Saturday, May 7, 2016

Neutral Makeup - Chanel Inspired

Today I had an amazing shopping experience.  I decided to check out the new Saks Fifth Avenue store at Sherway Gardens in Toronto.  I was of course in awe of the makeup counters and had to check out the Chanel counter.  I ended up having the best conversation with the makeup artists there and learned so many interesting things about myself.  At first, my intention was to have a 'casual look around' the store.  I ended up with a whole new makeup wardrobe :)

One of my a-ha moments today came when I realized that I actually don't need a ton of products, but rather the right ones.  It was so clear to me today that the colours that really accented my facial features the best 'neutrals' that lean warm.  The Chanel artist noticed that something very 'pretty' happened to my face and eye colour when she applied the soft coral/peach shades.  In the past, my mind would have gone straight to the question "What season would this palette be?".  However, instead, I realized that my skin tone truly is 'unique' - the makeup artist pointed out that I'm not olive toned (as I originally thought), but rather a yellow-neutral skin tone which has a touch of pink.  She explained that the neutral-warm shades are the best.  A cooler complimentary lipstick for evening would be very chic.  The look that she created on me today was very simple, yet everything I always wanted in a look - natural, fresh, day classic:

For this look, I'm wearing two products that aren't from Chanel.  The first is a Dior eyeliner in a brown/black shade.  The second is a Laura Mercier highlight shade that the Chanel makeup artist recommended.  I always appreciate when a makeup artist is honest like that and recommends a product that works for a client, even if its from another line.  The shade she recommended is the Baked blush illumine in 'Rose'.  She applied this shade on the bridge of the nose and above my cheekbones.  She then applied Chanel's Angelique blush and Natural lipliner.  The lipstick she adored on me the most was a shade called 'Adrienne'.  I'm not wearing it in the photo, but I will most definitely do another post with that shade.  In this photo, I simply applied the Natural liner.  

I've decided to really embrace this more natural me.  My hair has turned a little bit brassy with my last colour combined with the fact that I've been coaching a girls varsity softball team and the sun has created an orangey tinge that I'm not liking right now.   However, the good news is that I'm getting done this next week and it's back to my natural dark brown :)  I really feel that my look is starting to really fall into place in a very natural, yet chic way.  I'm embracing this new me without getting caught up with having to fit into a certain season.  It's a new feeling of freedom :)

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