Sunday, November 28, 2010

Angelina Jolie in 'The Tourist'

I was waiting in line with my cousin to buy tickets to see the new Harry Potter movie- he's been wanting to see it since it came out, so I decided to take him to the movies.  As I was standing in the ticket line, I caught of glimpse of the poster 'The Tourist' with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp - I could not help but stare at Angelia Jolie's makeup in that poster - it was incredible - the perfect balace of sophistication and natural elegance:
I love the warm tones of her eye makeup and the subtle smokey eye effect!  The rest of her makeup is perfectly balanced!

Here are a few more pics of Angelina taken on the set of 'The Tourist':

I don't think you can get any more elegant that this - The Red lips are absolutely stunning and the red couch in the background in contrast to the white dress is simply 'stunning'!!!

LOVE the makeup - her skin looks amazing and I love her hair in these photos too!

I love everything about this photo, especially the wardrobe selection chosen for Angelina - the neutral palette, the long gloves, the matching clutch, the gold earings and neutral toned makeup - it all works and is 'uber' sophisticated - she reminds me of Jackie O in this picture!!!

Angelina is known for her lips and this picture clearly reminds us why - her look is so striking in this picture!

Wow - the jewelery Angelina is wearing in this pic is amazing - I love the diamond-drop earings and the stunning diamond studded choker - beautiful !!!

I look forward to seeing this movie when it comes out and I'm sure I'll probably buy it once it comes out to own in stores - studying the wardrobe and makeup alone is worth it - and I'm sure the movie itself is great too - Hello?  Johnny Depp is in it!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MAC Lipstick

Every woman I know owns a MAC lipstick - there is such a wide variety of colours, textures, finishes - its impossible not to find a colour that you like - here are my top 5 MAC lipsticks:

1) Syrup - This is my favourite everyday go with everything lipstick - I love that you can bring out the coolness by wearing liners like dervish, soar and plum.  You can also warm up this lipstick as well - I particualiry like it with 'Hover' liner or spice liner!

2) Sandy B - THis is my "I feel pretty" lipstick - I love wearing this colour with Melba blush and doing a blue-grey smokey eye!  Its great for both a day look or an evening look

3) ANgel - this colour is a nice pretty 'pink' colour - this is actually one of Kim Kardashian's favourite lip colours - she usually adds NARS 'Turkish Delight' gloss on top - I'm not a huge gloss person - This colour looks great with Soar liner - one of my favoruite liner/lipstick combinations
4) Rebel - THis colour is one of my favourite evening/going out colours - its a true purplish-red and its very intense!  I usually wear this colour with 'Beet' liner - I love how dramatic this colour is on my lips - not for the shy girl thats for sure!

5) MAC's Ruby Woo is the ULTIMATE red lipstick - I think that every woman needs to own a red lipcolour - its the most classy, sophisticated colour!  Red will always be associated with love and sexiness - show them what you've got ladies - bring on the red lips!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall/WInter Makeup Look

Lately I've been playing around with the cool shades of makeup and I wanted to create a soft, neutral based look for the 'cool winter' woman - I wanted to keep the eyes the main focus, but create more of a relaxed, classic look for fall and winter vs going for the full smokey eyed look - here is what I came up with:


I stuck with a very simple routine for the face - First, I used Loreal true match concealer in W4 - I then used Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer in 'Nude' - I love this tinted moisturizer because it contains SPF.  On my cheeks I went with a bit of a warmer shade just to create a little balance with the rest of the cool shades on my face - I used 'Melba' by MAC. 


There is nothing more elegant that creating that natural, neutral eye that is classic and sophisticated.  I used 'ricepaper' as my base and then added 'Satin Taupe' to the lip and blended it up into the crease.  I then used 'Print' to emphasize the crease and outter corners of my eyes.  I finished the look with black mascara and liner - all the products that I used were from MAC

Lips - I think that the perfect neutral lip needs to have some colour to it, so I used 'Soar' as a lipliner and 'Syrup' Lipstick (MAC of course!)

I love this look because its very versatile - its neutral enough so that you can wear it with any style or colour, and I remained true to my cool winter palette!!!

Anatomy of a Gala

This past weekend, I attended my first Gala with my boyfriend - It was for a local hospital and the theme was 'The Holly and the Ivy' - basically a celebration of Christmas and the Holidays.  I've wanted to go "all out" for this Gala so I got a fabulous dress, a killer pair of shoes, got my hair and makeup done and felt like a true Disney princess!  Here's what it takes to go Glam:

Melanie Lynn is my favourite place to buy dresses for events - they usually always have some amazing sale prices and the quality of the dresses are amazing - I wish  had taken a full length picture of this dress, but I wanted to show the deatils of the flower and the gorgeous colour (a true royal purple/blue shade) - basically the dress is floor length and has a slight mermaid flair at the bottom - I felt like I was going to the Oscars in this dress!!!

