Saturday, August 31, 2013

Your 'Natural' Lipstick Shade

I have mentioned a few times before the concept of using the shades that are naturally present in your skin, hair, eyes etc to determine the best makeup shades and palette for you. One of the BEST ways to discover your ideal lipstick and blush shades is to pinch the end of your fingertip - that natural 'flush' will reveal your best shade. If you're interested in more about this concept, check out David Zyla online - he's a celebrity fashion stylist who wrote a book about this entire concept of finding your best colours. On to my personal experiement - I took a photo of my pinched finger tip and then magnitized that shade - here is what I got:
It got me thinking about how to describe this colour and I kept coming back to a warm peachy or salmon rose shade. I then started thinking about a lipstick colour that I keep coming back to over and over and over again - Mocha Lipstick by MAC. This got me thinking about doing a another little experiement - check it out:

WOW - isn't that amazing? I feel like my instincts were always right - there is a reason that you are drawn to certain shades or keep coming back to certain shades. Mocha lipstick by MAC is actually an EXACT match to the shade that presents itself when my pinch the end of my finger tip - this is my natural 'flush' shade. That isn't to say that I won't wear other variations of this shade or swipe on a red version of this, but I love that I have a 'signature' go-to everyday shade that will NEVER fail because its in complete harmony with my natural colouring. I think everyone should do this experiement - its not only fun, but will make makeup shopping so much fun!!!

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