Sunday, August 11, 2013

How To Look Expensive

I recently came across a really impressive and amazing little book called 'How To Look Expensive' by ANdrea Pomerantz Lusting! The book offers beauty expert tips, amazing advice on products and a 'how-to' guide to perfect your skincare, haircare and makeup routines. Basically, this book is a 'how-to' guide to look your 'Best' and most natural self. I decided to really study the tips in this book and created an everyday, natural look based on the 'beauty' advice from the various experts. I have to say that since returning from Paris, my skincare routine has changed dramatically, I'm actually MORE focused on my skincare routine than my makeup routine - When your skin glows, you actually need LESS makeup and you actually WANT to apply less makeup because your skin just feels so wonderful!!! 'Less is More' is a new motto that I am applying to my entire life - I have simplified so many things in my life and take pleasure in the simple things. Life is so much more enjoyable when you focus on the things that are truely important!!! Before I start writing about my new philosophy and get lost in my thoughts, here is my 'How to Look Expensive' natural day look:
I started this look actually by doing an entire cosmetics de-cluttering project! The advice in the makeup section of this book talks about using colours that enhance vs hide your natural beauty. Similar to colour analysis, the key is to look for colour harmony - colours that are naturally reflected in your skin, flecks of your eyes, natural lip shade etc etc - My eyes have natural brownish-amber flecks in them, so I decided to do a very natural eye makeup look in the camel and brown colour family - I used Brule and Soba eyeshadows by MAC, NARS mambo eyeliner and smudged MAC 'Embark' shadow into the liner (embark is a golden red based brown, which I feel picks up on natural highlights in my hair). I used a natural, 'pop of colour' shade on my cheeks - Chanel Frivole, which has become my all time favourite blush! On the lips, I decided to try a natural/nude shade, so I used Lancome 'Bronzelle' lipliner (which makeup artists swear by according to the book) and then blended in NARS Barbarella lipstick. I decided to use this look and take it from 'day to night' simply by switching the lipcolour - I still used Bronzelle liner as a base and applied Chanel 'Gabrielle' lipstick - another makeup artist go-to shade! I find that the bronzelle not just acts as a great liner, but also softens the red shade just enough to make it natural looking vs clownish:

If you have the opportunity to check out 'How to Look Expensive', its a wonderful investment - its not about applying layers of makeup or buying the most 'expensive' products, as the author states, its more Paris, France vs Paris Hilton - its about 'less is more', its about creating a signature look based on what truly suits you vs following makeup trends - its really about being 'YOU'!!!


Sonia Nirmala Devi said...

Dear Renata,

Another lovely post! You look very fresh and beautiful, and I agree completely, when the skin looks nice, one feels less inclined to hide it with loads of makeup. I love your posts, they're so inspiring!

Renata said...

Thank you so much Sonia - that means a lot - I really appreciate that!!!