Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flash vs No Flash

Its amazing to me how different makeup can look depending on lighting - I decided to do a little experiment using vivid and bright shades and comparing the same makeup using flash photography vs non-flash photography.  It really makes you think about magazine ads and those touched up photos - half the time you wouldn't be able to wear the same makeup during the day.  I remember once reading a fashion magazine where they provided the makeup shades used in every photo.  I loved this one lipstick and ran out to get it, only to be very disappointed to find out that the shade looked 'nothing' like it did in the photo.  Just to show you what I mean, look at the following photos:

This photo is taken with a flash with a neutral background (I'm standing behind a white fall) with no competing colours.  I'm wearing a taupe/stone coloured jacket and basic diamond stud earings.  I wanted to keep the clothes jewelery neutral so the focus would be on the makeup and the effect on lighting on the makeup.  In terms of makeup, I'm wearing MAC's Magenta lipliner with Impassioned lipstick, NARS Exhibit A Blush and Clinique's Black-Brown liner with MAC's Copperplate smudged very well into the liner and extended into the crease.  I tried to stay away from a defined liner look and went more for a smokey effect.

This is the EXACT same makeup, background, jacket etc but this time with no flash!!! 

I have always posted photos on my facebook Makeup Album and now its making me think about the impact that flash plays in altering makeup in photos. Its also making me think twice about actually taking the plunge and getting officially 'Drapped' to find out my true season.  I want to take the "Guess Work" out of makeup - I've been doing some research about people in the Toronto area who do the seasonal analysis drapping and I hope to make an appointment soon - stay tuned!!!

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