Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fuchsia Frenzy

Fuchsia has become my new best friend.  I am absolutely in love with this colour and any variation of it - soft fuchsia, deep orchid, violet-fuchsia etc etc.  My more recent 'loves' are Schiap lipstick by NARS and Up the Amp lipstick by MAC.  I'm also having an affair with Magenta lipliner by MAC, which pairs perfectly with both Schiap and Up the Amp.  I first decided I wanted Schiap when I saw Kim Kardashian wearing it in this photo:

Schiap is a true, bright hot pink-fuchsia shade - its not for the faint of heart, but so amazing on cool toned gals:

I decided to create my own look with schiap, but instead of going dramatic on the eyes like Kim, I opted to try a more neutral grey-toned eye:

I started with a basic, more neutral like grey eye. I used aspen summit as a base and celestial (Laura mericer) on my lid into my crease. I lined my eyes with Industry eyeliner (MAC) and smudged Cabaret (Marcelle) into the upper lash line. I used Angelika blush by NARS and lined my lips with Beet (MAC) before filling them in with Schiap by NARS!

I also wanted to create a very colourful and playful look using fuchsia as my inspiration.  This time I decided to try 'Up The Amp' a more violet based fuchsia:

This is a very 'fuchsia/violet' inspired look: On the eyes, I started with aspen summit as a base (sephora) and used celestial (laura mercier) on the lid into the crease. I then used Daphne by NARS - a bright violet purple in the crease/outer corners of the eyes. I lined my eyes with Smolder (MAC) and smudged Daphne into the upper lash line. On my cheeks, I used Make Up For Ever's Blush is #89. I then lined my lips with Magenta lipliner and applied 'Up the Amp' Lipstick by MAC. I love this look!!!

I think Fuchsia is 'Fabulous'!!!  Its such a fun, bright colour and its perfect for this 'heat-wave' weather!!!!!!!


Sneza said...

I have yet to see you look bad in any color palette!!

Renata said...

Thanks so much for the compliment Sneza!!! I love colour and makeup, so I that's a good thing! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!