Saturday, February 20, 2016

Return To Retro (MAC)

Retro lipstick by MAC is most definitely my go-to everyday shade these days.  It seems to be a lipstick I gravitate to and no matter what other shades I wear, I often return back to this one.  I have a few 'return to' shades, which means that these are my true 'signature' shades.  I'm often trying to minimize my makeup bag, but I realized that I love makeup and lipsticks too much.  It's a far better thing to recognize which shades are my go-to's or return to's and focus on building my looks around these.  What I really like about Retro, is that it's warm toned, matches my warm autumn swatch and it works for both day and night.  This is my go-to everyday look that I've been creating and wearing recently:

For this look, I started with my basic concealer/foundation in warm beige (revlon).  I used NARS Liberte as a blush shade (which is a burnished apricot colour).  For the eyes, I used MAC arena, then applied Annabelle black eyeliner and smudged in Arbonne's hazelnut eyeshadow.  I then used Arbonne black mascara and applied Retro lipstick by MAC.

In terms of applying this shade to my wardrobe, I swatched Retro to my Warm Autumn palette and discovered that it matches the mahogany shade perfectly: 

Retro is also a deeper version of the rust swatch:

Mahogany and rust are both beautiful warm neutral shades.  I really feel that Retro will complement all of my wardrobe, warm autumn looks.  In fact, I'm excited to have re-discovered Retro as one of my warm autumn signature shades.  This one is definitely a keeper :)

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