Friday, July 8, 2011

EGO Salon in Brampton, Ontario

I've needed a good haircut and style for a while, but I was looking to go to a place that was fun, a little on the cutting edge and funky.  I wanted a look that was still classy and sophisticated, but also young and fresh.  One of my friends recommended a salon in downtown Brampton called 'EGO Salon', where every stylist there has award winning qualifications, have worked on photo shoots, television, fashion shows etc.  I was tired of going to salons in the mall - I wanted a new experience.  As soon as I walked into EGO salon, I fell in love with it - basically, its in an old Victorian style house thats been remodeled into a salon - I LOVE the 'feel' of the salon - loud, funky music playing, all the styists dressed very cutting edge/modern, every client that I saw leave had a 'huge' smile on their face (AND every client I saw looked absolutely fabulous, beautiful and amazing - like they were leaving a photo shoot) -I knew instantly, this is the place for me.  The most important thing for me, was just how welcoming everyone was - there were a lot of smiles, hello's, "can I get you anything while you wait?" - you could really feel the positive energy in the room and that all the stylists were passionate and energetic about their work!

I had my hair cut and styled by one of the owners - Steve O - Here is a little write up about him from the salon's website (
"When it comes to receiving the full ego salon experience nothing tops it more than an appointment with Steve O. As one of the owners, Steve defines what ego salon is about: fun, outgoing, loud, approachable, never shy to make drastic transformations. Steve's roots run deep in the hair industry from hair shows to competitive photo shoots, videos and TV. If you had to summarize what his clients love best they would say, He is a perfectionist, consistent and gives his undivided attention. Steve doesn`t loose clients, he gains them."

This is me getting ready for Steve to work his magic

Steve put 110% into his work, making sure that the cut and style were perfect to fit my needs - he cut it wet (it already looked amazing) and then spent time completing the look by continuing to texture and shape my hair when it was dry - you could tell this guy knew his craft and was amazing at it!!!

I left the salon with a huge smile on my face - I loved Steve's work and I'm definitely going back to see him!!!  I wish I had taken more pictures inside of the actual Salon - I loved the look and fun atmosphere of the Salon - that combined with Steve's work, I felt like a celebrity!!!

If you live around the Greater Toronto Area or have the oppotunity to visit this area, I highly recommend making the trip to Brampton, Ontario and visiting EGO Salon - Check out the website ( and read up on the various stylists/colourists - Trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed!!!  You can also check out the following video from YouTube about the salon, you'll get a better sense of that amazing atmophere I was taking about:

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