Sunday, July 7, 2013

Response to 'Empty' Hate Mail

I am so honoured and grateful to have received some very interesting 'Hate Mail'!!!  Why am I so excited about this you ask???  I adore and love what the person wrote - they said basically that  no amount of makeup and clothes can take away from someone who is 'empty' (i.e. suggesting that I am an empty, horrible, soul-less person - I find this utterly amusing) and to stop posting photos of myself on the net - Here is my response:

Yes, you are 100% correct - I am 'empty' - I am empty of hatred, I am empty of envy and jealousy - I am empty of 'evil', vindictivness, childish behaviour, insecurity, deceit, the need to lie and create stories, all things which you seem to be FULL of!!!  I am also empty of major spelling and grammatical errors.  If you have any issues reading this, I would highly suggest that someone with a little intelligence help you read and understand what I have written - it may be a little difficult for you!

Secondly, I thought it would be a great idea to inform you of things which I am currently FULL of - confidence, self-esteem, strength, passion, creativity, 'friends', an inner sense of security, love - just to name a few things!!!

Finally, thank you for the encouragement to continue writing this blog with pride and posting as many photos of my makeup work as I possibly can - I am fully grateful for everything - I am a changed person because of you and I love it - you have inspired the strength in me!!!

From Renata,
FULL of Love and Gratitude!!! Namaste!!!


Shannon said...

Amazing response! You are and always will be a beautiful person inside and out :)

Sonia Nirmala Devi said...

Wow, the person who wrote that to you is a real piece of work! You are very brave Renata, hate mail is obnoxious- I wonder why people take the time to be so negative?Thank you for posting that, you are an inspiration!

Tweeded said...

Renata, You show your Beauty and Elegance in every picture. It shows up in your writing and in your replies. You are a gracious lady in every way.

Fil said...

Shannon said it well, keep being yourself because you are special and unique. Thanks for the generosity with which you share your journey, your thoughts and discoveries. Some people need to introspect and grow. Renata, how 'bout BW? No can do? I still love you so much in those BW reds...

Renata said...

Thank you everyone so much for your comments - I really appreciate it!!! I choose to disregard this persons hateful response as one based on insecruity and lack of self-love/respect - for me, amazing things await and I am honoured to have awesome friends ike you!!!
@ Fil - I do love those bright shades, esp the red lipstick shades, but the bright pinks are just not me - I'm going to stick with the bright reds though because I love them so much!!!