garde designer.  The details on the dress are stunning - any woman who walks into a room and a work this dress is one powerful, magnetic woman!!!

I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to the avant-garde look - I kept it quite minimal, there are some very edge avant-garde looks, but i'm not that extreme in my taste!  I hope to write about this topic again - its very inspirational and I can't wait to go out there and pick up some more avant-guard pieces to add to my wardrobe!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Steel-Grey Eyes

I recently tried a look where various shades of grey and black were used to create a 'steel grey' toned eye.  I wanted it to be smokey, but not 'over the top', so I used 'print', a medium grey shade on the lid and into the crease and deepened the look by using a black liner and then smudging a grey shade into the top lash line.  I wanted to keep the look 'cool' and balance the rest of the makeup, so I used shades in the magenta family, but kept the application light and low key vs in your face magenta:

For this look, this is what I used:
Here is my steel-grey smokey eye look with a magenta inspired lip:

Eyes - aspen summit as base, print eyeshadow (MAC) lid to crease with a sheer silver shadow on the lid (loreal), smolder eyeliner (MAC) with print smudged into the upper lashline).

Blush - Make Up For Ever #89

Lips: Subculture lipliner with a touch of Magenta lipliner blended in as well (MAC) with pervette lipstick (also MAC) sealed with Make Up For Ever blush #89

I think this look is very pretty and it can be worn day into night!  The eyes are a perfect balance of smokey and defined, as like I mentioned, the look isn't over the top, so it would work nicely for a day event or to the office.  If you find that the cool shades don't suit you (I know I've been blogging about these shades a lot lately) you can try the same look but instead use a bronze shade from lid to crease, add a shade like 'amber lights' to the lid and define the eye with teddy or coffee eyeliner, blending woodwinked or bronze into the upper lash line.  I would then go for a warm blush like Copperplate and use spice or hover lipliner with 'strength' or 'see sheer' lipstick.  For evening, deepen the look with Fresh moroccan lipstick and Auburn lipliner - this is perfect for all the warmer skintoned gals out there!!!
Since I'm creating a lot of looks for my cool winter colouring, I will try my best to offer a warmer alternative for you to follow - this way you can acheive the same 'look' but using your beautiful, warm colours!!!  Also, please feel free to e-mail me anytime if you want or need any colour suggestions for your colouring or season - i'd be happy to help!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

'Cool' Hair Colour

I've been thinking a lot lately about hair colour for those with cool complexions and undertones.  The more I read on-line, the more I notice that 'ash' is usually the only choice/recommendation provided as an option for cool skintones vs the warm skintones who seem to have a variety of options (golden tones, mahogany, auburn, honey and caramel highlights, copper etc etc).  I decided to do a little more research and found out that there actually are quite a few options, which are completely 'unique' for a cool toned.  In fact, if you aren't cool toned, these looks simply won't work.  For many years, especially when I first started dying my hair, I was always told to add golden blonde/caramel highlights.  Then I started playing around with darker shades.  However, I have to say that I am now uber-excited to try some of these new looks - I think women with a true cool undertone need to celebrate it, not try to 'warm' up their hair, but be unique and try something uniquely theirs.  Here are some options if you're a cool toned gal:

Well, I started off mentioning 'ash' toned hair and I decided to include it since it is a great option and perhaps one of the most natural looking option for a true cool toned women.  If you are a lighter cool toned woman, ash blonde shades mixed with champagne/neutral beige toned highlights would be stunning.  For women with naturally darker hair, anything from medium to darkest ash brown would look amazing! 

If you are a brunette and want to add life to your hair, there are options, ash is not the only hair-colour you need to be limited too.  There are a variety of plum, burgundy, blue, purple tones that you can add to a darker brown base which adds coolness and that unique look that I mentioned is actually natural looking only on a cool skined woman.  If you're of a darker complexion, I particularily think a burgundy brown is such a sexy option!

Who ever said that red is only for the warm toned woman?  There are actually some amazing options for a cool toned woman when it comes to red - Rich burgundy, cool toned true reds mixed with a more purple/blue base, even plummy-pink reds.  These reds are uber unique and not for the faint of heart, but if you're looking for something striking and you're not afraid of colour, give some of their 'cool red' options a try!!!  If you are a true cool toned woman, these shades will bring you to life - they won't look overpowering on you, they will make you look unique and vibrant!!!

