Thursday, October 27, 2011

Amber Glow

Colours such as amber, rust, brandy, cognac are so insipational to me right now.  I love all the colours that suggest an amber or a dark warm gold glow.  What I like about these shades is that they are golden and glowing, but not overpowering.  I've always love the eyeshadow 'Amber Lights' by MAC - its the perfect golden shade to blend in with your makeup.  I'm always looking for multi-purpose makeup products - colours you can use on your eyes, lips, cheeks etc.  I tried creating such a look using Amber lights - In this photo, I'm wearing it on my eyes, as a pop of colour over my blush and mixed into my lipliner with a coat of lip conditioner on top:

Here is the makeup I used to create the 'Amber Glow' look I was after:

‎'Amber Glow' Makeup:

Face - HD Foundation in #155, Loreal True match concealer in W4

Blush - Pretty Your World Blush in 'Goldfish' with MAC's Amber Lights eyeshadow as a pop of colour

Eyes: Ricepaper shadow as a base, Amber lights from the lid to the cease, Teddy eyeliner (all MAC) with Galapagos smudged into the upper lashline (NARS)

Lips - Sienna lipliner (Chanel) + Amber lights shadow + MAC's lip conditioner
Its always fun to try and work with makeup that is multi-purpose - often I create the best lipstick shades this way.  If I can't find the perfect colour in the store - I'll mix different liners, lip-products, eyeshadows until I find the perfect combination!!! 

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