Thursday, July 14, 2011

Deep Winter Shades

I would really love your feedback on this look for me.  I know that this look is not necessarily a summer look, but I was recently playing around with some of the deeper, more winter like shades.  I've always loved red lipstick and a defined smokey eye - I'd love to hear what you think about this look - are the colours good for me?  are they too deep and harsh? 

Deep Winter Makeup:

N4 concealer - Loreal True Match

MAC's Refined GOlden Bronzer

MAC's Breath of Plum Blush

Eyes: Sephora's Aspen Summit #23 as base

Lid to crease (I mixed MAC's Plumage eyeshadow with aspen summit)

Liner: MAC's Smolder eyeliner with Plumage smudged into the upper lash line

Black Mascara

MAC's Currant Lipliner

'Moulin Rouge' Lipstick by Makeup for Ever

1 comment:

Sneza said...

I really like it on you, but I see it as an evening or really-special-occasion look.