Monday, February 14, 2011

Euro Chic

We have all heard about a woman possessing the power to be fully feminine and alluring.  We very often attribute this to European women - its all about the 'je ne sais quoi' (or the 'I don't know what')!  I wish there was an answer to the question: What is it?  What makes these women so appealing - is it the clothes, the look, the style, the way they wear their hair - is it a makeup thing? a natural look thing?  What is it????  I guess 'je e said quois' best fits as an explanation - because it truly is: "I don't know what"!!!  Regardless of what makes a woman alluring, here is my tribute to the 'Euro Chic' woman - you know the one, shes the one we all inspire to become - the one we see in magazines and wish we were 'her' or had her look' - the one who oozes with femininity and makes us wonder, how did she think to put that look together? 

This woman is the personification of 'seductive' - I love everything about her look - from the clothes to the purse to the sunglasses to her hair - this is how a woman should dress!  When I look at this woman, I think 'Italian goddess' - she has that Monica Belluci meets a young Sophia Loren appeal about her - this woman inspires me to put on a pair of heels and be my best 'euro chic' self!

This look has a much more casual feel about it, but its very alluring - I think that a nice pair of heels is a woman's best friend - and wearing heels with jeans takes them from 'comfort pants' to 'sexy asset pants'.  I love the jacket this woman is wearing, it reminds me of a jacket I picked up when I was in Milan - you can dress it up for evening or use it for a day look to add some serious allure!

I just adore hats - they  can be such an elegant accessory and completely take a look from 'okay' to 'amazing' - I have talked to so many women who are afraid of wearing hats - they feel that hats just don't work for them and so they give up on finding one that may be perfect for them.  My grandmother owned many hats and she was known for having exquisite, colourful and elegant hats.  She was a true 'Euro Chic' woman in her day:

Here is one picture that I found of her from the 1940's - I think that this picture can be used as proof that allure is timeless, be it 1940's or 2011 - its all about how you carry yourself!

This woman 'has it' - I love her black dress and knee high boots and that purse is amazing!  I think this is a classic example of a woman who can take a timeless wardrobe essential (the black dress) and make it her own (notice how the detail of the sleeve give this dress that avant garde look while still retaining the timeless allure of the LBD) - This woman is stunning and you can tell by her pose that she owns this look - she understands style!!!

The scarf, the neutral palette, the black purse, the big sunglasses - this is what 'euro chic' i all about!!!  I love channeling this type of look - its actually a very simple look, but its in that simplicity that one gains that 'european' allure - When you begin with a neutral coloured wardrobe (greys, white, black, soft white, taupe, pewter etc) you give yourself the opportunity to build on a look - you get the essentials and go from there - this is a big key in acheiving that alluring mystery - you always look put together and people notice and remember 'you'

The next time you go shopping or want to embrace that inner 'euro chic' woman, remember that this style is about being your best self - its about being fashionable, not trendy - its about creating your own allure, not trying to be someone else -  I guess that in the end, simplicity is elegance because you give yourself the possibility to 'shine' versus 'hiding' in your clothes,  Clothes and style should bring you to life, not weigh you down!  So embrace life ladies and love who you are - because you 'have it'!!!

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