Friday, May 27, 2016


Have you ever had one of those moments where you literally sense a light bulb go off in your mind?  I have to admit that with my posts lately, it may seem like I'm contradicting myself.  I'm totally fine with people thinking "oh boy, here she goes again" when it comes to colour analysis.  One day I'm frustrated with colour analysis and the next I'm talking about Light Spring.  At the same time, I've also been receiving messages from people who have told me that they admire my constant desire to 'get it right' and learn about what works/doesn't.  It may seem like a roller coaster journey to some, but every time I come a self-realization, I learn something new. I wonder sometimes if this is how colour analysts and artists really learn the best - trial and error until you finally start to 'see' the truth.  Ok - so why this tangent?  What's the eureka moment?

I am most likely 'not' a spring colour type.  However, I was 'on to something'.  I began to understand that the truth does lie in your eyes.  In the colour and in the pattern.  The eyes are the windows to the soul, so what are they saying?  Well, I started to really examine all the various shades in my eyes, thanks to this amazing website:  - This is a great website, as it really does allow you to do a DIY experiment.  The key to take the best quality photos of your eye colour, skin tone, natural lip tone (without any lipstick/gloss) and wait to see what palette appears.  I started to notice that my eye colour was revealing shades of blue that are similar to the spring shades, but they were 'softer'.  They just didn't have that clear quality that spring really needs.  Secondly, using this website for my natural skin and lip shade, I was getting rose-coral shades, but once again, they weren't clear, but rather 'soft'.  The more experiments I did, the more I saw a softer version of the light spring appearing.  I began to read more and more about light spring and realized that there is a fine line between light spring soft and soft autumn.  Those who read my blog regularly will know that  I have loved the soft autumn palette and considered it for a very long time.  I've even had sci/art colour analysis tell me that if I was draped in sci/art, I would most likely be a soft autumn, so much so that my photo is included in the soft autumn collage on the 'My Color Tone' Facebook page:
When I look back at my journey, I realize that there is no palette that works better for me than the Soft Autumn palette.  When you compare the soft autumn palette and light spring palette, these really are a lot of similarities.  The key for me was recognizing that I just didn't have the 'clarity' to pull off light spring.  I needed 'softer' versions of the brighter spring shades.  This morning when I did my makeup using the soft autumn colours, I felt 'intuitively', this is 'perfect'!  I'm really hoping that I can finally say 'story over'. Welcome back soft autumn :)

For my 'eureka' makeup look, I started with Melba blush by MAC.  I then used Laura Mercier 
Rose highlight on my eyes, inner tear ducts.  I then used a medium soft brown shade in the crease of my eye.  I applied MAC phone number eyeliner and used NARS Galapagos to smudge into the upper lash line and finished the look with a brown-black mascara from L'oreal.  For the lipstick, I went with NARS Anita lipstick!

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