Sunday, February 14, 2016

Olivia Palermo Inspired Makeup

This Valentine's Day I decided to re-create a makeup look inspired by a style icon that I love.  I have always admired and liked Olivia Palermo.  Her style is chic, classy and has that expensive luxe inspiration.  Her makeup is always classy.  In fact, what I like most about her makeup style is that she seems to have found a palette and look that really suits her and she's made it her signature.  I think it takes a lot of confidence to know and work your own signature look to your advantage.  I decided to re-create one of Olivia's classic looks that I see her wearing more often.  It took me a while to figure out how to get the lip colour.  I tried many nudes and liners and most of them either looked too muddy, too pink or too pastel.  However, I managed to really study the colour and think I've found a very close match.  Check it out:

In order to re-create Olivia's look, I started with the base.  I went with golden beige foundation/concealer and used MAC Trace Gold as a blush shade, since it's natural and warm.  I didn't want to go too peach, pink or coral, or it would balance out the rest of the makeup.  Olivia usually does an elegant subtle smokey eye with brown shadows and black liner.  I decided to mix MAC patina and club eyeshadows and applied this on the lid.  I then used the same brush to mix in arena eyeshadow and applied this mixture to my crease.  I used black eyeliner and smudged the upper lash line with the club eyeshadow before finishing with black mascara.  For the lip, I discovered that MAC Chicory lipliner is the perfect base and creates the brownish-rose-peach shade that mimics the lip colour that Olivia usually wears.  However, Chicory on its own is slightly too deep, so I applied NARS Blonde Venus to the lips and blended this shade into the liner.  I'm sure that Olivia uses some type of sheer lipgloss as well, but I like the matte look and I'm not too crazy about glosses.  I know this look isn't 100% like Olivia's, bur inspired by her look and I really like how I made it work for me!  Bring inspired by a style icon and making your look your own is the key to discovering your own sense of elegance and style!!!

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