Sunday, February 13, 2011

Timeless Style

I adore wardrobe essentials that are timeless and classic.  There is something to be said about a particular item of clothing that looks just as stylish today as it did 50+ years ago.  Part of the allure of style is that a woman can make it completely her own, using inspiration from the past and making it work for her today, regarless of where she lives or what she does!  I wanted to write a little post about some essentials that I see as timeless:

The belted trench coat with a neutral toned scarf is so timeless and classic!  I think that every woman should have this coat in her closet and wear it with pride, elegance and charm - accessorize it with jackie O sunglasses or a chic pair of gloves - this look will 'never' go out style and will 'always' be tres chic!!!

The simple black pencil skirt with matching black pumps is so feminine and classy - this is another look that has remained an important wardrobe essential to the sophisticated and alluring woman.  The pencil skirt has a way of flattering a womans form and I especially love this look when its worn with a crisp white shirt (Jessica Alba has the right idea when it comes to dressing with timeless elegance)!

Pearl, diamond and silver ball studs are so elegant and simple for both day and evening!  These earings add just enough glitz to enhance an outfit without being overpoweing.  Sometimes when the look is simple and classic, the accessories need to match and balance that - this is why stud earings made it on my list for timeless style!

When it comes to sleepwear mixed with comfort, nothing beats a pair of silk or flannel pajamas - I think the slightly oversized silk pajamas are timeless because they envoke a sort of tom boyish sexiness that both men and women find alluring - I think men love the idea of a woman wearing only her pajama top - it can be just as sexy as lace lingerie!

Pearls will forever be timeless - you can wear them with the little black dress for evening or play up a crisp white shirt.  Pearls create a vibe of elegance that oozes class and sophistication.  I love to wear a simple and short pearl necklace with pearl drop or stud earings and a pencil skirt with a white shirt - this is my #1 favourite outfit for work or a classy dinner date - long live the elegant pearl!!!

The soft white monocromatic look that Audrey Hepburn is wearing is fabulous!  This is such a timeless look because it brings together key 'classic' wardrobe peices in a harmonious way - the scarf, the gloves, the trench - this look should be an inspiration for all women who want to channel class and elegance - I just adore Audrey Hepburn - she had impecible style!!!

If there is one wardrobe essential I simply can't live without - its the crisp white shirt - worn with a pencil skirt, jeans, layered under a v-neck or tucked into a pair of dress pants with a detailed wide belt, nothing is more inspiring and timeless than the white shirt!

Finally, as endless magazine articles and fashion books have stipulated, no wardrobe should be without the 'Little Black Dress' (LBD) - the key to making the LBD timeless, is that you need to find a dress with good quality material and that is taylored to fit your body like a glove - once you have that perfect, form fitting dress, the world will be putty in your hands and you can finally relax because you've just attained 'timeless style' status!!!

The key to style is making it your own - its not about following trends, its about finding out what works for you and what makes you feel your best.  Timeless style is about knowing that what you're wearing today still be in style years from now - its about knowing you are admired because you're classy, elegant and sophisticated and you bring this to life with the clothes you choose to wear!!!

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