Thursday, May 26, 2016

Light Spring Look - Rimmel 102 Lipstick

I wanted to put together a pretty, everyday light spring inspired look.  I wanted it to be warm, fresh, yet also something to wear everyday.  I wanted to focus on bringing out the eyes, wearing warmer blues and also complimenting the spring-smokey look with a warm pink lip:

I realized after taking these pics that black was perhaps not the best choice to wear.  However, our school is having our Eco-Audit today and so I wore our eco-club swag (which is a black sweatshirt with our school logo and 'eco club' sign).  Anyhow, that being said - my makeup look is based on the best that light spring has to offer.  I'm wearing Trish McEvoy peony pink blush (currently my all time favourite warm weather blush).  For the eyes, I started with MAC Goldmine eyeshadow and then used Prussian eyeliner.  I found a camel toned gold-brown shadow that was part of a Dior quad - I used this to smudge it into the upper lash-line.  The lipstick I chose was a recommendation for Light Spring - it's the Rimmel #102 from the Kate Moss Line.

What I really like about this look, is once again how my eyes seem to really like the spring shades.  I'm also really liking the warm pink lipsticks and the Peony Pink blush is becoming a fast favourite.  I know that I don't fit in with the stereotypical spring seasonal type.  And perhaps by others standards, I'm some other type that works in that system.  I'm just having fun exploring this palette for now :)

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