Sunday, February 21, 2016

MAC Retro 'Re-take'

In my last post, I created a natural, yet polished look using MAC Retro and other medium peach toned colours.  Today, I was sporting the same look.  However, I was over at a friends place and noticed that her lighting was much different (with a lot of natural sunlight).  I realized after I took at photo at her place that I actually looked the most 'authentic' - meaning that my natural skin tone and colouring was very realistic in the photo.  It really made me realize that often photos can be deceiving because of the lighting.  Today's post is simply a picture re-take of my last blog post:

For this look, I used Revlon's warm golden concealer/foundation.  I then applied NARS Liberte blush.  For the eyes, I simply used MAC Arena eyeshadow from lid to crease, Annabelle black eyeliner and used Arbonne 'Hazelnut' eyeshadow to smudge the upper lash line.  I finished off the natural eye look with Arbonne Black mascara.  For the lips, my current favourite Retro lipstick by MAC.  I know that many of you have been commenting that my skin tone appears 'cooler'.  I wondering if the lighting in my apartment is partly to blame.  In a more natural sun-lit room (like the one where these photos were taken), my true skin tone is more apparent and realistic.  It will be interesting for me to hear your feedback :)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it does look more yellow (warm?) based here.