Saturday, January 22, 2011

Andrea Laliberte

I absolutely love Andrea Laliberte's art and posters.  I currently have the 'New York' poster hanging in my bedroom and just ordered 'Roma' and 'Paris' from
I think that Andrea really captures the essence of the fashionable, confident woman! 

This is the art peice that I have hanging in my bedroom - I love how Andrea encorperates timeless, classic fashion with highlights from the city in the background!

Love that light blue trench and the shoes - I just want to crawl into this art peice and talk to that woman (and possibly steal that trench coat - lol)

This woman just seems to personify what it means to be 'italian' - you can just feel it from looking at her - I love her long, flowing, feminine hair - in fact, once this arrives, I'm going to take it to the hairdresser  and say 'give me that cut and colour'!

Tres Chic!  I love how this woman is dressed - this to me is pure class and elegance!!!

I have this hanging on the wall in my kitchen - it inspires me everytime I walk by it or see it - Black and Red is one of my favourite colour combinations - I love the boat neck 'little black dress' and the pop of colour with the shoe, purse and lipstick - Once again, this is what means to be a stylish woman!!!

Don't you just want to jump into this art piece and be in Vienna wearing that dress?

Do you know what I really love about Andrea Laliberte's art?  It focuses on the strong, classy, sophisticated, european, CONFIDENT woman - this is the woman I want to be - perhaps I see myself in her art or see the self that I aspire to be - but there is something that really speaks to me and this time i'm going to 'listen'!!!

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