I love this look - Its so unique and original and not everyone can pull it off, but I think its soooo 'cool' (no pun intended - ha ha).  Here you see a really dark ash brown base, even black with the palest ash/leaning on silver highlights mixed with blue tones,  I think if your natural grey is starting to come in and you're not afraid of doing something funky, this is a look you can try - or simply go with the darkest ash/black with a slight blue tinge - I think this is uber funky and there is no way a warm toned women could rock this cool, so if you are cool toned, celebrate it and don't be afraid to try something a little 'cool' (okay - the pun was intended here - lol)!!!

Here is another example of how the blue-black haircolour is stunning.  If you're naturally a very dark brunette or if you have natural black hair - try going a blue-black.  Its so original and you can pull it off without looking clownish - I paricularily like this photo because the model has a light blonde ash highlight sweeping across the front, which is really 'cool' (sorry, I can't help it with the these puns).  Also, if you pay attention to the makeup in this photo - the cool toned pink lip and blush shade, you will see how well it looks with the hair colour.  Again, if I had naturally black toned hair, I'd be running to get it dyed a blue-black - I think its such an amazing look!!!

As you can see, ash is not the only option for a cool toned woman - it may be a more natural option (and thats totally fine, there is nothing wrong with having a natural look, especially if its a look that works with your personality and lifestyle).  However, if you're looking for some options and are tired of being limited to ash toned shades or you feel these shades just don't bring you to life - why not try a cool-toned red or adding some plummy-purple highlights or even adding a bluish tinge?  Have fun with your hair-colour and CELEBRATE your unique skin-tone - don't be pulled into whats 'in' at the moment - be your own person, create your own look that is unique to you and be confident working that look - people will start to notice and respect you and who knows - you may become a trend setter instead of the one following the trends - now that's COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Up the Amp

Recently I posted a picture of myself with a more purplished tinged lipcolour in  'Pop of Purple' - I decided to play around with that lipcolour a little bit more.  I actually really love 'Up The Amp' by MAC - its such a great and unique colour:

I decided to take 'Up The Amp' to another level - instead of pairing it with a natural or more purple based lipliner like I did in 'Pop of Purple' - I decided to bring the glam out, so I paired Up the Amp with Cherry lipliner and I love the colour:

It still has that purplish undertone, but the Cherry liner deepens it and doesn't make it look clownish - I also changed my eye makeup so its not all crazy purple, but more of a blue-grey smokey eye (for a similar look, follow the makeup in my last post about how to create a blue-grey smokey eye with nude lips) - that way you can have two looks within one day - a smokey eye with nude lips and then for the evening add a pop of colour blush like Mak Up For Ever #89 with Cherry lipliner and Up The Amp!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Smokey Blue/Grey Eyes with Nude Lips

Ever since I blogged about Claudia Linx and her stunning smokey eye/nude lip look, I've been experimenting with some new colours.  I'm particularily starting to like Honeylove and Pervette lipsticks by MAC, particularily when they are blended with a nude/natural type of lipliner.  Since pervette and honeylove both have a pink undertone and subculture (the lipliner I used) also has a pinky-nude undertone, I decided to do a smokey blue-grey eye instead of a neutral-black eye.  However, I do plan on playing around with a silver/black smokey eye in the future, so stay tuned for that.  Anyhow, here is the look I came up with and the makeup shades I used:

For my smokey-blue/grey eye look I used Navajo as a base (Bobbi Brown), Contrast eyeshadow (lid to crease - MAC). I lined my eyes with Phone Number (MAC) and smudged Cabaret shadow into the upper lashline (Marcelle). I used Angelika blush by NARS and lined my lips with Subculture (MAC), then applied Honeylove lipstick (MAC)!

I love this look, as it works with almost anything - the smokey eyes is subtle enough so you can wear this look to the office, or use a heavier hand when applying contrast or switch your liner to 'smolder' by MAC for a more dramatic evening look.  In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a smokey eye, as long as you do it properly and make it work for you!!!

