Saturday, January 23, 2016

Macro Lens Experiment

I have been having such a fun time playing around with my new macro lens!  The macro lens really goes zoom in on the eye and pulls out the amazing patterns and colours of your eye.  It really makes you stand back in awe and think "is this really how amazing my eye really is? - does it really have all these colours and patterns?"   My natural eye colour has always been hard to describe - some people see grey-green, others blue, others grey etc etc.  Furthermore, my eye colour changes often - kind of like mood eyes :)  I've been taking various photos of my eyes the past week and decided to make a collage of the colours and patterns most present in my eye:

I definitely have that 'sea/marine' colour factor.  Yet, there is also that slight pop of amber/orange present.  I most definitely have a unique autumn eye-colour.   One thing that I really like is the warm teal/grey combination going on.  I would love to be able to create an outfit and makeup look based on these shades.  I also want to play around more with the orange/amber/rust shades!!!  I most definitely recommend getting a macro lens if your interested in finding your season, discovering your 'Zyla archetype' or simply interested in learning about eye pattern and colour :)


Anonymous said...

So cool, you also have what CMAS Bernice Kentner calls "Winter's crypts" in your eye pattern, also some "Summer's webbing"... eyes are fascinating to look at!

Anonymous said...

I commented in another post...your eyes are very soft and cool and I would bet you are a corner neutral season with perhaps an Autumn blend such as SS or SA. If you explore further some of the SS and SA makeup is more intense and diverse than the makeup color pallet you experimented with. I believe you would benefit by checking out one of those seasons with a draping 2 tones! Also, when you drape colors to experiment, it's best not to have any makeup on when doing comparisons. Good luck! :)