Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cool meets Warm

I wanted to combine two of my favourite palettes and colours.  I recently came across an eyeliner that a friend of mine got for me from Europe.   It's from a company called Astor (from Germany) and the shade is called 'Effect Grey'.  I have to admit that at first I was hesitant to try it because I was afraid it would be 'too cool' and go against my warm autumn palette.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well this shade is working for me.  My eye colour is not typical for a warm season.  In fact, most people that see 'just' my eye colour, would think that I'm a Soft Summer season or a deep soft summer.  However, I don't suit the soft summer pinks and neutral foundation/blush shades.  I decided, why not use the grey liner and combine it with other warm autumn shades:

The peach part of this look is the blush and lipstick.  I know that in this photo my lips look 'pink', but I have a very pigmented natural lip colour and the pearl-esque effect of this lipstick morphs to match the overtone of my lip shade.  I used Estee Lauder Tiramisu lipstick, which for me is my absolute favourite everyday 'neutral/nude'.  My blush is Estee Lauder Hot Sienna (most definitely a warm toned blush) and my hair colour is a golden brown with copper-cinnamon shades.  One of the reasons that I'm not a cool is that I look horrible with ash tones in my hair.  I need a brunette base with added warmth.  I have to admit that there is something about the metallic grey that works really well against my eye colour.  Perhaps it beings out the cooler grey tones in my eyes.  I do really love this look and since it's such a mix of cool and warm, I'm not going to try to define it, but simply enjoy the look and how versatile it is :)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Estee Lauder Tiramisu Lipstick

I recently picked up and fell and love with this lipstick.  It was recommended to me by a friend who uses this shade as her everyday natural look.  She always looks so put together and professional.  I've always admired her chic look, so when she told me she wears this colour, I 'RAN' to go pick it up :)  While at the Estee Lauder counter, I noticed that EL was giving away a gift with a purchase of two products.  I quickly picked up the Hot Sienna blush, which complements this lipstick so well.  I was happy to notice that both shades compliment my warm autumn palette as well.  The Tiramisu lipstick is a softer warm autumn shade so I can see why it's so perfect for that everyday polished look:

I began this look with my revlon warm golden concealer and foundation.  I then applied the Estee Lauder Hot Sienna blush.  For the eyes, I used the EL shadows in the gift set I got - the shades were a warm grey-brown.  I then applied MAC coffee eyeliner and smudged with the same EL shadow I used on the lid before finishing with black mascara.  My lipstick - Estee Lauder Tiramisu :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chanel Antoinette Lipstick

I am fascinated by the look of a rust toned lipstick.  I think it's a very elegant shade.  It's not quite copper, but has that warm penny undertone in combination with brown and red.  One of my favourite shades, MAC Retro is the perfect matte version of a rust lipstick shade (check out the past two posts),  However, Chanel makes the most beautiful shades of lipstick and their version of rust, is the lip colour 'Antoinette'.  I have blogged about this shade before, but now that this rust shade has become somewhat of a signature for me, I felt I wanted to really promote this colour:

I think that Antoinette is so pretty on its own, that I wanted the rest of my makeup to be minimal and simple.  I didn't use any eyeshadow, but instead smudged Laura Mercier 'brown copper' eyeliner into the upper lash line and used this same shade for my lower lash line as well before finishing with black mascara.  I wanted my blush to also be warm and rust-like, so I went with NARS Liberte - my current favourite go-to shade.  I then swiped on Antoinette lipstick by Chanel.