Claudia Lynx

Claudia Lynx is a persian model and actress.  She is absolutely stunning with the most mesmorizing eyes I've ever seen.  One of the things that makes her really unique is the combination of her dark, almost black-like hair and her crazy-beautiful eyes.  I'd describe them as a light hazel, more of a bluish-grey.  I couldn't resist doing a little tribute to her on my blog, since she is both beautiful and elegant:

This is my favourite photo of Claudia - Her make-up is natural, yet so sexy in this picture.  I don't think its very difficult for her to look sexy, with or without makeup!  One of her distinct features are those big, almond, Persian eyes.  I like how she's lined them with a black liner and then kept her lips natural and nude.  This look really works for her!!!

Here is another more natural picture of Claudia - again, the first thing you notice when you look at her are those gorgeous eyes and full lips.  I would love to know what makeup she's wearing in this photo, particularily her lipstick. Its hard to find a good nude/natural colour and I think Claudia's found the perfect shade for her!  Its not too peachy and its not too pinky - its perfectly balanced!

Here is a picture of Claudia with much more dramatic makeup.  She's taken the smokey eyes up a notch and I really like this look because its smokey, but not 'overdone'.  I've heard so many people complain to me that they don't want to try a smokey eye because they feel they will look like someone punched them out - the only way that is going to happen is if you choose the wrong shades (i.e. the colour is too grey/purple and creates that 'bruised' look) or if the look isn't balanced (i.e. too dark and doesn't match the rest of the makeup).  Here Claudia has the perfect smokey eye - the colours work well for her and its balanced with her cheek and lip colour.  If you want to do a smokey eye at home - use this look as a guide!

I thought this photo was really cool - It was used for a magazine where they were talking about 'Geminis' - I really like Claudia's hair cut and style in this photo - she looks very fresh and modern without looking like she's trying too hard.  I particularly like the colour of her hair - its such a beautiful dark brown shade and works with her skin-tone so well!

This look is very interesting on Claudia - I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the orange, but somehow she is so beautiful that she even makes this work well for her!  Using colour theory, orange is meant to bring out the blue is your eyes (since its opposite on the colour wheel) and I have to agree, her eyes do look very blue in this picture.  I also really love the exotic feel of her head-peice.  She is such a stunning Persian woman - almost goddess like!!!

I hope you liked my little tribute to Claudia Lynx.  I really love her look of the more natural smokey eye with a nude lip - I'll have to play around with this for a bit and try to re-create it on myself.  I really like looking for photos of makeup and particularily in magazines where a celebrity or model is wearing a look I really like and the trying to re-create it to fit me - playing around with different looks is what having fun with makeup is all about.  Thanks Claudia for the inspiration!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Soft yet Cool Look!

I recently had a light-bulb moment (you've got to love those - actually, this particular one made me feel a little stupid - lol).  Those of you who've followed my blog for a while know I've toyed around with the Soft Summer colours, liking the 'soft' aspect of the makeup, but feeling the colours were too muted and dirty looking - I now know I need that extra added coolness and clarity.  However, it took me a while to get around the "but I like the soft colours" idea - I don't know why I've been deluding myself for so long - why did I think I couldn't create a 'soft' look with my cool winter colours???  That was the 'I feel stupid' part of the light-bulb moment!!!

So I read my Cool Winter colour list and then went to my makeup bag and decided to get to work - here is my Cool Winter 'Soft' makeup look - I hope you like it:

