Monday, August 19, 2013

NARS Jungle Red

I have been on a red lipstick kick lately!!! Red is definitely becoming my signature shade - in a way it always was, but I think I am fully embracing it 'full force' just like all the other things that are occuring in my life. It almost seems like the passion and confidence of red are like energetic-magnetic forces that are in my life - I'm on a RED 'high on life' alert!!! ha ha ha One red that I have recently been sporting is NARS Jungle Red - Jungle Red is described in many books and articles as a classic true red, but on me, it morphs warmer, and almost settles into a soft, corally shade, esp if I wear it as a stain or if I blot it off a little. I actually love that effect, but it really harmonizes well with the Chanel Frivole blush that has a nice warm, apricot flush stain to it! I've been really staying true to that Parisian minimal makeup effect. Skincare has definitely taken on a new role in my life and I love that my skin is so soft, clean and healthy these days! For this look that I created today, I'm wearing my NARS concealer and tinted moisturizer, Frivole blush by CHanel, MAC's Brule shadow as a base, Era and Soba mixed together and applied to the lid and just into the crease, Mambo eyeliner by NARS, smudged with MAC's Embark shadow on the upper lashline. I then used Laura Mercier mascara in black, which I got as a gift with my recent Sephora purchase! And of course, the show-stopper, NARS Jungle Red Lipstick - LOVE this colour!!!

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