I know that I'm the type of person who will always experiment with various makeup colours, but I truly love this look for myself as my everyday signature.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

MAC Retro 'Re-take'

In my last post, I created a natural, yet polished look using MAC Retro and other medium peach toned colours.  Today, I was sporting the same look.  However, I was over at a friends place and noticed that her lighting was much different (with a lot of natural sunlight).  I realized after I took at photo at her place that I actually looked the most 'authentic' - meaning that my natural skin tone and colouring was very realistic in the photo.  It really made me realize that often photos can be deceiving because of the lighting.  Today's post is simply a picture re-take of my last blog post:

For this look, I used Revlon's warm golden concealer/foundation.  I then applied NARS Liberte blush.  For the eyes, I simply used MAC Arena eyeshadow from lid to crease, Annabelle black eyeliner and used Arbonne 'Hazelnut' eyeshadow to smudge the upper lash line.  I finished off the natural eye look with Arbonne Black mascara.  For the lips, my current favourite Retro lipstick by MAC.  I know that many of you have been commenting that my skin tone appears 'cooler'.  I wondering if the lighting in my apartment is partly to blame.  In a more natural sun-lit room (like the one where these photos were taken), my true skin tone is more apparent and realistic.  It will be interesting for me to hear your feedback :)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Return To Retro (MAC)

Retro lipstick by MAC is most definitely my go-to everyday shade these days.  It seems to be a lipstick I gravitate to and no matter what other shades I wear, I often return back to this one.  I have a few 'return to' shades, which means that these are my true 'signature' shades.  I'm often trying to minimize my makeup bag, but I realized that I love makeup and lipsticks too much.  It's a far better thing to recognize which shades are my go-to's or return to's and focus on building my looks around these.  What I really like about Retro, is that it's warm toned, matches my warm autumn swatch and it works for both day and night.  This is my go-to everyday look that I've been creating and wearing recently:

For this look, I started with my basic concealer/foundation in warm beige (revlon).  I used NARS Liberte as a blush shade (which is a burnished apricot colour).  For the eyes, I used MAC arena, then applied Annabelle black eyeliner and smudged in Arbonne's hazelnut eyeshadow.  I then used Arbonne black mascara and applied Retro lipstick by MAC.

In terms of applying this shade to my wardrobe, I swatched Retro to my Warm Autumn palette and discovered that it matches the mahogany shade perfectly: 

Retro is also a deeper version of the rust swatch:

Mahogany and rust are both beautiful warm neutral shades.  I really feel that Retro will complement all of my wardrobe, warm autumn looks.  In fact, I'm excited to have re-discovered Retro as one of my warm autumn signature shades.  This one is definitely a keeper :)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Shine Lipstick - #140 Fairest

I have to admit that when it comes to makeup, I have seriously overlooked Estee Lauder.  I think I get into a makeup comfort zone and its hard for me to step out of it.  I was looking for the perfect nude/natural colour and I think I finally found it.  It's similar to the colour I created in my previous Olivia Palermo post, but the texture is simply 'perfect'.  I'm not usually a gloss, shine girl, but the Estee Lauder Color Envy Shine Lipstick is more like a pearlized, cream lipstick that is soft, yet perfectly textured as an everyday lip colour.  I was sad to discover that the lipstick Blonde Venus by NARS was discontinued.  However,  Estee Lauder's shade 'Fairest' is a very close match.  In fact, it is the BEST 'my lips but better' shade.  It literally is just a perfect shade to match my natural lip colour

I wanted this look to be natural and mimic the look that is classic of Estee Lauder.  I've noticed that the Estee Lauder makeup ads are usually very natural and classic.  I used a basic golden beige concealer and foundation shade.  My blush of choice was NARS Liberte.  It's described as a burnished apricot and just goes so well with this look.  On the eyes, I mixed arena and woodwinked eyeshadows by MAC and applied this to the lid and into the crease.  I then used Laura Mercier Brown Copper eyeliner and smudged the upper lash line with MAC Brun eyeshadow before finishing with black mascara.  For the lips, I used the Estee Lauder 'Fairest' lipstick shade in the Pure Color Envy Shine Collection.  I am truly very, very happy with this look as one of my best 'everyday natural' looks.   