One thing about this look is that the colours are very different than the Soft Summer shades - the colours I used are not muted, dusky or soft in nature - only the application of the makeup is soft!!!  I have always seen smokey eyes as a soft makeup look - its only when dramatic shades are used, that the look becomes 'dramatic', but to me a nice smokey eye is softer than a harsh eyeliner look or a liquid line on the eye.  I used Navajo as a base (Bobbi Brown) and then used a 'fluffy' eyeshadow brush to apply Cabaret eyeshadow by Marcelle from the lid into the crease.  I used Blooz eyeliner by MAC and smudged contrast (a sapphire royal navy colour with a hint of purple) into the upper lash line to soften the effect of the eyeliner.  I used Gentle blush (a raspberry shade) and applied Make Up For Ever #89 blush as a pop of colour (this colour in an INTENSE violet-fuchsia blush - there is nothing muted or dusky about it).  I then had to really think about what I would do for my lips - I didn't want to make the mistake of using a soft summer shade - i wanted to make it 'distinctly' cool winter, so here is what I came up with - I used a neutral lipliner (the same colour of my lips, again, not a dusky, muted shade) - I then used Make Up For Ever blush #89, applied it to my finger and blended it into the liner to create a soft, yet lighter fuchsia shade - I then very lightly added a touch of Mitzi lipstick by NARS (a light pink shade) - just enough so that my lips wouldn't be dry from the blush - the end result is a distinctly cool, yet soft coloured lip look.  I highly recommend playing around with blush and eyeshadow shades on your lips, especially if you can't find the colour you want in a lipstick.  Cool Winter includes Icy Violet and Icy Pink in the palette, so why not use these shades on your lips and play around with different liners to create a custom look for you.  I'm tired of putting myself in a box - i'm an artist - and I'm going to rock the Cool Winter palette and create combos that are right for me!!!  I hope you enjoyed this post - its a little more 'wordy' than the others, but I really wanted to express my passion about colour and particularily working with a specific palette - its not about limiting yourself, its about creating variations within your palette!!! Hurray Cool Winter!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pop of Purple

Today was one of those days that I decided to have fun and experiement with a few lipstick and lipliner combinations.  I wanted to find a funky purple lip-shade.  I have to say that this look is not my fave on me, but I like the fact that its a little different.  I think the royal blue top I'm wearing is a little distracting, perhaps a black or plain white T-shirt would have been better, but hey, the whole point is having fun with makeup and experiementing with new and interesting combinations and colours.  Anyhow, here is my 'pop of purple' look:

For my eyes, I started with Navajo as a base (Bobbi Brown) and used Copperplate (MAC) from my lid into the crease.  I lined my eyes with Blooz eyeliner (MAC) and smudged copperplate into the upper lashline and finished with a coat of black mascara.  On my cheeks I used Tawny Blush (Bobbi Brown) and then added Make Up For Ever #89 blush as a pop of colour.  For my lips, I used Currant lipliner with Up the Amp Lipstick (both by MAC).

I'm really starting to like and play around with Up The Amp - its a very unique colour depending on how you choose to wear it and what liner you wear it with.  You can make it look more fuchsia, more purple, more lavender-pink, more soft mauve - all depending on how you mix and match it - Its a really fun colour and perfect to experiment with over the summer.  I haven't tried it yet, but I plan on mixing Up the Amp with Mahogany liner - I think its going to create a beautiful Raisin type shade for fall - I can't wait to play around with that!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Purple and Fuchsia and Pink - Oh My!!!

My most recent makeup purchases have been in the purple and fuchsia colour family.  Sephora is amazing at being able to exchange products and I was able to bring back some of my recent purchases that weren't working for me in favour of some cooler, more funky shades.  I decided to play around with another cool winter look, this time using the purple shades on my eyes vs the grey's.  I used Daphne eyeshadow by NARS and Kat Von D's eyeliner in 'Homie' (which has a built in smudger and pencil sharpener - how cool is that?). 

I used my usual aspen summit as a base, Daphne on the lid into the crease and then used Bobbi Brown's lavender shadow on the lid.  I lined my eyes with Homie and then used Daphne to smudge into the upper lash line.  I used Make Up For Ever's blush in #89 and went for an uber bright and cool lip - Magenta lipliner (MAC) with Schiap lipstick by NARS. 

I think this is such a great look!!!  I've been thinking about what to do with my haircolour for the fall - the sun has made it slightly brassy and I can't wait to add some depth and colour.  I miss my dark hair and I'm actually thinking of adding a purple-blue undertone to a really dark brunette base!!!  Any other hair colour suggestions that you'd like to see me in???  I'd love to hear your feedback!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fuchsia Frenzy

Fuchsia has become my new best friend.  I am absolutely in love with this colour and any variation of it - soft fuchsia, deep orchid, violet-fuchsia etc etc.  My more recent 'loves' are Schiap lipstick by NARS and Up the Amp lipstick by MAC.  I'm also having an affair with Magenta lipliner by MAC, which pairs perfectly with both Schiap and Up the Amp.  I first decided I wanted Schiap when I saw Kim Kardashian wearing it in this photo:

