Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Natural Spring Look

Ahhh Spring - the lovely season of fresh flowers, warmer weather and 'allergies'!!!  I don't know about anyone else, but this season has been brutal for me.   So brutal in fact, that I've been tearing almost constantly and my regular makeup routine has gone out the window.  I haven't been able to wear concealer, foundations, heavy liners because I'm constantly putting drops in my eyes or wiping away tears.  In a way, it's been a little bit freeing, sort of a makeup break.  My look lately has been about a neutral blush, a touch of shimmer, black mascara and a natural lipstick, which is exactly what I created here:

For this look, I by-passed by regular makeup routine.  Instead, I'm wearing just a touch of Laura Mercier shimmer powder in rose, bobbi brown blush in sand pink, black mascara.  For the lips, I applied Lancome Bronzelle lipliner and then applied L'oreal Ballerina Pink lipstick.

One thing that I've noticed is just how interesting my natural skin tone is without applying any concealer, foundation.  It's definitely a neutral shade with a blend of yellow and a touch of pink.  My eyes, most definitely leaning grey,  It's interesting how wearing a lot of makeup makes you biased towards wearing a certain makeup palette.  However, when you're able to be more natural and get to know yourself in a more 'natural light', you discover a whole new concept of beauty and makeup :)

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