Saturday, July 2, 2011

Peachy-Pink for Summer

Summer Makeup - I like to 'take it down' a notch in summer, not going as deep on the lips, but I love a nice defined 'eye' - for this look, I started with a basic concealer and light transluscent powder over the face (or use a bronzer - MAC makes a great one called 'Refined Golden'). For the eyes, I used Navajo as a base and Cement on the lid and into the crease (both Bobbi Brown shades) - I then used Blooz eyeliner by MAC and lined the upper and lower lashline. I blended Mahogany (by BB) into the upper lash-line and used it on my brows. I'm wearing 'Amour' blush by NARS (Currently my Favourite blush - I'm in love with 'amour') and on my lips I used my finger to dab on 'Peach Me' lipstick by Revlon (I used my finger because I'm still fighting this stupid cold sore and I didn't want to spread it further - its important to use proper hygiene when applying makeup and be very careful when testing products at the makeup counter, ALWAYS make sure the sales associates properly clean and disinfect any makeup before you try it on!!!)

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