Have you ever felt that a pair of shoes were created just for you?  I picked out this 'killer' pair of shoes at Nine West (hands down my favourite shoe store).  I love the sparkle and elegance of this shoe and the silver heel adds that extra element of glam!  I felt like Cinderella is these shoes, as if they were my own personal glass slipper!!!

If you have that amazing dress and pair of shoes - your hair and makeup need to be uber fabulous as well - I originally wanted a full updo, but the stylist recommened a 'side do' to balance out the flower on the dress - I liked the hair as soon as she was done, but once I put on that dress and had my makeup done, I felt even more special - this hair style really complimented my glam look on every level!

I could totally get used to the glamed-up Gala lifestyle - everything from the pampering to getting a new dress and accessories, its all about feeling 'extra' special - Its almost as if you get to be Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy for a day! I felt like a modern day princess and I loved every minute of it!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Fedora Hats used to be a 'Man's' Hat - Every sophisticated movie star, gangster, businessman, every mans-man used to wear a Fedora in the 40's and 50's - My favourite image of the Fedora is the cover of one of my 'Dean Martin' CD's - Dean and his Fedora were 'iconic'.   Women, on the other hand wore more feminine, feather and flower-like designs.  The past is definitely making a comeback, but in reverse - this time around, its women who are 'rocking' the fedora and the look is classy with a mysterious edge - check out the following images:

I love how the Fedore drapes over this models eyes, she has that 'sexy vibe' going on, all thanks to the smokin' Fedora!

The style and colour of this Fedora really suits this models face and colouring - the fedora looks classic and elegant on her!

Celebrities also sport the Fedora - here Diane Kruger looks very elegant in her Fedora - I also love the light beige and black combination!

THe popular fashion ads for Burberry are known for their Fedora wearing female models - They make the Fedora look charming and timeless!

And yes, we can't forget that men still look great and sophisticated in a Fedora too!!!  Johnny Depp oozes sexiness in this picture - I love the Fedora on him!

So here's to celebrating the Fedora!!!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Elegant Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, my motto has always been 'simplicity is elegance' - I'm not into very flashy, in your face pieces.  Instead, I believe in 'statement' pieces!  My staples are diamonds, pendants, hoop earings, pearls and crystal drop earings.  Here are a few things that I love: 

Aquamarine is my birthstone, and I naturally gravitate to the light aqua colour - I love these pieces - either worn seperately or all three together.  I especially love the stud earings - these are definitely on my wish list!!!

Talking about stud earings, NOTHING is classier than a pair of diamon stud earings - every elegant, sophisticated woman should own a pair of these earings - They can be worn with everything from a demin shirt to a cocktail dress!  When I think about these earings, I automatically think 'timeless class'!!!

Another pair of classic, timeless earings are silver or gold hoop earings - they are usually worn with a more casual style - One thing that I've noticed about hoop earings, is that you really need to make sure that you get the right size for your style and face shape - some women need smaller, thicker hoops, while others look better in larger, thiner styles etc - Try on different hoops until you find the right ones for you!

Sometimes with jewellery, you need a real 'splash' of colour to bring out that special dress or help your face glow.  I find that cooler seasons look really elegant in blue, purple and red toned jewels, while people with warmer skintones suit jade, amber and citrin (yellow) jewels. 

Pearls are one of my absolute favourite statement pieces - they are the essence of class, sophsticated and elegance - I love everything from pearl drop earings to pearl studs to long dangling pearls that can be layered or tied in a knot at the front.  As with any other jewellery, pearls can suit both warm and cooler toned women - white, grey and pink toned pearls suit women with a cooler complexion, while cream toned and yellow based toned peals look fantastic on warmer skintones.  For those that believe in superstition, pearls bring luck but ONLY if you bought it for yourself.  If it is given as a gift, give the giver a penny for it, otherwise it can bring 'tears'!!!

I saved the best for last - one of my favourite things to wear is 'drop earings', especially if they are crystal drop earings or pearl drop earings - I think that drop earings frame the face and add just the right amount of 'bling' - I especially like the crystal drop earings because when the light hits them at the right angle, they really sparkle and bring a very regal quality to your look!

I hope that you enjoyed my little tribute to simple, elegant jewellery pieces - I only included a few of my favourites - they are the basic, must-haves of any classy woman!!!