Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Drapes Don't Lie

WOW - thats the only word I can think about right now!!!  You can read as many books about colour analysis as you want and try to figure it out on your own OR you can have the amazing experience of getting draped.  The whole experience of getting draped is so worth it - regardless of cost, its just something worth doing.  Its one think to think about what colours look good and its another to actually 'see' and 'witness' your best colours draped over you:

First, I have to start by saying that all these photos were taken 'after' the actual analysis - During the draping, I was wearing a white toned coat and my hair was pulled back into a white cap - my skintone did all the talking!!!

I really loved this teal blue shade - compared to all the other blues, especially the cooler blues, this one was the most amazing and harmonious with my skintone.  I feel like I don't even need any makeup, this teal blue adds a youthfullness to my face and skintone!

This rusty-red really made my skintone glow - One thing that was brought to my attention is that my haircolour is 'off' right now - the highlights are nice because they are warm, but I need a deeper reddish brown shade to really shine - I can just imagine this spicy red drape with a deep auburn haircolour!!!

Eggplant is one colour I never really considered for myself, but I actually really like it - its a fantastic neutral shade for me - I'd love to be able to find a nice coat/jacket in this shade!!!

Next to the teal, the brown shades were my favourite - I was convinced that black was my best deepest shade, but when I saw the dark brown drape, I was convinced that it was much better than the black.  This brown is a little lighter than the darkest brown of my palette - I think it really makes my skintone 'pop'!

I am so very happy that I finally got draped - I honestly wasn't expecting the result of True Autumn - I had it stuck in my mind that I was some sort of winter or clear spring, but THE DRAPES DON'T LIE!!!

I can't wait to start playing around with these makeup shades - stay tuned for more!!!


Kimberly said...

Right on! I think the draping was a great investment because you looked great in all of the pictures you took. Makes me want to find someone to help me out now! lol

Renata said...

Thanks so much Kimberly!!! Where do you live? I honestly just did a google search for colour analysis in the Toronto area and when I found a website that caught my attention I emailed the colour analyst to get more information. I really liked the approach that Maria (the woman who did the draping) took - the whole experience was SOOOOOO worth 'every' penny!!!

Janette said...

Renata..... they all looked fab and wow a TA... I bet you will look amazing with an auburn hair colour cant wait to see pics.... x

Janette said...


singularfocus said...

Wow! Perfect balance between softness and warmth. I always have loved you in soft colors but you are so darn good at makeup that you made everything look good! Geez the True Autumn colors are so pretty. You are such a lucky duck!

That it's stunning on you. Like stop in the street and turn to see a knockout stunning.

Renata said...

Wow - thanks everyone for the feedback - I'm getting really great positive feedback about the TA colours - I had a skip in my step and a smile on my face all day today!!! As soon as I go 'auburn' I'll post lots of pics!!! Stay tuned for more TA makeup pics coming soon!!!