Sunday, October 6, 2013

Accessorize with Colour - Mustard/Marigold!!!

I love accessorizing with the brighter and warm yellows of the true autumn palette. WHat better way to add a splash of colour to an olive or warm chocolate base, then adding a mustard toned scarf - now imagine adding a pair of mustard toned gloves too? THat's autumn perfection!!! Now is the time to invest in autumn toned accessories, so wild - think scarves, belts, gloves, purses!!! CHeck out the makeup look I created to wear with the mustard/marigold tones of the TA palette!!!

I started this look with my favourite base - NARS GInger concealer with St. Moritz tinted moisturizer. I used NARS Madly blush because I wanted a natural warm shade that wouldn't overpower the rest of the makeup!. For the eyes, I used era as a base, mixed retrospeck and saddle and applied from the lid to the crease (all MAC) and lined my eyes with NARS Mambo liner, smuding the upper lash line with NARS Galapagos before finishing with mascara. I then applied MAC Chicory lipliner and swiped on Spice is Nice lipstick!!!

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Anonymous said...

These colors look lovely on you. Definitely your color family.