Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Fedora Hats used to be a 'Man's' Hat - Every sophisticated movie star, gangster, businessman, every mans-man used to wear a Fedora in the 40's and 50's - My favourite image of the Fedora is the cover of one of my 'Dean Martin' CD's - Dean and his Fedora were 'iconic'.   Women, on the other hand wore more feminine, feather and flower-like designs.  The past is definitely making a comeback, but in reverse - this time around, its women who are 'rocking' the fedora and the look is classy with a mysterious edge - check out the following images:

I love how the Fedore drapes over this models eyes, she has that 'sexy vibe' going on, all thanks to the smokin' Fedora!

The style and colour of this Fedora really suits this models face and colouring - the fedora looks classic and elegant on her!

Celebrities also sport the Fedora - here Diane Kruger looks very elegant in her Fedora - I also love the light beige and black combination!

THe popular fashion ads for Burberry are known for their Fedora wearing female models - They make the Fedora look charming and timeless!

And yes, we can't forget that men still look great and sophisticated in a Fedora too!!!  Johnny Depp oozes sexiness in this picture - I love the Fedora on him!

So here's to celebrating the Fedora!!!!!!

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