Schiap is a true, bright hot pink-fuchsia shade - its not for the faint of heart, but so amazing on cool toned gals:

I decided to create my own look with schiap, but instead of going dramatic on the eyes like Kim, I opted to try a more neutral grey-toned eye:

I started with a basic, more neutral like grey eye. I used aspen summit as a base and celestial (Laura mericer) on my lid into my crease. I lined my eyes with Industry eyeliner (MAC) and smudged Cabaret (Marcelle) into the upper lash line. I used Angelika blush by NARS and lined my lips with Beet (MAC) before filling them in with Schiap by NARS!

I also wanted to create a very colourful and playful look using fuchsia as my inspiration.  This time I decided to try 'Up The Amp' a more violet based fuchsia:

This is a very 'fuchsia/violet' inspired look: On the eyes, I started with aspen summit as a base (sephora) and used celestial (laura mercier) on the lid into the crease. I then used Daphne by NARS - a bright violet purple in the crease/outer corners of the eyes. I lined my eyes with Smolder (MAC) and smudged Daphne into the upper lash line. On my cheeks, I used Make Up For Ever's Blush is #89. I then lined my lips with Magenta lipliner and applied 'Up the Amp' Lipstick by MAC. I love this look!!!

I think Fuchsia is 'Fabulous'!!!  Its such a fun, bright colour and its perfect for this 'heat-wave' weather!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Classic 1940's/50's Pinup Girl Look

Lately I've been so inspired by the 1940's and 50's - everything from the music to the fashion to that classic pinup girl look!  Dita Von Teese is famous for bringing this look back - she has that classic pin up look with her raven black hair and signature red lipstick!

I decided that I wanted to play around with this look and create my own version of the pinup girl look.  I'm not a huge liquid liner girl, so I decided to do more of a smokey eye, but I couldn't resist playing around with red lipstick - its the most feminine, sexy colour out there - I love it!!!  Here is my pin up girl look:

I created this retro 1040s/50's classic pinup girl makeup look for my friends wedding.  The inspiration came when I picked my dress, which was an off-white with a black print, but the style of the dress was very 1950's inspired classic - I started with my basic face - concealer and tinted moisturizer.  I used Angelika blush by NARS and on the lips I used Cherry lipliner (MAC) with Moulin Rouge lipstick by Makeup for Ever.  For my eyes, I used aspen summit as a base and used a taupe shadow called concrete from the lid into the crease.  I then used aspen summit again on the lip.  I used phone number eyeliner by MAC and smudged contrast eyeshadow into the upper lash line.  I finished the look with black mascara!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cool Winter Makeup - Evening Look

I've been inspired by my recent Cool Winter 'come-back' and wanted to create a slightly smokier and edgier look that can be worn for evening or a night out on the town.  I have a few ideas for a glam look, but I'm going to save that for another post - this is more of a classic evening look that works for a nice dinner out!  I found a more evening inspired sparkle infused grey top that I wore in the photo because I wanted to show how well the cool/true winter colours look next to something for neutral for evening vs wearing one of the brighter winter shades.  I think Winters are super lucky because we can wear the classic white, black, grey and navy shades without fail - they are stunning choices for both day and night!

Cool Winter - Evening Look:

This look is a little more dramatic than the previous Cool Winter look I created. I did a basic grey smokey eye using Aspen Summit as a base, Cabaret on the lid into the crease an a silver metallic shadow on the lid. I then used Smolder eyeliner (MAC) and blended Cabaret into the upper lashline! I used Breath of Plum and Gentle BLushes and then deepened the lip - using Beet lipliner (MAC) and Champagne Lipstick (Lancome)!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cool Winter

