Tuesday, August 13, 2013

YSL Le Rouge #1 Lipstick

I have a very, very difficult time understanding why more women don't sport the red lipstick look. I think its very distasteful when women equate the red lip with 'hookers' or looking cheap - clearly, this type of thinking lacks sophistication and class! THe red lip to me is about confidence, passion, chic style, Parisian 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' and its about expression. So many women have sported the red lip through history, some have made it classic, some have given it sex-symbol status, and others still have made it their 'own', blending in a deeper or black shade to deepen the red to various shades of wine, burgundy and deep claret. There is a lot of debate about red because there are so many 'red' shades - a true red, a blue red, a yellow toned red, an orange red, a pinkish red, a rose red, a wine red etc etc etc etc etc. There are also 'famous' reds that celebrities have sported and makeup artists have used for 'years' - MAC Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Lady Danger, Chanel Lover, Gabrielle, NARS Red Lizzard, Jungle Red and YSL reds like Le Orange, Le Rouge! There is no need to shy away from red! WOmen who mock red and make comments that red is for hookers, are obviously insecure about their own feminity (SAD really) - if you don't like red, don't wear it, but its not necessary to put others down because they wish to express their own individuality and confidence (actually more and more, I think its all about jealousy - I love red - deal with it!!!) My creativity has led me to beleive that RED should really stand for R = 'Really', E = 'Exquisite', D = 'Diva' - Every woman has the potential to be a 'Really Exquisite Diva' - After YEARS of playing around with various red shades, I have to say that for me, I have two signatures - MAC Ruby Woo and YSL #1 Le Rouge. I discovered YSL le rouge in Paris and it has transformed my thinking about Red and here is why - its definitely a more yellow toned red, which makes it unique for women who lean towards warmed toned skin, its very creamy, almost gloss like when you swipe it on the lips, which is fantastic for blending it with various liners (its actually the lipstick I'm wearing in my previous post about Parisian Chic meets soft elegance - but I blended it with a natural toned lipliner). YSL Le Rouge is the ideal lipstick because it just feels so darn amazing against the lips - you can't help but smile when you wear this shade!!! Lights, Camera, Action - Introducing YSL #1 Le Rouge:


Anonymous said...

This blog shouts insecurity.
The fact that you repeatedly post looks about yourself to seek comments from others, speaks to your own insecurity. And the fact that your “look” keeps on changing day to day seems like you struggle with your sense of self and you struggle with finding your identity.
If you were confident about the way that you look and who you are, there is no need to post a picture of yourself everyday to see what others think. It’s vain and comes across very insecure.
So wake up, nobody cares about what color lipstick you wear and why.

Renata said...

Dear Anonymous, You're absolutely HILARIOUS Thinking isn't your strong point, is it? Why are you following and reading my posts, if you find them so insecure and vain and have such an issue with my 'struggle with sense of self"??? If you don't like my posts, DON'T READ MY BLOG!!! Its really that simple! The fact that you took the time to even write what you did shows that you are an unhappy individual that has invested more time in 'me' than in bettering yourself - Thank you for inspiring me to continue writing my posts - I plan to post many more photos in the near future. I love receiving 'anonymous' messages from people like you - its a vote of confidence and shows nothing about me, but highlights your own insecurities, lack of happiness in your life - I wish you well, many blessings, I'm glad that you feel better that you wrote your comments now - I needed the laugh and its nice to know that I take up time and energy in your life!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

Sonia Nirmala Devi said...

Dear Renata,

I have really enjoyed reading this post, because I've always loved red lipstick, though I tend to wear it in my version, ie: quite toned down, but I love how it makes one feel bold and glamorous, something that a nude lip never does, so hurray for red lipstick! If you don't mind me asking, what was the name of the Chanel red you showcased in an earlier post? That one was lovely too!
That Anonymous comment was indeed hilarious to read, I love how people feel the need to express an opinion but aren't brave enough to say it to your face by not bothering to have a name, lol! Anyway, I love what you do, you have plenty of real human fans (with names) so keep up the good work, you beautiful, inspiring, lovely diva! Lots of love xxx

Michelle Vi-Vi said...

Wow. Sounds like Anonymous is uber-jealous. It's the only explanation for being so damned rude. Some people do care about what kind of lipstick Renata wears. She shares lots of knowledge that some of us find useful and interesting. Poor Anonymous is obviously still stuck in high school, ergo choosing to hide behind Anonymous. Good on you, Renata. Keep doing and saying what you enjoy and damn well please, because life is far too short and beautiful to care about the words of haters and bullies. Namaste and smiles.

Renata said...

THank you so much Sonia and Michelle - I really appreciate your comments! Envious people just give me more and more confidence to keep heading in the direction of my dreams!
Sonia, the Chanel red that I showcased previously is 'Gabrielle' - It looks fantastic with the Chanel 'Rouge Profond' lipliner (another tip I picked up at the House of Chanel in Paris) - Rouge Profond lipliner is perfect with the reds because it has a neutral red undertone, so it can be paired with virtually 'any' red lipstick! THank you again Ladies - I'm going to keep shining my awesome diva light - for those who don't like it, too bad, so sad!!!

Fil said...

Renata, wow, this could be my favorite one yet! Just perfect with that hint of yellow warmth (can you say BW??). Although I have to say, I have loved all the vivid reds you've worn, I seem to recall a couple of MAC ones, and NARS also. I dare say vivid red lipstick is your most natural look because it suits you so perfectly. I WISHED I could rock it the you you can, but alas, no. Instead, I go for vivid blushes. If I may share a tip, I seem to wear my neutral/darkish BSp brown eye shadow (MAC Mystery) most of the time, except when I wear my blush that is a vivid neutral/warm red, in which case a neutral/darkish gray shadow (BB Steel) seems to be the perfect combination. Stay beautiful and thank you for sharing your journey with us. It is great to see an example of self-love when so many practice self-loathing and enjoy putting others down.