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Olivia Palermo Inspired Makeup

This Valentine's Day I decided to re-create a makeup look inspired by a style icon that I love.  I have always admired and liked Olivia Palermo.  Her style is chic, classy and has that expensive luxe inspiration.  Her makeup is always classy.  In fact, what I like most about her makeup style is that she seems to have found a palette and look that really suits her and she's made it her signature.  I think it takes a lot of confidence to know and work your own signature look to your advantage.  I decided to re-create one of Olivia's classic looks that I see her wearing more often.  It took me a while to figure out how to get the lip colour.  I tried many nudes and liners and most of them either looked too muddy, too pink or too pastel.  However, I managed to really study the colour and think I've found a very close match.  Check it out:

In order to re-create Olivia's look, I started with the base.  I went with golden beige foundation/concealer and used MAC Trace Gold as a blush shade, since it's natural and warm.  I didn't want to go too peach, pink or coral, or it would balance out the rest of the makeup.  Olivia usually does an elegant subtle smokey eye with brown shadows and black liner.  I decided to mix MAC patina and club eyeshadows and applied this on the lid.  I then used the same brush to mix in arena eyeshadow and applied this mixture to my crease.  I used black eyeliner and smudged the upper lash line with the club eyeshadow before finishing with black mascara.  For the lip, I discovered that MAC Chicory lipliner is the perfect base and creates the brownish-rose-peach shade that mimics the lip colour that Olivia usually wears.  However, Chicory on its own is slightly too deep, so I applied NARS Blonde Venus to the lips and blended this shade into the liner.  I'm sure that Olivia uses some type of sheer lipgloss as well, but I like the matte look and I'm not too crazy about glosses.  I know this look isn't 100% like Olivia's, bur inspired by her look and I really like how I made it work for me!  Bring inspired by a style icon and making your look your own is the key to discovering your own sense of elegance and style!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Minimal, Luxe 'Individualized' Style

Yesterday I spent the day at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and then strolled around Yorkville.  If any of you are familiar with Toronto, you'll know that Yorkville is a posh, elegant little nook in Toronto with amazing shops, trattorias, cafes and restaurants.  I have to admit that every time I go to Yorkville, I 'people-watch'.  I really like observing and studying what people are wearing, how they do their hair, makeup etc.  I'm learning that style is really about where our attention is.  It starts with the person, then extends out to each persons individual taste, interests, passions etc etc.  I find that no matter what, I'm always attracted to style when it includes: simplicity, luxurious fabric and elegant, well put together makeup.  I also really like that European-Chic sensibility (Sophie Marceau, Monica Bellucci, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn etc etc).  One lesson that really made itself clear to me yesterday as I was people watching in Yorkville, is this very nonchalant, almost Parisian mystique way that women in Toronto carry themselves.  They have that understated look, but it's so finely tuned to their individuality.  I've been studying a lot of 'looks' lately and although many of them are 'chic', they may not represent me the best.  What really makes a 'look' is the person who owns it.  This really made me think back to when I got my colours done and was analyzed as a warm autumn.  I realize that owning my own individuality within my season, is one of the most powerful things I can use to enhance my own style.  I can admire the other seasons, their looks, their elegance, but it isn't 'mine'.  Part of my 'a-ha' moment came when I realized (sitting at a chic little trattoria) that I didn't look like any other woman in the room and for the first time, I wasn't trying to be like 'them' and have their 'style', I was proud and honoured to be the more 'interesting' look in the room.  I had something different and instead of wanting to 'be' something else, it became clear to me, that my style was about owning my uniqueness.  So today's minimal, luxe look, is all about owning the best of 'me':

I began this look my a concealer/foundation that really is the best match for my skin tone - Revlon golden beige.  I then applied MAC Coppertone (a blush I had put into hiding, but wanted to bring it back to life in my makeup bag).  For the eyes, I wanted to use golden shades, so I started with MAC woodwinked on the lid and 'soft and gentle' highlighter on the brow-bone and inner corners of the eyes.  I used Laura Mercier Copper Brown eyeliner and black mascara.  For the lips, I wanted to create a warm, terracotta-peach neutral shade that is 'perfect' for the warm autumn palette.  I decided to first apply Chanel Antoinette and then use MAC Ravishing over top.  I think this look is very representative of my unique colouring and style.