I recently had a virtual colour analysis done by Lora Alexander and the result was Cool Winter.  Lora has a fantastic book out called 'Color Revival' - I think you can order it on amazon.  However, my absolute favourite thing is her blog Check it out - I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed!!! - The Cool winter analysis result makes sense to me because I started of my journey being torn between Winter and Autumn and then somehow got convinced that I may be a Soft Summer (I think its easy to think you're a Soft since the colours are so neutral and natural that in reality, they look good on everyone - but after a while, I just wasn't convinced that I was a soft because I started missing the more vivid shades that I used to LOVE and that made me come alive when I wore them - such as red, royal blue, fuschia etc- With the soft palette, I started feeling too 'neutral' - almost lifeless in all the soft, muted colours.  My skintone is too intense to be a soft).  Without a proper analysis you can convince yourself of 'anything' -I feel   I've learned that its not what colours you like or are drawn to, its what colours make your skin tone come alive.  I feel really at home with the Cooler, clearer shades:

Cool Winter Makeup:

I started with N4 concealer by Loreal and a tinted moisturizer

I used Breath of plum blush with Gentle blush on the centre of my cheeks (MAC)

Shrinagar Lipstick - a cool raspberry shade (NARS)

On my Eyes, I started with Aspen Summit (Sephora) as a base and applied Cabaret eyeshadow (Marcelle) on the lid into the crease. I then used Aspen Summit again on the lid. I lined my eyes with Phone Number (MAC) and used Cabaret on an angled brush to blend into the upper lashline.

I still like some of the warmer shades - especially the coral and peach shades - I refuse to 'part' with them, but at the same time, I'm looking forward to getting to know my cool winter palette a little better.  Its always fun to play around and not see colour analysis as the end all, be all, its more of an awareness of what your best shades and look are and playing these up for special events or times when you really want to make a good first impression!!!

Deep Winter Shades

I would really love your feedback on this look for me.  I know that this look is not necessarily a summer look, but I was recently playing around with some of the deeper, more winter like shades.  I've always loved red lipstick and a defined smokey eye - I'd love to hear what you think about this look - are the colours good for me?  are they too deep and harsh? 

Deep Winter Makeup:

N4 concealer - Loreal True Match

MAC's Refined GOlden Bronzer

MAC's Breath of Plum Blush

Eyes: Sephora's Aspen Summit #23 as base

Lid to crease (I mixed MAC's Plumage eyeshadow with aspen summit)

Liner: MAC's Smolder eyeliner with Plumage smudged into the upper lash line

Black Mascara

MAC's Currant Lipliner

'Moulin Rouge' Lipstick by Makeup for Ever

Bronze Glow

I really like the bronzed-makeup look for summer.  It looks amazing with a tan and tend to bring out such a warm, healthy glow to the face.  I was experimenting with some warm, soft colours (perfect for Soft Autumn) and this is what I came up with:

I started with my basic face- concealer, tinted moisturizer and then used Refined's Golden Bronzer.  On my eyes I used an Olive green eyeshadow (that came in a gift I got from Lancome) and Coffee eyeliner by MAC.  I then used a Terracotta blush (by FACES) and Gina blush by NARS as a pop of colour mixed in right at the centre of the cheeks.  I filled in my lips with Bronzelle lipliner by Lancome and then applied Revlon's Peach Me.

I think this look is so pretty and warm.  Its a perfect everyday look and the colours are so pretty, yet natural.  If you want to bring out that tan or if you just like bronze shades in general, play around with these shades.  Sharizade is an amazing olive-toned eyeshadow by Laura Mercier.  MAC also makes great warm metallic shades, try: Bronze, Tarnish, Woodwinked, Sumptuous Olive, Amber Lights - these shades along with Coffee or Teddy liner will look amazing!!!  Now that the warmer weather is here, why not play around with some of the warmer, bronze-gold shades!

Friday, July 8, 2011

EGO Salon in Brampton, Ontario

I've needed a good haircut and style for a while, but I was looking to go to a place that was fun, a little on the cutting edge and funky.  I wanted a look that was still classy and sophisticated, but also young and fresh.  One of my friends recommended a salon in downtown Brampton called 'EGO Salon', where every stylist there has award winning qualifications, have worked on photo shoots, television, fashion shows etc.  I was tired of going to salons in the mall - I wanted a new experience.  As soon as I walked into EGO salon, I fell in love with it - basically, its in an old Victorian style house thats been remodeled into a salon - I LOVE the 'feel' of the salon - loud, funky music playing, all the styists dressed very cutting edge/modern, every client that I saw leave had a 'huge' smile on their face (AND every client I saw looked absolutely fabulous, beautiful and amazing - like they were leaving a photo shoot) -I knew instantly, this is the place for me.  The most important thing for me, was just how welcoming everyone was - there were a lot of smiles, hello's, "can I get you anything while you wait?" - you could really feel the positive energy in the room and that all the stylists were passionate and energetic about their work!

