Friday, July 15, 2011

Cool Winter Makeup - Evening Look

I've been inspired by my recent Cool Winter 'come-back' and wanted to create a slightly smokier and edgier look that can be worn for evening or a night out on the town.  I have a few ideas for a glam look, but I'm going to save that for another post - this is more of a classic evening look that works for a nice dinner out!  I found a more evening inspired sparkle infused grey top that I wore in the photo because I wanted to show how well the cool/true winter colours look next to something for neutral for evening vs wearing one of the brighter winter shades.  I think Winters are super lucky because we can wear the classic white, black, grey and navy shades without fail - they are stunning choices for both day and night!

Cool Winter - Evening Look:

This look is a little more dramatic than the previous Cool Winter look I created. I did a basic grey smokey eye using Aspen Summit as a base, Cabaret on the lid into the crease an a silver metallic shadow on the lid. I then used Smolder eyeliner (MAC) and blended Cabaret into the upper lashline! I used Breath of Plum and Gentle BLushes and then deepened the lip - using Beet lipliner (MAC) and Champagne Lipstick (Lancome)!!!


Gina said...

I love this look! You wore many seasons well, but I do think this suits you best. Hadn't you started this journey thinking you were a Winter? Perhaps the colours of a Cool Winter are somewhat different than a "regular" Winter.

I had an analysis done nearly 10 years ago. I'd be curious to see if anything has shifted now that I'm graying.

Renata said...

Hey Gina - Thanks so much! I actually started out thinking I was a deep winter or autumn, but then had a virtual analysis that specified me as a 'cool winter' - I actually really liked these colours, but was then told by someone (based on a photo) that they thought I was a soft summer. I decided to play around with this and other palettes, until I recently had another virtual analysis done that confirmed me as a 'cool winter' - I'm known for being a person who craves change and gets restless, but I'm really going to try and work with the cool winter palette this time. I feel at home with these colours. But I will cheat into my corals and peaches at times (i love these shades and refuse to give them up). As for your question - I actually was reading about that today and often if you're a winter and then start to grey, you either become or stay a cool winter or can soften into a cool summer!!!