Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Before and After

Recently, I took a look at all my photos within the past year that I have stored in a folder on my computer.  It was really interesting to see how many looks I've created and how much fun I've had with colour.  There were a few photos that really made an impression on me because I now see they either drained the glow from my skintone or dulled my complexion.  I'm really starting to 'get it' - your best colours "bring to the surface" your inner beauty - the wrong colours "create a dullness and hide/supress your life-force".  I wanted to share some of my observations with you:

The first thing I noticed about these summery shades is that my skintone looks pale vs enhancing my inner golden glow - I appear like I have a milky-film covering my face.  Secondly, I noticed that my eyes look grey and the warm green seems to be lost because the 'grey' is in competition.  I can't say that this is a 'bad' look per say, but its definitely not my best!!!

This was my 'deep' phase when I was playing around with the deep winter shades.  Again, the look isn't bad, but my eyes seem to blend into the shadow/eyeliner and look dull/grey vs the warm green that they have the potential to be.  Most importantly, the makeup stands out more than I do in this photo.  Its almost a look that says "cool makup, nice look, but where's Renata???"

No this is not my Halloween makeup, although I do look corpse-like in this photo!  This photo is proof in itself that the Winter shades drag me down and totally take away my natural golden glow!!!

These summery powdery shades create just that - a powdery finish on my face - nothing blends, nothing works in harmony.  Cool pastel shades are 'not' my friends!!!

One thing that really came across in my colour analysis was how blotchy my skin appeared in the cool pink shades - my skin almost seemed discoloured in a few areas.  If you look at my eyes really closely in this photo you'll see that the green is 'screaming' to get out, but is overpowered by the grey - you'll notice how this all changes in the next few photos - check out how warm and green my eyes become:


Ahhh - Home Sweet Home - what effect do these colours have - health, youth, vitality, warmth etc - The warm green is my eyes are no longer fighting with the grey and all of a sudden you get that true 'pop' effect vs a dull-grey effect - Also, compare this orange-reddish-brown lipstick to the cool winter red - the cool red just sits on my lips - this orange shade blends harmoniously with the rest of my face!

Someone commented on my facebook page that this is the most 'polished' they've ever seen me - what an amazing compliment!!!  I think that the polished-classic look is something we all strive to attain and I used to think it was all a 'look', but I realize now that there is more to it, its about colour as well - can you picture this look with those summer pastels that drain me???  THe polish would be gone - its the spicy, warmth of these shades that create that golden-glow that in turn, give off that polished feel!!!

True Autumns run in the direction of Orange vs running away from this complex, warm shade.  If you compare this photo with the one where I'm wearing a fuchsia lipstick, you'll see that the white blotchy spots are 'gone' - instead of discoloration, you now have harmony!!!

This post was so much fun for me to do - I'd loved be able to go back and look at the looks I've created in the past - its nice to now officially know my best colours because it makes comparison intesting and fun!!!


Sneza said...

Well, it's amazing how well the TA colours suit you but you looked great in all the "wrong" colours too! ::shrug::

Renata said...

Thanks Sneza - I think a part of it is knowing how to play around with makeup and creating different looks (even if they are in the wrong colour family) - with the right colours you should be able to put on a quick swipe of lipstick and blush, be out the door and look as if you've spent half the day at the salon (because the right colours take away all the imperfections). Someone once told me that there is a difference between your best 'harmonious' look vs a made-up makeup look. One is natural, effortless and polished the other one is creative, colourful and trendy!

Kathryn said...

I might be wrong, Renata, but I really liked you in Soft Summer colors better (I think). Honestly, as a Soft Summer, I could not wear the Summery shades you have in the top photo either. They are too cold and pastel for me. I wish you would show a picture of yourself in Soft Summer vs. True Autumn. It would be easier to compare.

Tiara said...

Renata, you look fantastic!! The True Autumn colors bring out a beautiful glow in your skin and nothing is overpowering your coloring or competing for attention.

I agree with the FB comment, that pic *is* the most polished I've ever seen you look! We get to see *you* in the picture instead of what interesting makeup combo you are sporting for the day. The difference in your eye color in noticeable too. These colors are so beautiful on you, I'm so glad you had an in person analysis!! Rock those TA colors, it is such a gorgeous palette!

Valeria said...

Renata, I love you in these colors. I think your in person analysis was very successful, I loved the draping photos, too. Online analysis, while it can be successful sometimes, can't be compared to in-person analysis in terms of accuracy (provided you're dealing with an experienced analyst, of course). Would you mind sharing what system you were analyzed in? It doesn't really matter of course, the result speaks for itself. I would love to know which lipsticks you used in your "after" photos, especially the middle and last photo. Thank you and congratulations on finally knowing the truth! You look fabulous.

Valeria said...

Renata, congratulations, you look fantastic! The analyst clearly did a great job. The online experience can't be compared to in-person analysis by a qualified analyst. Seeing one's skin, hair and eyes in person is vastly different from seeing it in photos and on a computer screen. To me, the "after" photos speak for themselves. I'd love to know what lipsticks you used in your second and third photos. You look absolutely wonderful, congratulations on finding your color home!

Renata said...

Hi Valeria - thanks so much for your feedback and compliments! I don't know what the system is called - although its very similar to sci/art in that I was asked to wear a white type lab coat and a white cap was placed over my head to hide my hair - the analyst was looking for how my skintone reacted to the colours she was draping. She first determined if I was cool or warm - then she determined I was an autumn and then she determined what 'type' of autumn - soft, deep or true - I simply 'glowed' in the true palette vs the soft and deep palettes. The summer shades were way off and make me look tired and the winter coolness made me look white, pale and ashy - yuck! As for the lipshades I'm wearing - In the middle photo I'm wearing Sandalwood Beige by Revlon with Chicory lipliner by MAC and the last photo is Temptation lipstick by Cover Girl, also with Chicory liner. The first photo is Auburn lipliner (MAC) with CHili lipstick!!!