I had my hair cut and styled by one of the owners - Steve O - Here is a little write up about him from the salon's website (
"When it comes to receiving the full ego salon experience nothing tops it more than an appointment with Steve O. As one of the owners, Steve defines what ego salon is about: fun, outgoing, loud, approachable, never shy to make drastic transformations. Steve's roots run deep in the hair industry from hair shows to competitive photo shoots, videos and TV. If you had to summarize what his clients love best they would say, He is a perfectionist, consistent and gives his undivided attention. Steve doesn`t loose clients, he gains them."

This is me getting ready for Steve to work his magic

Steve put 110% into his work, making sure that the cut and style were perfect to fit my needs - he cut it wet (it already looked amazing) and then spent time completing the look by continuing to texture and shape my hair when it was dry - you could tell this guy knew his craft and was amazing at it!!!

I left the salon with a huge smile on my face - I loved Steve's work and I'm definitely going back to see him!!!  I wish I had taken more pictures inside of the actual Salon - I loved the look and fun atmosphere of the Salon - that combined with Steve's work, I felt like a celebrity!!!

If you live around the Greater Toronto Area or have the oppotunity to visit this area, I highly recommend making the trip to Brampton, Ontario and visiting EGO Salon - Check out the website ( and read up on the various stylists/colourists - Trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed!!!  You can also check out the following video from YouTube about the salon, you'll get a better sense of that amazing atmophere I was taking about:

Monday, July 4, 2011

Coral Me Crazy

Call me crazy, but I'm really starting to fall back in love with Coral shades.  I know I've blogged a lot lately about the Soft Summer shades, but I keep coming back to coral!!!  I figure, with the warmer weather and with my re-newed outlook on being good to myself - now is the time to be bold and beautiful!!!  Here is a look I created that I consider bright and cheery, but not over-the top loud coral.  I'm finding that you need to find the right coral for you.  MAC makes 2 fantastic shades - Vegas Volt and Lady Danger - these are your bold, amazingly vivid corals - I love them, but I still want to stay true to my 'soft' shades.  An in-between shade is 'Kiss Me Coral' by Revlon - for the look I created in this post, I used this shade, but blotted it on and dabbed it with my finger to get a sheerer version of the colour.  Right now I'm loving Niagara by NARS and MAC's See Sheer - In my opinion, there are the two most wearable coral shades for everyday - you can also play around with various liners to get the perfect coral shade for you - its all about HAVING FUN, so find your coral and have a BLAST!!!

For the eyes I used Navajo shadow as a base and Heather Mauve on the lid into the crease (Bobbi Brown shades). I then lined my eyes with Blooz eyeliner (MAC - I think this is becoming my favourite eyeliner shade for summer) and blended 'Mahogany' shadow by BB into the upper lash line (I 'always' like to give my liner that smokey effect on the upper lashline, harsh or precise lines don't look the best on me, for some reason they make my eyes look very small, while blending and giving a smokey effect, makes them POP). My blush - Amour by NARS (I'm addicted to this colour for summer) and Kiss me Coral by Revlon on my lips!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Peachy-Pink for Summer

Summer Makeup - I like to 'take it down' a notch in summer, not going as deep on the lips, but I love a nice defined 'eye' - for this look, I started with a basic concealer and light transluscent powder over the face (or use a bronzer - MAC makes a great one called 'Refined Golden'). For the eyes, I used Navajo as a base and Cement on the lid and into the crease (both Bobbi Brown shades) - I then used Blooz eyeliner by MAC and lined the upper and lower lashline. I blended Mahogany (by BB) into the upper lash-line and used it on my brows. I'm wearing 'Amour' blush by NARS (Currently my Favourite blush - I'm in love with 'amour') and on my lips I used my finger to dab on 'Peach Me' lipstick by Revlon (I used my finger because I'm still fighting this stupid cold sore and I didn't want to spread it further - its important to use proper hygiene when applying makeup and be very careful when testing products at the makeup counter, ALWAYS make sure the sales associates properly clean and disinfect any makeup before you try it on!!!)

