Monday, October 28, 2013

Amber 'Glow'

I currently have an obsession with anything amber, particularily makeup shades that give off that golden amber glow. It fits in with my true/warm autumn palette perfectly. For this look I started with my basic face of concealer, tinted moisturizer and Coppertone blush my MAC. I then applied Brule mixed with retrospeck as a base shade on my eyes, used 'uninterrupted' eyeshadow from lid to crease and blended amber lights onto the lid (all MAC)- I lined my eyes with coffee eyeliner and smudged with NARS galapagos shadow! For the lips, I mixed in NARS honolulu honey with MAC Chicory lipliner. I can't even say in words how great it feels to be wearing my true autumn shades again!!!


Anonymous said...

I really like your makeup looks, but why do you always line the top line so thickly? I think a thinner but still smudgy line would look so much nicer on you! The line as it is takes up a goodly portion of the lid itself. I don't mean this to be offensive, just a suggestion!

Renata said...

I appreciate the suggestion - I line the upper line more thickly for two reasons - one is that when I do a thin line, my eye always seem to looks smaller and more 'beedy eyed' - I don't like the effect, although I am more recently playing around with doing a thicker smokey eye, then adding a thin black line - I will have to post that look soon. Secondly, I like the smudged-smokey look for some reason and the effect it gives!