Light Bulb Moment and Turning Point

In my last post I was overly excited about what I thought would be a new and upcoming relationship - I got all the 'sweet' talk, the romancing, the elegant restaurants etc, but after a few dates, the phone conversations turned into 'texts' and now - nothing!  Why am I sharing this on my beauty blog?  Because I think our inner beauty and how we feel about our inner beauty determines what we give off to the world AND perhaps in writting this, I can inspire and even help one of my readers!  Louise Hay is an amazing author and woman.  One of her books is called 'You Can Heal your Life':

In her book Louise outlines that at the root of all of our issues is a deep inner pain associated with our self-worth!  How many women look to relationships for men to come and rescue them from their own sense of worthlessness and how many men play on words and phrases that make us melt into their arms (or into their bedrooms) - "This is love at first sight for me", "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen", "I've never felt this way before about anyone", "I can't imagine ever dating anyone else" - Yep, we get fed these lines and no matter how confident or strong we think we are, those phrases just jump through our rational mind into our insecurities about ourselves and we FALL for it!!!  Then after these 'players' (because in reality they play with our emotions and hearts) have noticed that we bought into their 'suave words and moves' and we start expecting and wanting more and telling them 'I miss you babe' - they back off, leave, begin to withdraw - why?  Because that confidence and beauty that we had within turned into a need to get rescued by these guys - we want sooooo badly for a man to tell us these things and we get so giddy and excited when they do, that we forget that we should be the ones to give 'ourselves' these messages!
Another book I'm currently reading is 'The Greatest Secret of All' by Marc Allen

In his book Marc mentions that with his personal struggle and story, he always looked to "someone else with more experience, more knowledge, to come along and rescue me and show me what to do".  He realized "I had to be that person".  This was a huge light bulb moment for me because I have always been attracted to succesful and ambitious men - business men, men who are at the top of their industry etc - I had to step back and ask myself WHY?  Why do I keep going after these type of men - why am I waiting for their success to be My success???  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I need to be my own success story - I took out a peice of paper and wrote down my ambitions and the success that I want for myself and I decided I will NEVER again follow in the footsteps of a man's success - I'm going to create my own!!!

After finishing this book, I'm going to start reading a book that my friend recommened called 'Why Men Love Bitches' - Don't let the title scare you or make you think that you need to become some crazy 'bitch' to get a guys attention - think of the word 'bitch' as a woman who is confident and knows what she wants - and knows this to the point that she doesn't even need a man to bring her happiness - she creates her own!!!  One thing that I realized is that women are taught that they NEED a man to make them happy - that they need romance, love, sex etc etc and while all these things are great in the 'moment' they fizzle out - they still leave you feeling empty while you're alone 'WAITING" for him to call - give yourself the romance you crave - take yourself out to a great restaurant, please yourself - because God knows, not every man knows how to please a woman sexually in fact, very few do - so why not give yourself what you desire?  I don't understand why women are afraid to give themselves what they need?

Finally - WHY am I writting this on my beauty blog???  Well, how you feel about yourself is how others will perceive you - Yes, in waiting for this last guy to call, I fell into a little desperation because I wanted this to work soooo badly - I wanted a successful, good looking man who would inspire me to be my best self - until I realized after he made himself conviently busy and distant, that I don't need him to rescue me - I don't need him to make me happy or inspire me to be my best self - I need to inspire myself because a "Confident" woman is a 'Beautiful" Woman - a woman who knows her true value and worth is a true Gem!!!  I vow to never seek a man to come and rescue me again - there is no such thing as a prince on a white horse!  Instead, there is something better - a beautiful, amazing princess who decides to think for herself and create her own destiny and happiness.  I think also, never hate the men who have been in your life, for they serve as 'teachers' to show you the way to yourself - in fact, every person you meet serves to teach you something about yourself if you take the time to listen, so listen!  Learn from every romantic experience something new that will guide you towards becoming that strong, confident woman you are meant to be!!!